About us

Ever struggled finding what your video games updates are about, and spent way too much time searching for it? That is what What's New Games wants to solve.

Hi, my name is Joël Charles, and I started this service in 2021 with a simple goal: Centralize video games patch notes and changelogs, and make those easy to consume.

What's New Games is entirely ad-free, and uses a privacy-friendly analytics solution .

Right now, the entirety of video games present on Steam with available patch notes are centralized on What's New Games. The goal is to support the vast majority of actual gaming platforms (all PC games in addition to the ones on Steam, latest Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo consoles), and perhaps even mobile games.
To do so, as most of the services provided are free to use, and in order to compensate the infrastructure, development and maintainance costs, some features are only available under a paid subscription at a really small price.

You can see at any moment what we are currently working on and vote or ask for new features on our Feature Requests page.

Joël Charles
Joël Charles, Founder