Baldur's Gate 3

Patch #3: Mac Support, Magic Mirror & More!

Hello everyone, Patch 3 is now live for Baldur’s Gate 3. Mac users and chronic character re-creators rejoice! Friday’s update will bring the full release of Baldur’s Gate 3 to Mac, and allow you to change your character’s appearance in-game via the Magic Mirror. These patch notes are hefty, and once again exceed Steam’s character limit for patch notes! If you want to skip the highlights and check out the full notes, head to this link. Mac Support With Patch 3, Baldur’s Gate 3 is now fully supported on Mac! As with the PC release in August, saves made in previous versions of BG3 on Mac will not be compatible with the full release. To prepare your Mac for the full version of Baldur’s Gate 3 and minimise potential compatibility issues, we reco…



Minecraft: Java Edition - 1.20.2

This release also includes new features for map makers and pack creators like macro functions, a random command and pack overlays. With 1.20.2, we are making some important updates to our Player Reporting Tool to better protect the online safety of our players. You will now be able to report player skins and usernames that violate our Community Standards. The optional Villager Trade Rebalance Experiment also makes its debut in this version with changes to trades in the making that you can try out. NEW FEATURES PLAYER SKIN & NAME REPORTING We are making some important updates to our Player Reporting Tool to better protect the online safety of our players. Playing Minecraft should be an inclusive and safe experience for everyone, which i…


Apex Legends


Take heed, Legends, night has fallen and with it has come the messengers of Death. No need to lose your head. Take up a Rev Shell and set sights on your target for a limited-time in Living Shell Trios. And with the night still young yet, enter World’s Edge After Dark, a hellish variant live with the Harbingers Collection Event from September 19 to October 3, 2023. Unlock all 24 limited-time cosmetics before the event ends to earn our latest heirloom, Fuse's Razor's Edge. NEW LIMITED-TIME: LIVING SHELL TRIOS A new ordnance is upon us—the Rev Shell. For a limited-time, take out your enemies with a target-seeking grenade that looks almost as scary as the damage it does. Grab a shell, toss it in the air, and it will take care of the rest—loo…



Fortnite Battle Royale v26.10 Sep 19 Hotfix: Celebrate BR’s 6th Birthday!

Can you believe it? Fortnite Battle Royale is nearly 6 years old, and we’re celebrating the only way we know how — with the hottest of fixes and a bounty of birthday goodies. The v26.10 Sep 19 hotfix unvaults a variety of birthday items and brings Birthday Quests you can complete for special cosmetic rewards. Many happy returns! Birthday Cake Who doesn’t love cake? This red velvet delight can be found around the Island and swiftly consumed to recover some Health and Shield. Birthday Presents! Aw, you didn’t think we’d forgotten, did you? Scoop up one of these enticing boxes of mystery and unfurl the ribbon (i.e. give it a good smack with your Pickaxe) to find out what lies inside! Find Birthday Presents! from the ground and Chests. Bal…



VALORANT Patch Notes 7.06

Hey, all! Still Jo-Ellen here. The biggest update for this patch is our change to who can queue with who in Competitive mode. As always, please give us your feedback. We’re always listening! AGENT UPDATES Sage We’ve updated Sage’s voice lines and added interaction lines with more Agents. COMPETITIVE UPDATES There has been a wave of competitive rank boosting with bots and real players. In an effort to protect against this abuse, we have introduced restrictions where Ascendant players and higher can only invite players with Platinum rank and higher to their competitive party. We will continue to actively monitor botting abuse and ban any accounts suspicious of this behavior. For more information on our Gameplay Systems and our approach to…



27.4 Patch Notes

Patch 27.4 brings the Fall of Ulduar Mini-Set; Yogg-Saron has escaped and is spreading his Anomalies across Hearthstone! Ulduar Has Fallen The titans left their charges to watch over the imprisoned Yogg-Saron, but no prison lasts forever. The Old God has escaped to once again wreak havoc on Azeroth! Will you fight back, or will you succumb to the madness within?! There’s a new Titan in town. Cast spells to fuel the Old God’s power, bring madness to the Tavern with Chaotic Tendrils, and unleash Yogg-Saron on your opponents with this Mini-Set of 38 all-new cards. Get them in TITANS packs, or as a complete 72-card* Mini-Set. Get the normal version in-game for $14.99 or 2000 Gold, or get the all-Golden version for $69.99 or 10,000 Gold. The a…

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Relic Hunters Legend

Relic Hunters Legend - Early Access Stream!

Hey Hunters, Check out the Gearbox and Rogue Snail Community Managers stream Relic Hunters Legends! We're super excited to see the game in early access and can't wait for you to check it out! Want to get your hands on the game? Enjoy 33% OFF between Sept 25 - Oct 2 10 Am Pacific, thanks to Steam's SHMUP Fest!


These Doomed Isles

Get These Doomed Isles as part of the Fireshine Publisher Sale

Hey everyone! Fresh off the heels of releasing into early access this morning, we are in the Fireshine Games Publisher sale alongside a host of other awesome indie games! If you love indie games, check out Fireshine’s Steam page for loads of great discounts across their portfolio of titles - including These Doomed Isles at 10% off. From strategy games to co-op adventures, there’s a whole bunch to choose from. There are also a host of great upcoming indie titles that you can show your support for by wishlisting them now! The publisher sale kicked off at 6pm BST today and can be found here


Thief Simulator 2

9 Days to Release!

ONLY 9 DAYS LEFT! Not on your radar yet? Make sure to follow up to get a notification when it's released! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1332720/Thief_Simulator_2/



LunarLux is Out Now!

Hi friends! Today, we stand at the threshold of an extraordinary cosmic adventure as LunarLux launches on PC. While this is a momentous occasion for all of us at CosmicNobab Games, we want to take a moment to reflect on the incredible journey we've embarked on together with our dedicated community and backers. Over the past three years, our small indie studio has been fueled by the unwavering support, encouragement, and passion of our community. LunarLux would not be where it is today without you. Each one of you has been a guiding star, lighting our way through the vast cosmos of game development. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for every moment you've spent with us. As we launch into the gaming cosmos, we do so with a deep sen…


Paleo Pines

Patch Update to Version 1.1.24

We've been gathering all your feedback and have made the following updates to the demo that will also be in the final game: The town board and message boxes now react to the 'Larger Text' and 'High Contrast' settings. Prettier night-time lighting from lanterns, especially on Medium graphics quality. Improved GPU performance in Veridian Valley and Dapplewood. Added more places to sit in Veridian Valley. This has made Katy and Yazz very, very happy. It should no longer be possible to trap yourself when placing or upgrading a building on the ranch. You can now access ranch storage during the farming tutorial, in case you put the pond and storage unit into storage. Fixed controls occasionally being permanently locked by the dino care t…


The Bunny Graveyard

Frequently Asked Questions about The Bunny Graveyard

I've noticed there's been a lot of misconceptions/confusion around our plans for the game's future, so I want to take a moment to clear up some things that are being said: Will the rest of the chapters be free? Every chapter releasing after Chapter 1 will NOT be free, however, there will be an option for you to buy them all early which is what we call the "All Chapters DLC" This DLC is not available yet simply because we want to wait and see how long Chapter 2 takes to develop to give you guys a general idea of how long it takes for each chapter to release. Will Chapter 1 ever be free? No, Chapter 1 was released as a paid product and will still remain as such, making Chapter 1 free would be unfair for previous players who already bought the…