League of Legends

Patch 13.11 notes

You get a Buff Wisp! YOU get a Buff Wisp! You ALL get Buff Wisps! Did you all catch MSI? Huge congratulations to JDG for coming out on top! Riding the esports wave, we also have a skinline to celebrate last year’s World Champions, DRX, coming out this patch, with a special Prestige skin for Aatrox to celebrate Kingen’s dominating MVP performance! In other news, we also have some exciting changes coming this week like Rell’s midscope update, universal buff sharing for junglers, some nerfs for Aphelios and Jinx, and quite a few followup changes to the Midseason update that came out in 13.10. Looking to live out your TFT dreams like Urgot joining the Star Guardians? Check out the TFT patch notes here! Lilu "RiotRiru" Cabreros Patch Highl…



26.4 Patch Notes

Patch 26.4 brings the Audiopocalypse Mini-Set, Diablo appearances across game modes, and more! The Audiopocalypse is Upon Us! The Festival of Legends has rocked on, and on, and on. The local Grimtotem Tauren have grown tired of the racket! Now they and their leader, Magatha, have come to not just shut down the show, but to snuff out all music on Azeroth! The fate of music is in your hands. Dual-class cards, Remixed cards, and E.T.C. himself are on the setlist for this Mini-Set of 38 all-new cards to add to your collection. Get them in Festival of Legends packs, or as a complete 72-card* Mini-Set. Get the normal version in-game for $14.99 or 2000 Gold, or get the all-Golden version for $69.99 or 10,000 Gold. The all-Golden version also c…


Apex Legends


@ion_kanbar Creator and friends playing together @放羊的ULU When Wraith arrives in the wild and savage world


Destiny 2

This Week at Bungie - 05/25/2023

This week at Bungie, we’re expanding that IP family a little more, getting our PlayStation on with some fun new crossovers coming to Destiny 2, and living out our aquanaut fantasies. What a week, am I right? Bungie’s second PlayStation showcase since we joined the PS fam, and we couldn’t be more excited to share just a smidge of what the teams here have been working on behind the scenes. The future is bright, but for right now? We deep dive for Sloane whilst wearing our finest PlayStation-inspired digs. But before we delve into the delectable secrets of another TWAB, here’s a quick look back at what we talked about last week: Final Season 21 prep. An in-depth preview of the Seasonal Artifact. A first look at the three new Strand Aspects…


Pokémon Violet

Ver. 1.3.1 (Released May 24, 2023)

Updates Fixed a problem that caused unintended behavior in private official tournaments in which certain users were invited to participate.


Rocket League

Tier Up with Season Rush

Unlock Rewards at Supersonic Speed Hitting Tier 70 takes plenty of dedication, but it's about to become a lot easier with Season Rush! This week-long Event is a new way to quickly level your Rocket Pass by completing Season Rush challenges. Each challenge instantly boosts you by one Tier, so it’s perfect for climbing your way towards high-tier items like the Lotus Bloom Goal Explosion. Already hit Tier 70? Now’s the time to stock up on Pro Tier Rewards! Remember that the painted and special edition items in these tiers are tradable, so you and your friends can swap parts for the perfect preset. Season Rush Challenges Play 5 Online Matches Get 7 First Touches in Online Matches Win 2 Matches of Speed Demon Get 3,000 total points in Onli…

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Everdream Valley

🎧 Introducing the HyperX DLC for Everdream Valley! 🎧

Howdy Farmers!🌾 We want to take a moment to share with you all an exciting collaboration between Everdream Valley and HyperX! As you perfectly know, HyperX is a leading brand in the gaming industry, providing high-quality gaming accessories and gear to gamers all around the world. HyperX has a deep understanding of what gamers need and want, and its products are designed to enhance the gaming experience in every way possible. With that idea, we tried to follow and create an amazing in-game items: great looking HyperX T-Shirt super cute and technologically advanced HyperX Cloud III gaming headset! Take a look! Ain't this set amazing? We hope you like it as much as we do! Now, here is what you need to do to grab the HyperX DLC: Downlo…


The Tartarus Key

The Tartarus Key is Now Available!

After years of development, we are incredibly proud (and nervous!) to say that The Tartarus Key is now available! We hope you enjoy yourself, as much as anyone trapped inside a mansion with elaborate death traps and obscure motivations can. Don't forget to grab the soundtrack to enjoy some impeccable murder vibes as well! It's always tricky to write these posts, as it can feel like you're just echoing the words of every developer out there who puts all the time and effort it does into making a game. "We hope you like it." "We hope you have fun." "Don't forget to review it!" All of those are obviously things we feel and want to say - making and releasing a game is always hard and scary, even if you aren't making a horror game. But more than …




UNLEASH DOOMBLADE Greetings Gloomlings, The big day has finally arrived. Join Gloom Girl and free the long-imprisoned DOOMBLADE, a relentless weapon yearning for revenge. Dive into a vengeful quest and unlock extraordinary powers to annihilate the Dread Lords in this atmospheric 2D Fly&Slash Action Metroidvania. Innovative Movement Mechanics With the power of DOOMBLADE at your disposal, you can soar through the air with unmatched agility, launching lightning-fast assaults on enemies with precision. Master the art of aerial combat as you target foes directly, unleashing the full wrath of DOOMBLADE to vanquish them with ease. Seek hidden demonic shrines to regain strength, wield the fearsome arsenal of skills such as Doom Drop, Wicked…


Friends vs Friends

Characters - Part 1!

Hey, hey, it's the post you've all been waiting for... character introductions! Sure, we've been talking about the hub and matchmaking and betas, but it's also vital to know who you're going to be jumping into battle with, wouldn't ya say? There are so many characters (and all pretty unique in our ways) we're going to break this up into two parts. So that's about enough outta me, let's meet the friends. Friends you will fight. So I guess that makes them enemies. Or not. ANYWAY: When DJ Newton isn't busy laying down the latest remix, they're hitting shots from a distance with precision. Increased accuracy lends itself nicely to weapons with high bullet spread, making Newton an excellent pick for players who lean heavily on weapon cards. Ch…



Official Launch: Decarnation Now Available!

Hello, everyone! We are incredibly excited to announce the release of Decarnation! After five years of dedicated development, the creation of a new studio, and countless captivating human adventures, we have crossed the finish line! **DECARNATION IS OUT!** Set in Paris in 1989, Decarnation follows the story of Gloria, a struggling cabaret dancer grappling with the fraying of her relationships, career, and self-esteem. When a mysterious benefactor offers her the chance to pursue a new artistic endeavor, Gloria must decide whether to take the opportunity or risk losing everything. With layered psychological stakes and a thrilling survival story, Decarnation explores the contrast between battling limitations in the physical realm and the subc…


To Hell With the Ugly

To Hell With The Ugly is released!

Discover To Hell With The Ugly... Rocky is a 20 year old young man with a certain charm that doesn’t go unnoticed. After a night out at the Zooty Slammer, he wakes up in a strange hospital, kidnapped and drugged. Whatever they did to him last night, they did it. And now it’s too late for apologies, he needs to get to the bottom of this… Rocky style. ... through a live! To mark the release of the game, ARTE and La Poule Noire are offering you a sneak preview of the game's first hour. Discover Rock and his story, his kidnapping and his battle for truth. 👊🤜