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Genre: Puzzle, Hack and slash/Beat 'em up, Arcade

502's Arcade

Patch notes for 1.1 update

Hey all! We hope you're enjoying the game so far!

We're preparing some fun updates for the game, but in the meantime we wanted to get some new things in, including some bug fixing, here's the list of what you can find in this update:

  • Added better controller support through XInput, now the game supports more controllers!
  • Fixed full screen resolution not being set to the native resolution of the monitor.
  • High Sea Survivors: New game over animations.
  • Potions Panic: New potion completed animations.
  • Ghost Hunter Hana: Cats will appear in the same order every run instead of being random, avoiding to get the same cat in different areas.
  • Ghost Hunter Hana: Fixed a bug with a specific variation of a portal room that was preventing level generation to be completed.

🎮 502's Arcade IS OUT NOW! 🎮

Welcome to our Arcade everyone!

What's in it?

There's plenty of fun to have in here! The game has a collection of 4 games for now:

  • Ghost Hunter Hana: A procedural generated top down with a mixed of shooter and melee combat where you have to seal spirits, including some bosses.

  • Potions Panic: A match-4 puzzle game, attending client orders for extra difficulty

  • High Seas Survivor: A mix of a survivor-like beat'em up with tower defense, where you are in charge of protecting your treasure chests from being taken by sea creatures.

  • Might Strike Team: Fast paced single screen shooter where you have to be fast on your reflex to get new weapons, move across levels and beat some bosses.

With 60 achievements and the daily, weekly and all time leaderboards you always will have a good challenge waiting for you!

We're a very small team, so if you're able to help us with one of the things below, it would mean a lot to us!

  • Leave a review
  • Tell your friends about the game
  • Share the game on social media

Keep up with our news!

If you wanna hear more from us you can always go and follow us on Twitter or sign up for our mailing list where we'll send out any news about updates, new games or any sales or discounts!

That's all on our side! On behalf of all the team, thank you for all the support and we hope you enjoy the game!

Release Date Announcement!

We're super excited to finally have a release date for the game!

🎉February 22th! 🎉

If you would like a reminder on launch day don't forget to wishlist the game or join our mailing list

And what a better way to celebrate this than with a new shiny trailer!

Demo Update

We also updated the demo with several fixes made to the main game! But be quick to try it out as the demo is going away once the game releases!

High Seas Survivor reveal and demo update!

Hey all!

It's been a while since we posted some news, but we've been very active behind the curtain and will have some exciting news in the following weeks/months!

First of all, as you can see in most of our screenshots and gif in the description of our game, we relevead one more of the games to be included in the release.

High Seas Survivor is a fast paced brawler game with a mix of tower defense elements. You play as a pirate protecting you hard earned treasure against several cursed beings coming out of the sea. In order to protect youself and all your chests you will have the chance to get all sorts of aid when you finish a round of enemies, so that's another layer of strategy on top of everything else!

Demo Update

Besides from that we udpated and fixed some things in the game that have made its way to the demo as well! Here's a breakdown of the new things you can find in it:

  • Fixes display of usernames in other languages in the leaderboards.
  • Fixes Ghost Hunter Hana map activating while in another menu.
  • Adds new button images when you're using your Dualsense controller.
  • Adds new effects to Potions Panic when completing a recipe to have an easier time keeping track of them.
  • Fixes bug in some enemy behaviors in Ghost Hunter Hana.
  • Adds support for more gamepads.
  • Adds new images on the minimap for Ghost Hunter Hana.
  • Fixes title screen videos not displaying properly on Steam Deck.
  • Adds new details and background to Ghost Hunter Hana's levels.
  • Fixes navigation with gamepad in some UI
  • Fixes camera behavior bugs in Ghost Hunter Hana
  • Adds redesign for Potions Panic title screen
  • Adds new instructions format for both Potions Panic and Ghost Hunter Hana with new art.

All of these and a lot of small improvements are in already and we'll keep updating the demo through the coming weeks!

Again thank you for all the support you have given our small team and we can't wait to share even more news about the game's release once we're able to!

December 2022 Update

Hey everyone,

We wanted you to know how the game is going and where we are at right now.

As many of you probably noticed, we changed the release date from 2022 to TBD. This happened for a few reasons:

- We're a small team, and to be able to keep making games we have to sometimes focus on some other projects from time to time. That causes delays and we're aiming now to release next year. If you wanna know more about our other projects you can always go to our site of sign up for our newsletter to keep track of what we're working on!

- We've had a good influx of players of the demo since we released it and had tons of great feedback. We're going through all of it and not only applying it to the 2 games you can play in the demo, but also taking it into consideration for the other 2 games that will also be included in the initial release.

But with that out of the way, the studio and the game itself had a great year! As you can see in our other posts, we even managed to make it to Japan to showcase the game a few months ago, so we're super happy with the reception we've had.

We're almost ready to announce the mysterious 4th game to be included in the collection(which includes the characters you can see in the post image) so we're very excited to show you what it is about and also we have some other pretty exciting news that will come on the first months of the year!

From everyone at the studio, we wish you all a happy new year and see you in 2023!

GDoC Expo Direct 2022

Hey all!

We're taking part of the Game Devs of Color Expo 2022!

You can check the Direct over here, which includes a bunch of awesome games of all kinds of genres, you'll find something you'll fur sure!

Also there is a Steam page where you can find all the games participating in the Expo this year, some of them (including ours) even have a demo in case you want to give them a try!

Gradient Convergence

BitSummit X Roads and demo update!

Hey all!

We just had an amazing experience a week ago. We got chosen to be part of the BitSummit X Roads event in Kyoto, Japan.

We're a small team, and we're based in Guatemala for those who didn't knew, so having the chance to travel all the way to Japan, and tho show our game nonetheless, it was beyond our wildest dreams!

We got a ton of first hand feedback, and watching people playing our game always feels very rewarding.

So we're hard at work finishing the last game that would be included at launch, and we'll be showing more of that in the upcoming months.

And while we've been at it, we have fixed most of the issues on the demo that you all have been nice enough to report through the feedback form after playing it! So keep playing and let us know any comment or feedback you have for us.

Also, we've been discussing on having a more active Discord server where people can gather and talk about the game, is that something you would be interested to have? Let us know in the comments!

And remember to Wishlist the game if you haven't done it to know when the game comes out!


Asobu Indie Showcase 2022

Hey all!

502's Arcade will be featured on the Asobu Indie Showcase 2022 along with other great indie games!

We're really excited to be part of this and we appreciated all the support you can give to 502's Arcade and all the other games during the stream!

The showcase is happening tomorrow at 5am PT/ 8pm JST.

You can check out the stream here!

Dreamhack Beyond

Watch the developer play the demo.