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PC PS4 XONE Switch Steam Gog
Genre: Platform, Puzzle, Adventure, Indie


Update Notes for Feb 21

  • fixed an issue where an Airhunter was not able to return to the village area
  • fixed an issue where a certain elevator in the canyon would be blocked for no reason
  • fixed a possible softlock in the tower
  • fixed an issue where Body would sometimes fall out of a monorail tram during the ride
  • fixed an issue where map waypoints would get stuck when dying right after getting an upgrade
  • fixed an issue where players would fall through the floor after jumping from the boulder lizard
  • fixed an issue where players would clip through a wall when returning to the village lake

Airhead is now Steam Deck Verified

Hello everyone,

our Steam Deck Compatibility rating is in and we are happy to announce that Airhead is Steam Deck Verified!

That means that you can explore the mysterious and intriguing world of Airhead wherever you like, and you don’t have to worry if the text is too small, or that you have to manually change the settings for it to run well, or that it shows you the wrong controls.

Steam Deck Verified Bundle

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Update Notes for Feb 19

  • fixed an issue where a certain endgame glass wall did not break correctly
  • fixed an issue where you could glitch through a drawbridge in the canyon area
  • fixed an issue where the game would have animation issues upon starting it for the first time on a monitor with more than 60Hz
  • fixed an issue where you would sometimes glitch through a rock above a certain lake
  • fixed a possible softlock in the final boss fight regarding a metal object falling through the floor
  • fixed a possible softlock regarding a certain excavation tool
  • fixed a possible softlock in the cave where you could unintentionally dash over an early game rock upon revisiting the area
  • fixed a possible softlock due to an autosave triggering accidentally when jumping down into a certain lake with the Head

Where’s Your Head at? AIRHEAD Lands Today!

Take control of Body, a headless being, who finds Head within a cave, right after it is separated from its symbiotic counterpart. Left for dead, You will take the deflating Head’s life upon your shoulders, bringing you on a journey through this industrial post-apocalypse, refilling Head on air cylinders found along the way to sustain your life. The perilous world holds many secrets and obstacles to overcome, and when the time comes and the impact of your decisions becomes clear you must decide if you are willing to bear the consequences to save a friend's life.

Exploring diverse locations such as dark caverns, ancient ruins, and abandoned factories, you will discover old technologies to utilize, and a myriad of strange creatures to meet. You will be tasked with solving puzzles that will challenge your logic and creativity, unlocking upgrades and abilities to get Airhead ever closer to its objective and discover the truth behind Head’s connection to this world.

´“We love games that tell remarkable stories in innovative and creative ways. Coupling the incredibly accessible platformer genre with the affecting narratives of decay, connection, and hope is a recipe for success. We feel Airhead captures all of this and more, which is why we are incredibly excited to put it in players' hands.”

Have fun and don't lose your head!

Airhead Floats Onto Your PC This February

Today we are revealing the launch date for our upcoming Metroidvania-style puzzle-platformer game, Airhead. Developed by Octato and Massive Miniteam, their debut title will see players exploring the post-apocalyptic world of Airhead, discovering its secrets from 12th February 2024.

Players will experience a complex, personal story of companionship and discovery in a sprawling interconnected world. After being ripped apart by a mysterious machine, the symbiotic being Head is slowly but surely deflating, but the unassuming Body - witnessing the tragedy - bravely takes the fate of Head on its shoulders, with the two becoming Airhead. You play as Airhead, and relying on air tanks to keep the Head inflated, it is a race against time to find the mysterious machine and save Head no matter the cost. However, as players explore the world they will uncover the mystery of what connects Head, the air tanks, and the technology that litters the world.

Exploring the beautifully crafted environments, players will unlock new puzzles that will require logic and creativity to solve, using the environment, technology, and the various air tanks to keep Head alive. New upgrades and abilities will be discovered as Airhead explores the dark caverns and ancient ruins of this mysterious world while meeting a myriad of creatures who may want to help or hinder your journey.

Watch the newest gameplay for Airhead!

Are you ready to dive into the world of Airhead? Well, you will have to be patient for a little longer, but we will make the time waiting a bit easier: on top of the new demo we also have a new broadcast with the freshest gameplay for you! So, tune in and get a good glimpse at what awaits you in the world of Airhead.

Airhead is an adventure through a sprawling interconnected world, where you must explore, evolve and overcome intricate puzzles to succeed.
You play as Airhead, a small Body and the round inflated organism it uses as a Head. And while Head is slowly but surely deflating, you have a chance to save its life.

Brand new Demo Live Now

A brand new demo with improved content and new playable gameplay sections of Airhead is now live and ready to be explored on Steam.

The demo is free for all users and features a fully overhauled glance at the Cave Area as well as a completely new second Area that has many new puzzles waiting to be solved and secrets ready to be uncovered.

Returning players can enjoy completely new features like the Library, which features detailed background lore regarding all types of creatures and machines found in the world of Airhead. There is also a new optional hint system as well as new accessibility features to be enjoyed by players all over the world.
Additionally, the new and improved demo features language support for all 28 languages listed on the Steam page as well as customizable button mapping for keyboard players and support for Xbox One / Series X|S / PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 controllers.

We hope you’ll have a great time checking out the new content and we can’t wait to hear your feedback while we put the finishing touches on the final game!

Massive Gameplay Showcase

On September 22nd, we revealed 8 narrated gameplay trailers, including one for Airhead. Check it out:


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Join in to a speedrun through Airhead

In this event, we'll show you how it is to play this game against the clock. You'll be astonished how easy it would be to master the mysterious world of Airhead.
With just a little bit of experience, enjoyment, and enthusiasm, Airhead's sophisticated aesthetics wonderfully reveals all its charms.

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