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Beacon Pines

Sep 22, 2022

✨Beacon Pines is Out Now! ✨

September 22, 2022

The editor of this fine paper is pleased to announce an exclusive scoop - players can pick up a copy of Beacon Pines as of today on Xbox, Steam, Nintendo Switch, and PC stores.

To celebrate this undoubtedly historic event, the game is available at a 10% launch discount.

This editor will be leaving the office to purchase a copy as soon as they’ve finished writing this article. Such value! As you explore the picturesque town of Beacon Pines and its surroundings, be sure to visit the home of the Beacon Beacon. We’re located in the town square, you can’t miss the sign.

➡️ Visit the Fellow Traveller Sale ⬅️

In addition to this, you can enjoy the developers at Hiding Spot streaming the game live via the Fellow Traveller Publisher Sale (and perhaps pick up a bargain or two while you’re at it as there is a massive sale on all Fellow Traveller games right now.)

It's One Week Until the Launch of Beacon Pines

September 15, 2022
But that’s not all! In addition to this, the Beacon Beacon has been able to secure our dedicated readers a 10% discount for launch week thanks to our friends at the Last Chance Diner. To celebrate the occasion, Hiding Spot will be broadcasting a stream of the game on launch day. Be sure to tune in and join the festivities!

Despite this editor’s protests, the Beacon Beacon interviewed Luka VanHorn and Rolo Cotter for their thoughts on the news:

“Rolo, did you hear? Beacon Pines is coming out in just a week! That’s really soon!”

“Luka… Beacon Pines has been around for ages. See how we’re standing in it right now?”

“Not the town, Rolo! The game, remember? You, me, Beck, investigating creepy mysteries?”

“Oh right - I forgot that we're video game stars now.”

“The real star of the game is the Chronicle - it lets players jump to different points of the story and totally change what happens with hidden Charms they find!”

“That's weirder than anything I've read about in Hank Atomic.”

“It's all true, Rolo! And it'll be out on September 22nd.”

“Oh yeah, speaking of Hank Atomic, remember when he used a soda bottle for a makeshift jetpack and then he-”

That’s quite enough of that.

If you haven’t already, make sure to wishlist Beacon Pines:

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Beacon Pines is Steam Deck Compatible

September 2, 2022
Technology marches on - it always seems like there’s another new gadget or incredible toy to enjoy.

We here at the Beacon Beacon are pleased to report that Beacon Pines is compatible with the newest gizmo - the Steam Deck. Beacon Pines received a green tick, indicating a “Verified” status. This means that if you own a Steam Deck, you can enjoy Beacon Pines in its fullest with none of this scaling nonsense.

Doesn't it look great? We can’t wait to play on September 22 when it releases.

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Beacon Pines to Release on September 22nd!

August 18, 2022
An exciting day today, as Mr. Wilder received the news from Fellow Traveller, an indie game publisher who specialises in narrative games, that our wonderful game Beacon Pines will be releasing on September 22 on all good gaming stores like: Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, Windows Store, Steam, Nintendo Switch, and other PC stores. Local town grump Geoff was less than impressed and had this to say: “Another cockamamie waste of time if you ask me. All this cheeriness and celebrating. Phooey!”

William Kerr, CEO of Perennial Harvest, was quick to inform the Beacon Beacon, “The alleged giant laser beam seen at the start of this trailer is incredibly unimportant! Just some bad weather really. We should be focused on the wonderful scenery of Beacon Pines, and the exciting Festival which Perennial Harvest is preparing. I encourage all viewers to enjoy this perfectly normal trailer in which nothing suspicious happens. And be sure to get in touch with us at Perennial Harvest! We’d love to hear your thoughts.”

The Beacon Beacon was able to secure an interview with the developers at Hiding Spot despite their busy schedule. “We’d like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout the development of Beacon Pines. Whether you’re a backer of our Kickstarter, following us on Twitter or TikTok, chatting in Discord, discovering us for the first time, or even just reading this news post right now, your love of the world and characters of Beacon Pines has helped bring it to life.”

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Beacon Pines Goes Gold!

August 16, 2022

A momentous occasion for the town of Beacon Pines, as the eagerly anticipated game (also titled Beacon Pines), goes gold!

For those not up-to-date with this lingo, this means that the game has had platform approval to release! Truly worthwhile news indeed. Mayor Augustus Valentine had this to say: "Um, uh... you really should speak to Mr. Kerr. He's better at these things than I am."

Also interviewed was young Luka VanHorn. "There's something strange going on in this town, and me and my friends are the only ones who seem to notice. If the adults won’t listen, then we’ll just have to take matters into our own hands."

William Kerr, CEO of Perennial Harvest, told the Beacon Beacon, "It truly is an exciting time for Beacon Pines! A time when, I can declare with certainty, nothing strange is going on. In fact, this may be the least strange time in the history of Beacon Pines. Isn’t that wonderful?! That is why we’ve planned a festival, in celebration of just how strangeless this town has become. All thanks to Perennial Harvest!"

Hiding Spot, the developers of Beacon Pines, were quoted as saying, “We can’t wait to show Beacon Pines to our fans who have been following the game since its Kickstarter, those who have discovered it throughout development, and anyone who may be finding out about it for the first time! Our tiny team has poured everything we can into this game, and we’re really proud of how it turned out.”

With its beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, an intriguing tale where you play as both the reader of a mysterious book and its main character Luka, and using charms to change the outcome of the story, Beacon Pines is a game you'll want to explore every inch of. Stay tuned, as the Beacon Beacon has it on good authority that the game’s release date will be revealed very soon.

An exciting time indeed, the Beacon Beacon awaits the Festival in anticipation!

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Beacon Pines Stream: Behind the Scenes and Demo Walkthru

May 3, 2022
LudoNarraCon is taking place May 5-9, and Beacon Pines is exhibiting. If you’re looking for something a little cute AND creepy from LudoNarraCon, then tune into the behind the scenes look at Beacon Pines and the updated demo walkthru.

The Hiding Spot Games team will be pulling back the curtain and talking about the development of Beacon Pines, from its early days as an RPG prototype called "LUKA" to today. You'll see early sketches and unused assets, and hear stories all about the many pivots the game's design has been through.

Keep up to date with Beacon Pines, you can follow the team over on Twitter, join the Discord, and catch-up on all the cute and creepy videos on Tiktok.

Also if you haven't already, download the demo today.

To learn more about LudoNarraCon, visit the LudoNarraCon website

Beacon Pines at Steam Next Fest

February 11, 2022
We're delighted to share that our cute and creepy storybook adventure game Beacon Pines will be featured as part of Steam Next Fest! This event will be running from February 21st thru the 28th, and we can't wait to share our game with all of the indie game fans who will be in attendance.

Even better, we're debuting a new update to the Beacon Pines demo for Next Fest! This new build brings the demo more in-line with the content you'll see in the final game - it adds new characters, new areas to explore, new music, some fixes for pesky bugs from the original demo, and a special treat - fully voice-acted lines for the story's narrator, featuring the wonderful voice of Kirsten Mize.

We'll also be doing a pair of live streams during the event, with the development team from Hiding Spot Games:

Next Fest is going to be a wonderful opportunity to showcase Beacon Pines for the Steam community, and we hope you'll join us there!

A Behind the Scenes Look at Beacon Pines

February 11, 2022
For this event, the Hiding Spot Games team will be pulling back the curtain and talking about the development of Beacon Pines, from its early days as an RPG prototype called "LUKA" to today! You'll see early sketches and unused assets, and hear stories all about the many pivots the game's design has been through.

Updated Demo Playthru with Hiding Spot Games

February 11, 2022
Join the team from Hiding Spot Games for a special Next Fest event as they play through the updated demo of Beacon Pines, showcasing all of the new content that has never been playable by the public before.

Check out Beacon Pines in The Big Adventure Event!

January 18, 2022
We're really excited to share our first event of 2022 - Beacon Pines will be part of The Big Adventure Event here on Steam!

TheBAE is a digital celebration and showcase of indie adventure games, presented by our friends over at Hitcents. Last year, the event welcomed over 300,000 fans to a showcase of more than 80 games. Now it’s back and bigger than before! The event runs from Jan. 20th - 24th and will feature over 100+ games, with demos, streams, and community events galore. It should be a fantastic occasion, and it's a perfect fit for Beacon Pines - we hope to see you there!