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Genre: Indie

Bloody Efforts

Sep 16, 2022


September 30, 2022
NEW Content:

  • Hero: Gin, the Black Ninja is joining the battle! Gin is a fast and agile Assassin shooter with capabilities to Backstab enemies very efficiently (check Facebook and Discord weekly codes to get the Hero for FREE).
  • Timed Deathmatch - a simple Free for All mode to give new Players more room to practice. The Match lasts 5 minutes. Player with the most Kills wins the match. You can join a new queue to experience this mode.
  • New First Time Experience flow, to help new Players to join the game easier.

Apostle Changes:

  • Hayleen - replaced Counterman Ability with Triple Strike Ability. Hayleen wasn’t weak but Counterman didn’t fit her playstyle very well. Now, she can unleash her true potential!

Ability Changes:

  • Fireball - it hasn't been really hot lately, so we give it some buff burst!
    Stamina Cost reduced from 40 to 30, Cooldown reduced from 5 to 4.5 seconds.
  • Glorious Charge - Getting stunned and dealing much less damage isn’t so Glorious for other players - we tune it down a little.
    Cooldown increased from 11 to 12 seconds.

Changes & Bug Fixes:

  • Overall Client fixes including scrolls, inviting friends, navigation.
  • Cinematics - fix bug which made some Characters can’t move in Cinematics
  • Chests - fix a bug which sometimes made Chests not to show all the rewards after opening.
  • Chests - reduce Level required to see various rewards from 6 to Level 1 (everybody can now choose the reward - Loot or the equivalent amount of Orders).
  • Quick Match - change mode of the Quick Match vs AI to Timed Deathmatch. You can still play Legacy of the Gods vs AI in Custom Match.
  • Starting Tutorial - The first tutorial now gives more experience to get Level 2.
  • Battle Tutorial - it has more objectives now to give Players more room for practicing.

Polish Stream Bloody Efforts Patch 1.2

September 23, 2022
New Hero, new abilities


September 23, 2022
NEW Content:
<*> Hero: Liliv - Ground Melee Caster with Tank capabilities (check Facebook and Discord weekly codes to get the Hero for FREE).

Hero Changes:
<*> Eddie - His love for potatoes grows every Patch! He can use Abilities more often if he hits Enemy with the Spear. What is more, he reduces Enemy Range Resistance by 50% for 3 seconds with his Missiles and Deals more Damage.

Card Changes:
<*> Ghost - time in Ghost mode after getting hit decreased from 1,5 seconds to 0,5 seconds.

Ability Changes:
<*> Water Pool - Dash and Run blocking moved from base description to 3rd Ability Upgrade
<*> Life Run - size reduced by 25%.
<*> Force of Nature - Life Force multiplier decreased from 50% to 25%.
<*> Force of Nature - Stamina Cost increased from 60 to 70
<*> Spectral Form - Cooldown increased from 9 to 12 seconds.
<*> Great Rock - base Root duration increased from 1 to 1.5 second.

Changes & Bug Fixes:
<*> change team-chat to automatically be the ALL-chat (write ‘/t ‘ if you want to activate team chat)
<*> small bombs do not repel Fighters now.
<*> tutorial adjustments.
<*> localization fix ups.
<*> turn off gamepad support (keyboard + mouse is necessary to play the game)

Patch Notes 1.1

September 19, 2022
We've notice that some of you had problems with slower matchmaking. We've fixed that and some other things too. The list of changes is here:
- balance Matchmaking Algorythm to better match Players
- reduce the level required to play PvP and create your own custom games with friends to 'Level 2'
- reduce the level required to unlock Redeem Codes to 'Level 5'
- improving the experience of the tutorials

Next patch with NEW Hero is scheduled on this Friday (23.09) so stay tuned!


September 16, 2022
The time has come! 🥳#FREE2PLAY #FIGHTING #MOBA
It's time to invite your friends and start having fun in the arena. Download Bloody Efforts and head to the battlefield, the party has just begun!