Broken: Paranormal Investigation cover
Broken: Paranormal Investigation screenshot
Genre: Adventure, Indie

Broken: Paranormal Investigation

Broken: Paranormal investigation update 1.15

- The breathless sound now only plays once per minute maximum.
- Fixed a bug that could make a ghost player cross the ground in the graveyard map

Halloween update - Broken : paranormal investigation

When loading a map, the sound starts in a softer way

Fixed a bug that could cut the ambience background sound

New map and enigma for halloween !

New content is coming for Halloween! Enjoy a unique puzzle to solve during Halloween week, there is a reward ;)

- New map: Graveyard
- New puzzle specific to the map graveyard
- New achievement for those who manage to solve the special Halloween enigma in the time allowed!

Change in the map:
- Bones have been replaced by skulls for the puzzle Destruction 1
- Special halloween decoration for the lobby

Correction: Bones have been replaced by skulls in the Destruction 1 puzzle:
- Some texts are now centered correctly
- Some buttons are now correctly managed by the "ui" mixer
- Correction of the translation of the wave detector which could be replaced by "incense stick".
- Fixed a bug that could prevent the connection to a multiplayer game

Quickfix 21/10/2022

Fixed a bug on the text bubble of items.

Version 1.13 - Updated on 21/10/2022 - Broken : paranormal investigation

- Increased the size of ghostly orbs to make them more visible
- Improved the uv lamp, the display of fingerprints and blood traces works better

- Fixed a bug that could move doors and drawers when using "pose mode"

- Added an arachnophobic mode in settings. Spiders are replaced by rats.

Updated on 15/10/2022 - Broken : Paranormal investigation

Options: added a "very low" graphics mode for smaller configurations

Interface: Correction of the display of the cameras connected to the smartphone
Interface: Spelling correction

Enigma "say the name": the end animation can no longer be launched several times

Abandonned farm: Fixed a bug that could generate a black screen
Psychiatric hospital: Fixed a flying object

Broken : Paranormal investigation


class: medium can now see which torches are used to open a secret passage
class: a2000 can now detect all types of paranormal activity
interface: the name of the object in use is now displayed
interface: the name of the object to be picked up is now displayed


interface: fixed overlapping text in the lobby
interface: fixed overlapping text when using the a2000

a2000: fixed a bug that prevented the display from updating

localization: matteo's class is now displayed correctly
localization: fixed Japanese translation

Broken: Paranormal investigation - Updated on 11/10/2022


Interface : The game host is now the only one who can change the map and the difficulty


Localization : Add translation and fix bug on glow stick translation
Ghost : Fixed a bug that could trap the ghost when moving
Interface : Fixed a bug that let appear a text bubble

Updated on 09/10/2022


Lobby : a player can now be invited by a client and not only by the server

Controls: fixed a bug that could affect the player's control when a controller was plugged in in addition to the keyboard and mouse

Animation: fixed a bug that could make the mace or bat animation play in a loop

Wave detector: fixed a bug that could block the scrolling of frequencies

Interface: the invitation button is now taken into account by the audio mix

Quick fix 08/102022

Castle in ruins: correction of the walls of the hidden rooms which can be invisible