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This Week In Destiny - 09/14/2023

This week in Destiny, we have to talk about Legendary Shards. Check your Destiny 2 inventory—it's those purple spiky things you might have in the thousands (or tens of thousands). They look like weird, sour candy, right? Maybe they taste like grapes? Or blueberries? Oh, no, that's the kind of dark thought a Hive acolyte would have, and we are also missing the point here, so let's focus a bit and recap last week's TWID before jumping to the news:

  • Final call for the Guardians for Maui fundraiser.
  • Update from our PvP Strike team.
  • Show us those Tessellation clips!
  • New ritual armor sets.
  • World First race winners interview.

And this is the menu for today:

  • We explain the process of Legendary Shard deprecation.
  • Some new info and updates on the Crota's End raid.
  • New PvP update previews for Seasons 22 and 23.
  • Checkmate enters the Crucible Labs next week.
  • Improved Trials weapon drops for wins.
  • Tessellation shines bright in these community clips!
  • The weekly Destiny Player Support report.
  • Our latest Art of the Week and Movie of the Week picks.

Got that? You can read the rest of the article here.

This Week In Destiny – 08/31/2023

This week in Destiny, Crota is back in all his rotating, crotating glory.

We're stoked to watch you take him on, but we'll get to that in a minute. Read more on our blog here.


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The Final Shape has been revealed and the Witness’s plans have almost been brought to fruition. This is the hardest challenge you have faced yet, but you won't be alone. Ikora Rey, Commander Zavala, and even a mysteriously returned Cayde-6 will be at your side, ready to walk a path of remembrance and discovery through The Pale Heart of the Traveler itself.

The main story of The Final Shape will be told throughout the course of its campaign, which you will be able to complete with increased difficulty and rewards in the Legendary campaign. Players will explore the familiar yet unsettling panoramas of The Pale Heart, the first linear destination in Destiny 2.

When the campaign has been completed, there's plenty more coming. In the new raid, Guardians will confront the Witness head on and try to break its hold on The Pale Heart. But even that might not be enough... the culmination of the Light and Darkness Saga is upon us, and all Guardians must answer the call if we want to overcome The Final Shape and the Witness once and for all.

The time has come, Guardians. Rally the Vanguard, raise your Light, wield your Darkness, and become legend.

Destiny 2: Season of the Witch

A Ritual Begins 

Eris Morn turns to the magic of the Hive to help the Guardians learn how the Witness entered the portal of the Traveler. To honor our end of the bargain, Guardians must siphon arcane powers. 

Savathûn’s Spire 

Power up the Witch Queen’s Spire, defeat its foul custodians, and gain entry into the Altars of Summoning hidden deep within.    

Altars of Summoning 

Present offerings in the Witch Queen's otherworldly prison to summon and defeat ghastly foes. Channel their power to Eris Morn for her Hive magic experiment. 

Deck of Whispers 

Progress through the Season by earning cards and building a deck of selected rewards and enhancements. Craft a unique deck that’s tailored to your playstyle, and even stack card buffs with your fireteam!  

Ex Diris Exotic Grenade Launcher 

The Season Pass instantly unlocks a Lucent Knight's most quintessential and unrelenting Grenade Launcher. Moths included. Add the Catalyst and Rank 100 ornament to unleash Amplified rage-filled destruction.  

Exotic Armor 

Each new Exotic armor piece is imbued with ancient alchemy. Mothkeeper's Wraps turn your grenade a cage of moths that release on impact, protecting allies and debilitating foes. Pyrogale Guantlets slam your enemies with cyclones of Solar flame. Briarbinds make a Warlock’s Void Souls last longer and gain strength as they defeat targets.  

Season Ornaments 

Sleight of hand, illusions, rituals. Whatever your brand of magic, dazzle your audience with style. These ornate ornaments are reserved for Hive magic masters. 

Crota’s End Raid 

Crota may have been banished from our world, but his threat remains. Travel to Earth's moon, enter the Hellmouth, and confront the Hive prince. This nostalgic Destiny 1 raid, resurrected and reprised for Season of the Witch, will feature a World First race and streaming event. Open to all players. 

Power-Up Your Progress 

Access more than 100 rewards, including XP boosts, Exotic engrams, upgrade materials, cosmetics, and more. 

Exotic Missions and Weapons 

Battle through three reprised Exotic missions (Presage, Vox Obscura, and Operation: Seraph’s Shield) to earn craftable Exotic Weapons. Once your weapon pattern is complete, repeat the missions for more weapons and armo

Story Catch-Up 

Need a refresher on the backstory or want to get up-to-speed? Three playable missions have you covered: Last Call from Forsaken, Commune with Crux from Beyond Light, and The Last Chance from The Witch Queen. 

Bungie Rewards 

Earn the Haruspex title and a charm to show off your supreme sorcery. 

This Week in Destiny - 08/17/2023

We’re excited to share an in-depth look at what’s ahead with The Final Shape and the next Season of planned festivities, but there’s no harm in sharing a little sneak peek, is there? From Twitch Drops to a quick glimpse at what’s next, let’s dig into the latest This Week In Destiny.

But first, let’s recap what we chatted about in last week’s TWID:

  • Welcoming Keith David to the Destiny 2 family.
  • New Exotic Mission Rotator details.
  • What’s coming up in Season 22 for abilities and armor.
  • Age-gating changes on all Bungie services.
  • Grandmaster Battleground: that's no moon.
  • Destiny 2 Showcase reminder.
  • Get your Witch Queen on with the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog.

For this week, we’ll be diving into:

  • Guardians for Maui - Support for Hawaii.
  • A little Showcase teaser, as a treat.
  • Twitch Drop it like it’s hot on August 22.
  • Epic Moments trailer goodness and an added Season 22 surprise.
  • A reminder of everything we’ve shared about Season 22 thus far.
  • Season 22 Weapons Preview recap.
  • Pick up your gear!
  • Increased reputation gains all week.
  • Regional pricing update.
  • Player Support report.
  • #Destiny2AOTW and #Destiny2MOTW picks.

Full blog post here.

This Week In Destiny – 08/03/2023

This week in Destiny, we dropped a ton of info in our State of the Game article and shared details on Solstice armor and the community Trials map winner.

Happy TWIDsday, Guardians! We are back this week with a slightly shorter one to make some room for the big State of the Game article we dropped earlier today. Read more on our blog.

This Week at Destiny - 07/27/2023

This week in Destiny, we’re donning some sweet glow action to praise the sun, talking about upcoming economy changes and the philosophy of Warden’s Law, and celebrating accessibility in games. Before we dive into this week’s shenanigans, here’s a recap of what we chatted about last week:

  • Solstice returns!
  • #Emblematic winner.
  • A message from Ghost.
  • Last chance for two Trials weapons.
  • Solstice Shades.
  • Prime Gaming Rewards.

For this week, we’re diving into:

  • Raid date time? Raid date time.
  • Veil Containment behind-the-scenes.
  • Let’s talk Warden’s Law.
  • It’s week-two of Solstice, let’s go!
  • Economy overhaul recap, plus a nod to Dead Man’s Tale.
  • Time to vote on a map. (Not that I’m pushing for Cathedral or anything...)
  • A win for accessibility, and we’re just getting started.
  • Art of the Week and Movie of the Week selections.

Click here to read the full TWID.

Solstice 2023

Free Event 

Join us as we celebrate the bonds that will build a better tomorrow. Grab a set of the new Solstice armor and get the party started by joining a Bonfire Bash. Fend off waves of party-crashing enemies, keep the bonfire roaring, and claim victory to upgrade your armor and collect new rewards. 

The First Strand Rocket Launcher 

No trinket-filled gift bags at this party. Unless by “trinket-filled” you mean Strand and by “gift bag” you mean Rocket Launcher. 

Solar Powered  

It’s the perfect time to show off your collection of new summer-themed cosmetics. Now available at Eververse. 

New Event Buffs 

Travel to the EAZ and revel in the overpowered glory of the Sun with new buffs like Firebound (faster health and Super energy recovery) and Flare (an aura that damages every enemy that flies too close to the Sun). 

New Event Card 

Solstice has returned with Event Challenges, a Seal, new rewards, and more! Play for free or upgrade your card and enjoy the summertime fun with even more unique prizes to collect. Pick up your Event Card in the Quests tab in-game. 

This Week In Destiny – 07/13/2023

Happy TWIDsday, Guardians! This week in Destiny we have a save-the-date, a mid-Season preview with some Crucible info, the winner of our Witherhoard community vote, and more! Let’s get started with what we talked about last week and then get into the new stuff. Read more on our blog here.

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