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Genre: Shooter, Hack and slash/Beat 'em up, Indie

Don't Shit On My #!$@& Roof

What Is Going On - 04/11/22

Hello !

Small post to tell you about the next step.

The next update, 0.3, is still in production. It's a little bit late because I've been sick.

This update focuses on the loot system. Whether it is deep changes or even in its appearance.

One of the first changes is the presence of "family" for the items in the game. For example, the Zeus' Glove belongs to the "Magic" and "Lightning" family.
The families will allow to classify the items, to be able to play on chances of appearance, but also to guide the player in his choices.
We had planned, following many requests, to redo the interface of choice of items. This one was not very readable. With the new family system, we will redo the interface and make it more accessible and pretty.

This is not the final design, far from it, but an idea of change.

Then, we worked on a new family of items: the "tainted" items.
These are items that will give you an advantage, but also an advantage to the enemies. This will allow you to adjust your game experience a little bit during the game and maybe access new ways to play.

We have added a new game mode: the endless mode. A classic of the genre. For the moment, it is accessed from the map selection. There are no prerequisites to unlock it and it will allow you to go beyond the limits of the game (RIP framerate).

There are also nomenclature changes, like the term "elemental" which becomes "magic".

Here is what is waiting for you for the next content. I don't have a date to give yet but it will be soon !

EA 0.2.2

New Item - Arcane Blast - Cast a blast of arcane magic on the two pigeons closest to the player - Upgradable
New Item - Arcane Sentry - Cast a blast of arcane magic on the closest pigeon to the house - Upgradable

MiniMagicGun description fix
Cernnunos and Lightning optimization
Doppelganger apparition fix
Mjolnir - Upgrade 1 description fix
Better XP log
Celestial Ring Fix

0.2.1 hotfix

Fixes a game crash when selecting the "MiniMagicGun" object

EA 0.2.1

New Boss : The Aviator - Passes quickly in one direction while firing bullets

New Item : Glass Canon - Greatly increases physical and elemental damage but sets the max life at 1

Mjolnir - Upgrade 4 - Fixing a bug that could cause a problem of lightning triggering
Zeus' Glove - Upgrade 1 - Increased the elemental degree by 50>80% and increased the rate of fire by 10%.
Fix Janus Number of bullet problem


Boss balancing
Obligation to kill all the bosses to finish the game has 20 minutes if several bosses are present.

EA 0.2 - Boss Update

The first bosses are available! For the moment, there are 4 new bosses. We are planning to add about 10 more during the early access.

New Boss : The Dwarf - Run fast but get tired just as fast... And rests quickly too...
New Boss : The Rusher - Go straight ahead without looking
New Boss : The Sunmancer - Sends three circles of projectiles at different speeds
New Boss : The Aquamancer - Sends projectiles in the form of a vortex

New Item : Tonantzin's Will - Summons spikes of earth in the direction of where you are aiming. Upgradable.
New Item : Fracture - Every 6 seconds, you house summons spikes of earth in a random direction. Upgradable.
New Item : Celestial Ring - Create a magic ring around the player that grows and shrinks and does elemental damage to enemies crossing it. Upgradable.
New Item : Magic Barrier - Creates a magic shield around the player, protecting him for one hit before cooling down for 1 minute. Remove Athena's Shield from selection. Upgradable.
New Item : Apollo Feather - Sends feathers in the direction you are aiming. They stick in the ground and come back to the player. Upgradable.
New Item : Kriss' Bow - You shoot arrows. Upgrades will allow you to shoot different types of arrows. Upgradable.
New Item : Blood Driker - Pigeons have a 0.01% chance of dropping a life point on their deaths.
New Item : Hollow - Grants 3 containers of empty hearts.

Rework Item : Rocket Launcher - Every 6 shots, fires a self-guided missile that explodes. Upgradable.
Rework Item : Caishen's Fan - Every 8 shots, fires a fan of 5 bullets around the player. Upgradable.
Rework Item : Mjolnir - New update 4 : Projectiles have a 10% chance to send a lightning bolt that scales on elemental damage.

New Starter : Tonantzin - Start with Tonantzin's Will but your bullet distance is reduced. Finish a run to unlock Tonantzin's Will - Upgrade 5 for all characters.
New Starter : Doppleganger - Starts without a weapon but with the Doppleganger item. The shots from the house weapon count as your shots. Finish a run to unlock Doppleganger for all characters.

Change in the way loot is distributed :

  • Now it is not possible to get a potion if you are not full life.
  • It is no longer possible to get "repeatable" cards if there are still unrepeatable items in the item pool.

Curse 2 is more difficult, base life of pigeons is increased.
Dust gain per kill at the end of the level is increased from 1 to 2.5
Performance optimization
Dyonisos Grape multiplicator nerf from 15 to 8

What's going on - 12/10/2022

Hello everyone !
It's been a few days since we last updated the site, about a week.

I'm making this little post to tell you what's going on internally.

We are currently working on the EA - 0.2 version

The main point of this update is the implementation of the first bosses.
At the time of this post, we have 4 new bosses in game and we keep the current one. We don't intend to put any more for this update and can put some later.
The number of boss designs on paper is 16. That doesn't mean that all of them will be in the final game, but it's just to give you an idea.

Next to that we made 7 items with upgrades. 5 are new items and 2 are reworks of existing items: 3 items for physical builds and 4 items for elemental builds.
Our goal is to diversify the ways of playing and the gameplay. We hope to continue this throughout the early access period.

We also want to have items that are a little bit more horizontal between the two types of builds currently in the game. Luck is a big part of the game but it's always nice to have an item that's not as strong but has a way to scale with our build type. And also allow for hybrid builds.

New passive items have also appeared in the game.
Two new characters with their unlocks will also be present in EA 0.2, including a character that is quite nice in its gameplay.

Here you have an overview of the next update. We hope to be able to offer it to you soon :)
Once again, thank you for your patience and your trust in us.

See you !


Fixed a visual bug where the ball was passing through the top left corner of the viewfinder and not the center

Fixed a behavior of Amaterasu Sun - Upgrade 3, now the direction is not changed by your position


Fixed a bug that could prevent the spawn of some bosses
Fixed a visual bug on the size of Dagda Aura and Freyr Aura


New Item : Hearth Container - Redrawnable : Adds an empty heart container.
New Item : The Undecided One : Increase damage of bullets by 10%. Increases elemental damage by 10%.
New Item : Bouncy Magic Ball : Increases elemental damage by 10%. Increases bounciness of ALL elemental item by 1.
New Item : Wand Of The Winds : Increases elemental damage by 10%. Increases rate of fire item by 15%.

Crash fix.
Bosses should spawn every 5 minutes.
New Sounds
New visual for the firezones