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Epic Party Quest

Release date & demo announcement

Hi everyone!

We would like to share with you some great news about Epic Party Quest – at the beginning of 2024 you will have an opportunity to try out the demo of the game, and later get yourself a full version and relieve the epic quests of our heroes!

First of all, check our new trailer:

Steam Next Fest demo release!

The demo will feature a limited selection of mini-games, picked from the favorites of our playtesters. Not every game function will be accessible up there. Nevertheless, up to four players will be able to play the game locally or by using Steam Remote Play. We hope the demo lets you feel the unique vibes of the game and gets you hooked!

Long story short, you'll be able to test the online demo with your friends in February!

For more information about Steam Remote Play please check the website below:

or check out the video on Youtube:

But wait, there's more! As part of the festivals, you'll get the opportunity to watch a live gameplay of the complete game and get access to the additional articles detailing the game's common features. We'll also share more about the game's future beyond version 1.0!

Remote Play Together Festival – full game release!

Right after Next Fest wraps up, Remote Play Together Fest will kick off. Mark your calendar because that's when full version of Epic Party Quest hits Steam!

The event runs February 12 at 19:00 CET (10:00 AM PST) to February 19 at 19:00 CET (10:00 AM PST).
Additional details about the full game will be available during the Steam Next Fest on our community page!

Beyond PC version – Epic Party Quest on consoles!

While we are still working to bring Epic Party Quest to all modern consoles as well, more information about that will be also available closer to the PC release of the game, so stay tuned!

While waiting you can always check our social media here:


Announcing Epic Party Quest – a retro local multiplayer party game

Hi everyone!

We're thrilled to introduce Epic Party Quest, a retro 2D pixel art party game that brings back the nostalgia of classic gaming with a modern twist. Get ready to embark on an epic adventure with your friends, as Epic Party Quest offers exciting local multiplayer gameplay for up to four players.

What is Epic Party Quest?

In Epic Party Quest, you assemble a team of heroes (this is you and your friends) and relive their epic quest line by competing against your friends in a variety of thrilling mini-games. After their grand adventures, the heroes gather at the tavern to boast about their accomplishments in a laid-back atmosphere. However, it turns out that each hero remembers their role in saving the world a little differently. It's time to settle the score through a series of retrospective mini-games and show your friends who truly reigns as the best hero!

The game supports 4-player local multiplayer, allowing you and your friends to gather around, munch on some snacks, and have an unforgettable gaming party. While you can play using keyboards and gamepads, Epic Party Quest also offers the convenience of using your mobile phone as a controller. Simply download the app, and you're ready to join the fun!

After choosing your heroes, you land in the tavern and the game begins! It will last 10 rounds (in normal session). Every round presents a new adventure as players vote on different mini-games. Each mini-game offers a fresh and unique experience, cause every game is different, and there are two versions of every mini-game to keep the excitement going.

Epic Party Quest features easy-to-learn action RPG gameplay, ensuring that everyone can pick up the controller and join in the fun. Challenge your opponents, demonstrate your skills, and aim for the highest score to emerge as the champion.

Keep the energy high with the reaction system that raises the stakes after each mini-game. Enjoy humorous visual novel-style narration as the characters engage in light-hearted banter and friendly trash-talk.

The last mini-game is a boss fight – and after that the final scoring begins!

Who are we?

The team here at Redi Games has poured countless hours into crafting this lively and engaging party experience. From the vibrant pixel art visuals to the thrilling quests and challenges, we're confident that Epic Party Quest will transport you back to the golden era of gaming while delivering a fresh and exhilarating multiplayer experience.

Whether you're teaming up with friends to get the best score or simply bash each other, Epic Party Quest is designed to foster laughter, competition, and memorable moments. Gather your friends, grab your controllers, and prepare for an unforgettable party game experience that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

It is our first game, and still we would want to still work on new features when the game will be out, so your comments and opinions are very valuable for us and will be even more after the release!

In what languages will the game be available?

At first, the game will be available in English and Polish, but we are still working on making other languages available from the very begining! More information coming soon!

When Epic Party Quest will be available?

Game will be available shortly after Steam Next Festival in February 2024! More about that will be revealed soon.


We can't wait for you all to join in the fun. Follow us to stay up to date with the news! Get ready for an epic journey with your friends and family - you'll be on it soon!

Gamesom '22

Check out our short Gamescom ’22 summary video!🔥
It was an amazing event where people were playing Epic Party Quest all the time! We’re glad that so many of you had an opportunity to play with us and had fun!

We’re heading to more events shortly. More info coming later this week👀

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