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Genre: Music, Platform, Racing, Adventure, Indie

Fech The Ferret

Sep 21, 2022

Fech The Ferret is OUT in Early Access!!!

September 22, 2022
The Ferret is unleashed!!
At long last, Fech The Ferret is finally out.

Right now you get to play the first 3 zones of the game alongside several enclosed. You can also have some casual fun with friends with the online!

Devlog coming out later.

Have fun and play Fech!

Early Access in 5 days!

September 16, 2022
After several months we're happy to say Fech The Ferret is now about to launch on Steam as well!

We're bringing new levels, a brand new zone and the ability to play online with friends. Stay tuned for a new trailer on release day, we can't wait to show the new stuff we've been working on!

On a sidenote, recent weeks saw us at showcase Fech at SAGE 2022, there we managed to have some tests of the new online features.

Save & Sound + Feedback DEMO Update! (0.6.2alpha)

July 15, 2022
Hi there!
Fech The Ferret is part of Save & Sound 2022! Started on July 14th and running until July 18th, it's a Steam Festival celebrating music in games.

In the sales page (click on the image above) you'll also find a stream showing behind the scenes and live performances of some of the games present. Tune in on July 17th at 20:00 CET to see Fech in there!

And lastly,
I took this opportunity to release a demo update!

Version 0.6.2alpha is mostly about addressing feedback from the Steam Next Fest, such as:
-Fixing keyboard bugs
-Fixing visual glitches tied to rolling while pal pulling
-Fixing climbing bug that would let you climb more if you spammed the jump button
-Fixing a bug that wouldn't let Fech exit a rhythm ara
-It's now possible to turn off the autocamera in the controls menu

On top of this, we've realized that adding an early version of Fech's notes might be convenient.

As usual you can find the full changelog history over at: raoulwb.itch.io/fech-the-ferret/devlog

Have a fun weekend!!

Steam Next Fest DEMO + Hotfixes

June 15, 2022
Hi there! Fech The Ferret is part of the ongoing Steam Next Fest with an extended demo!

If you happened to play a Fech demo before - or even on the very first day of the Festival - here's the new stuff you're getting:
- The entire first zone + Kyuknos intro
- Better performance
- One more rhythmic level
- Nicer graphics
- Nicer vfx
- Nicer sfx
- And much more stuff I'd file under the category of "polish"

And if you play on Linux you also get:
-controller rumble

If curious, you can find new and old changelogs in detail on itch: raoulwb.itch.io/fech-the-ferret/devlog.

Lastly in the theme of updates, today's fixes are about:
- Discord integration issues (no more crashes or popups)
- Endless water edge jump

As for bug reporting and feedback, feel free to post in the "demo feedback" section of the Steam forum or in the "ferret-chat" of the Discord community over at playfe.ch/discord.

Have fun!!

New events coming this summer! (Steam Next Fest)

June 6, 2022
Hi there! Next week we'll be joining Steam Next Fest with a new DEMO for the game!

We're expanding on the current one by giving access to the full intro of the game, perhaps with a few surprises here and there too! On top of that, we're also bringing many bugfixes as well as plenty of quality of life improvements.

As we keep working towards the Early Access, on July we're also joining SAVE & SOUND, an online music event that will be hosted here on Steam. You'll be able to see how dynamic music works for this game, as well as the process behind making some of the audio of the game.

There's more to come in August too, but I'll save that for another time!

Essential info:
Steam Next Fest: June 13th - 20th
SAVE & SOUND: July 14th - 18th

To keep updated with development, make sure to check out our twitter as well as our lively discord server!


Milan Games Week DEMO now available!

November 17, 2021

Helo helo and welcome to our first community post!

We've just updated the demo to the one recently shown at Milan Games Week 2021. It features lots of improvements such as ciambella rolling (the new super fast roll mechanic), revamped controls and graphical improvements.

There are a few bugs here and there still, but rest assured that we're aware and already working on fixing them.

Have fun playing and make sure to tell us what you think!!