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Friends vs. Friends

Buddy’s Bulletin: XVI, September 22nd

Happy Friendly Friday,

Hope you're having a blast! We're on a high after an incredible free weekend and we're so glad you could join us for the festivities.

We smashed our concurrent playerbase, are back up to Very Positive in Reviews and have been featured all over Steam. It's a good time to be in Friendtown ya'll.

Thank you to everyone who played, who told their Friends and took the time to check us out. Some of you generous souls even gifted Friends vs Friends to others, you are the best!

Now we're just a few short weeks away from Wired Wrecks, our first Premium Expansion, and we've got a little bit more news to share with you on one of the upcoming cards coming to the game.

Reveals of the Week

So, the eagle-eyed among ya may have noticed one of the new cards coming to the game from our latest trailer. KlustR Jr is a dab-hand with a teleport grenade which lets them appear at the exact spot where the grenade is thrown. Perfect for a good ol' fashioned sneak attack, amiright?

But here's something else coming soon that's not quite so easy to explain.

We're not going to tell you what this is or how it works. But the first with the best / closest guess will win a copy of the game. You just have to leave your comment below this post to enter.

Let your imagination run wild...

Community Spotlight

The fan art has been pouring in and we've loved seeing the care and attention to detail you put into your creations.

This week we're going to do something a little different though, and shine a spotlight on a video from Snailgaming.

Someone who has spent an astonishing 280 hours playing to find, what they believe, is the best deck in Friends vs Friends.

Take a look at this video and let us know if you agree with their choices!

Mayor’s Message

Hey folks, it's me. The Mayor of Friendtown.

What was that picture all about? I've never seen anything quite like it and let me tell you, I've seen some sights and have been here a long time. Well, not that long, I'm not that old. Or am I? Oh, I do lose track these days.

The Free Weekend took a bit out of me, I must admit. I met so many people, saw so much action and even played a few hands myself. But I had a great time and I hope you did too.

And the best part is, there's still so much to come with Racco's Workshop opening up around here very soon. I've already seen a few drones whizzing around over my head. Perhaps sometime soon I'll get to pilot one? Who's going to refuse the Mayor of Friendtown after all...

Actually, my family...They never listen to me....

But anyway, that's been me, the Mayor of Friendtown. And you're reading the Mayor's Message.

- The Mayor of Friendtown

Check out our Friend's game, out now!

Howdy Friends,

So you all know how cool Friendtown is, that it's the place to be and has been mighty busy these past few weeks. But we want to tell you about another cool place that's also about to be a very sweet tourist destination.

We're talking about Moonstone Island, a cozy, friendly world which has just opened up today on Steam!

Part of the wider Raw Fury family, we've got more in common than you might think. For one thing, they looooove cards in Moonstone Island. Seriously, they've got all sorts of fancy, colourful decks going on. And you can put together some really cool combinations on the field of battle.

Their community is an inclusive and diverse space, reflecting LGBTQ+ members of the Studio Supersoft team, just as Friends vs Friends does for the Brainwash Gang.

We even had Sunshine Animation work on both of our trailers. And what a fantastic job they did too.

Do yourself a favour, pack a bag (maybe two) and go exploring in Moonstone Island. Then come back and let us know how you got on. Just don't try mix-and-matching the cards, who knows what kind of weird multiversal sorcery that might conjure up.

And don't forget Friday's Buddy's Bulletin. We've got more news on Wired Wrecks to share!

- Brainwash Gang, on behalf of Studio Supersoft. Happy Launch Day, Friends <3

Game Update 1.1.11

Hello Friends,

First off, a huge shoutout to everyone who joined in on the Free Weekend fun! We really hope you had a blast playing, and maybe even made a new friend or two!

Now, let's dive into an update that includes several bug fixes. Please have a look at the details below.



  • Explosions revisited: to ensure consistency, explosion damage now is dealt in segments of its radius (This means max damage on the first third of its radius, mid damage on the second, minimum damage on the final third).

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed: Phantom bullet's tracers appear after katana strikes
  • Fixed: Heart from Heartless does not receive damage
  • Fixed: The Back Button in "Open Packs" window becomes unusable after certain actions
  • Fixed: The collision on the CA-Turret's barrel enables a player to clip into objects
  • Fixed: Camera shakes while walking on uneven surfaces on Gas Station
  • Fixed: Several metal objects are missing metal sound on Gas Station
  • Fixed: In 2v2 matches, the Hot Potato card will give one copy to each rival
  • Fixed: Flash bomb effect applies inconsistently
  • Fixed: Walls & Bouncy Walls don't block Flash Bomb's effect
  • Fixed: Player can scroll up and down in the Booster Pack opening window
  • Fixed: The "Completion Bonus" text overlaps with the timer in the Quest Window
  • Fixed: "A gift from your friend Smii7Y!" text does not fit into the message border in Japanese language
  • Fixed: The BFF rank icon is misplaced in the Rank Information window
  • Fixed: Rank and nickname of second player in the group overlap with each other
  • Fixed: The HP number under the player's nickname does not wrap up
  • Fixed: The "Rematch cancelled" text overlaps during the victory screen
  • Fixed: The text overruns or truncates, when joining the Subway Station map during the map loading screen
  • Fixed: The "Equipped/Not Equipped" text overlaps with the "Copies to level up" text in the card information menu
  • Fixed: The "Stay here" text overlaps with the button prompt when saving a deck
  • Fixed: UI does not show other player's rank while in the group
  • Fixed: The text to "Join or Create" party overlaps in multiple languages in "Private Match" and "Play with Bots" menus
  • Fixed: The text overlaps due not enough line spacing when returning from the Friend Menu
  • Fixed: "Poison Bullets" and "Vampire Bullets" sounds play while using Punch-R
  • Fixed: "Poison Bullets" VFX are excessive and off centered in third person
  • Fixed: Kaboomber turret does not shoot the opponent
  • Fixed: Player does not have to be in ice cream truck to unlock "Galaxy Gelato" achievement
  • Fixed: "PPE Required" achievement cannot be completed if player gets hit by Sniper Akimbo
  • Fixed: A server malfunction can cause players to lose their current rank progress

Buddy’s Bulletin: XV, September 15th

Howdy Friends,

How are you enjoying the Free Weekend? It's been so great to see Friendtown fill up with new faces, read your Friends vs Friends reviews and hear your excitement for all the updates and changes. Be sure to keep leaving us your reviews, take some time to try out the game and, maybe if you like what you see, consider picking it up. It's never been cheaper and there's never been a better time to play.

You may have also seen that we gave you a glimpse into the future yesterday with Wired Wrecks. We're going to dedicate today's bulletin to answering your questions about what's happening this October, how you can get hold of our first Premium Expansion, and why it's going to be the greatest thing to ever happen to Friendtown. Since opening, of course.

Reveals of the Week

Let's break this down for you...

What is Wired Wrecks?

Why, it's the first of two Premium Expansions confirmed for release in 2023 for Friends vs Friends.

How much will it cost?

For now, it's only included as part of the Friends vs Friends Deluxe Edition. which is bundled alongside Premium Expansion 2. We are also looking into selling this seperately ahead of launch.

When is it coming out?

Wired Wrecks will be releasing in early October. We'll have a final release date for you VERY SOON!

What's included in Wired Wrecks?

Within the Premium Expansion, you'll get the following

  • 10 Card Backs
  • 10 Hama (Key) Chains
  • 5 New Skins

Are KlustR Jr. and the 5 new cards also included?

The new character and cards will be made available as part of a free update (for everyone who owns Friends vs Friends) around the launch of Wired Wrecks. You do not need to pay to play as KlustR Jr or use the new cards.

Wait, the new character will be free?

Yep! Although if you do pick up Wired Wrecks, you'll get 2 additional skins for KlustR Jr to give him some slightly different looks.

How about the Hyena, they look really cool.

Racco is super cool and you can find out a whoooole lot more about them in Wired Wrecks. Invites are open to their Workshop.

What's happening with Premium Expansion 2?

That's also due to release in 2023. We're not quite ready to talk about this one yet but let's just say you can expect similar (and also VERY different) things to Wired Wrecks.

Oh, and how are those console releases cooking?

They're cooking!

Hope we answered everything! But if we didn't, just let us know below and we'll be sure to reply.

Community Spotlight

We're already getting fanart for KlustR Jr. Our newest Friend seems to have won over many hearts and we're so excited to share them with you.

Thanks for sketching this midofox96 from our Discord.

Thank you for sharing all your fan art with us. If you've been making some for Friends vs Friends, why not submit it to the fan art category here? We've seen some fantastic pieces out there and some surely worthy winners.

Special Shoutouts

We've got two very special shoutouts we want to make in today's Bulletin.

Firstly, we're super grateful for the support from the Moonstone Island team yesterday as they gave our Free Weekend a massive push across their networks. Thank you so much for connecting with us and telling the world about what's happening in Friendtown. You won't want to miss Moonstone Island when it releases on Steam next week, September 20! Especially since they also love some deck-building action.

Secondly, if you're loving Friends vs Friends and everything the Brainwash Gang are getting up to, then check out Laika: Aged Through Blood, a Western-Inspired Motorvania that you might spot some references to in Friends vs Friends. You've never explored a post-apocalyptic wasteland quite like this before.

Mayor’s Message

Hey folks, it's me. The Mayor of Friendtown.

Sorry I can't stop for long, this Free Weekend is certainly keeping me on my toes. Everyone's asking for free drinks. Free food. Heck, I've had people asking if they can stay at my place for free. You know, I'd probably let them if they bring me my favourite packet of crisps but that would sort of be defeating the point of 'free' wouldn't it....

It's been so nice connecting with so many wonderful people, some discovering Friendtown for the first time, others coming back for a return visit. We hope you'll stick around and stay with us.

I'd also encourage each and every one of you reading this to tell just one friend about the Free Weekend. Share the love far and wide and let's really take over this...'Steam' place. Whatever that is.

Oh, and if you have stopped by and checked out Friends vs Friends, do take some time to leave us a review. It really helps us to grow, develop and expand, and let's us know what we're getting right. And equally, what we're getting wrong.

Right, better get back to it. Someone's currently moving their sofa into my house and looks like a weekend's supply of munchies. Perhaps if they're willing to share?

That's been me, the Mayor of Friendtown. And you're reading the Mayor's Message.

- The Mayor of Friendtown

The Free Weekend is here + some other cool stuff!

Howdy Friends,

Our Free Weekend is LIVE! This offers a fantastic opportunity for everyone and anyone to jump into Friends vs Friends between now and September 19th to play our game FOR FREE.

Tell your friends. Tell your family. Heck, go tell the person serving you a coffee. We want the world to know and to share in the fun all of ya'll have already been having.

Alongside the Free Weekend going live, we've added a bunch of new things to Friends vs Friends for you to see and do. We've even dropped a little tease for what's coming next....

Wired Wrecks, our first Premium Expansion, is coming to Friends vs Friends this October! If you own the Digital Deluxe Edition, you'll get that included alongside Premium Expansion 2 when that goes live. But we'll be talking about that a lot more in tomorrow's Buddy's Bulletin.

For today, you'll see Gas Station added for everyone. In fact, the above trailer gives you a pretty good look at what that's like to play on.

We've also provided some new cosmetics for Donnie B to unlock and earn. And this goes hand-in-hand with long-awaited AntiCheat functionality which has been implemented into the game.

Finally, we've added a further dose of balance updates and tweaks to refine the overall experience. The full changelog is shared below.

We truly hope you have the best time out there. A lot of love, hard work and energy has gone into every single one of our updates since launch as we prepare for this huge event!

And if you are having a great time, why stop after the Free Weekend is over? Friends vs Friends is on its deepest discount yet - 50% OFF - which means there's never been a better time to dive in. Especially with Wired Wrecks coming this October.

Thank you for all your support, Friend-os, we love you! Now go out and there, fill your boots, and shuffle some decks.

- Brainwash Gang and Raw Fury



  • Easy AntiCheat implemented for better cheat detection
  • New map: Gas Station
  • New Donnie B. skin
  • New Donnie B. card back
  • New Donnie B. keychain


  • Invisible card is now temporal, lasting 10 seconds or until your first attack
  • Profaner card now takes random cards from your Graveyard, not the last ones used
  • Players are now immortal during the Nuke transition to avoid exploits similar to Hot Potato + Parley


  • Fixed: Weapon spread does not reset, if player holds left mouse button during reloading process
  • Fixed: Poison bullets will add 1 HP if player dies when "Painkiller" card is active
  • Fixed: Player is unable to start another match after being disconnected
  • Fixed: Combination of "Painkillers" and "Self-Destruct Device" card will softlock the title
  • Fixed: Player is able to get to the truck behind Truck's playable area
  • Fixed: Some cards affect dead players
  • Fixed: The Heartless beeping SFX continues playing if the player is killed before the heart fully deploys
  • Fixed: The text "Skill based matchmaking" is misplaced in Polish and Czech language
  • Fixed: In-game Twitch link is incorrect
  • Fixed: Bouncy wall model is missing bottom part

Buddy’s Bulletin: XIV, September 8th

Howdy Friends,

Let me tell ya'll, this is the Buddy's Bulletin you've been waiting for. We're making up for the fact there wasn't one last week with TWO announcements today.

The next few weeks are going to be very exciting all over Friendtown with one big thing happening after another.

We've been keeping busy and there's a lot to get through so let's just jump right into it...

Reveals of the Week

So we have TWO announcements to make this week. And they're all intricately related and equally exciting.

The first - beginning September 14th we will be having a STEAM FREE WEEKEND! That's right, running through to September 18th, you will be able to play Friends vs Friends on Steam for FREE. So if you've been wanting to dive in and check out Friends vs Friends, there's never been a more perfect time.

We're so excited to partner with the folks at Valve to bring you this amazing opportunity and know this is something many of you have been calling out for. We cannot wait to welcome more Friends into Friendtown.

And if you do decide to pick up the game during the weekend, know that all the progress you've made will carry over, so ya'll won't have to worry about starting over again.

That's not all, though. To celebrate our massive Free Weekend, welcome new players and give everyone a bit of a level playing field, we're adding a new map to the rotation!

Introducing Gas Station!

Gas Station pits Friends against each other in a semi-remote setting just outside Buddy’s Boulevard. Set against billboards and an abandoned car wash, the Fossil Gas Station is the perfect battleground for all-out warfare.

Use rooftops to get a sniper’s advantage, weave in between buildings to duck for cover, and keep an eye out for the skylight to swoop down on unsuspecting adversaries.

Oh, and be sure to pick up some refreshments in the convenience store before you head out on the road again!

Phew! I'm gonna need a lie down after that.

Oh, and in case you think we're all tapped out on news? Guess again. We're gonna come in like a Wrecking Ball next week with a big ol' surprise to kick off our Free Weekend in STYLE!

Got questions? I'm sure you do. Share them below, in the forums, in our Discord, wherever and we'll be happy to answer what we can. Thanks for continuing to support Friends vs Friends. We love ya'll!

Community Spotlight

Here's an incredible collection of Easter Eggs that can be found in the game (and there's many - trust us!) from Windoki Tarot plus some additional collaborators.

This is an incredible effort and must be seen to be believed. Thank you for putting this together.

How many have you found? Also, what if we told you there's still more to find? ːsteamhappyː

Thank you for sharing all your fan art with us. If you've been making some for Friends vs Friends, why not submit it to the fan art category here? We've seen some fantastic pieces out there and some surely worthy winners.

Mayor’s Message

Hey folks, it's me. The Mayor of Friendtown. What a day it's been.

I'm already preparing everything ready for the influx of new people we're hoping will join us around these parts. I love meeting new people and I'm grateful to have that opportunity next week.

I'm a little sad my local gas station is going to be a bit busier than usual. I always like to grab a sneaky snack for lunch there and rarely have to worry about a queue. I guess I'll have to find a new spot.

It's crisps, by the way. They're my snack of choice. But you have to guess the flavour..

I'm very excited you're going to get to see even more of Friendtown. It's a wonderful place with even better friends and I just know we're all going to have a blast next week. Until then...

- The Mayor of Friendtown

Balance Update

Howdy Friends,

We've got another balance update rolling out right now which refines the overall experience and addresses more of the issues you've been experiencing. Let us know how things are going.

This is our second major balance update in recent weeks and there's still more to come next week. It follows our overhauled and renewed graded matchmaking system which you'll also find has received some changes in this update.

On top of this, we've got a BIG announcement to make this Friday! Look out for our latest Buddy's Bulletin. See you then...

- Brainwash Gang and Raw Fury



  • Little Lars
    "Thick Coat" Reduced from -0.9 to -0.4
  • Spike Remington
    "Big Bullets" Increased from 0.08 to 0.12
  • Duck Anderson
    Increased the "Green Herb" from 30 to 40
  • Donnie B.
    Increased the max. health bonus from 25 to 30


  • Katana
    Ammo reduced from 10 to 7
    Min damage blocked reduced from 90% to 40%
    Max damage blocked reduced from 95% to 45%
  • Punch-R
    Ammo increased from 3 to 4
    Max damage reduced from 60 to 40
    Min damage reduced from 50 to 35
  • Bomb
    Max damage reduced from 100 to 70
    Min damage reduced from 90 to 60
  • Barbed Cards
    Max damage reduced from -20 to -12
    Min damage reduced from -10 to -8
  • Titan
    Max damage increased from 0.25 to 0.7
    Min damage increased from 0.2 to 0.5


There's now a less sharp curve between each rank. (This may cause a visual bug after the first game, but everything is fine after that :D)

Game Update 1.1.8

Howdy Friends,

No Buddy's Bulletin today, they'll be back next week. Instead we've decided to drop a big ol' update on you full of balances, tweaks and changes. Everything from cards, to progression and quests, it's all in here.

But don't take our word for it, see the changelog below. The update is rolling out RIGHT NOW.

In other news, we're going to share a full 'Cards on the Table' Post soon to explain what's going on with the game and why you need to get very excited for its future.

Until then

- Brainwash Gang and Raw Fury



Parley: Now also blocks direct damage from attacks & explosions
Big Head: Value at max level reduced from 80% to 70%
Small Head: Value at max level reduced from -60% to -50%
Health Down: Value at max level reduced from -50 to -38 HP
Health Up: Value at max level reduced from 60 to 43 HP
Move Slower: Value at max level reduced from -25% to -18%
Move Faster: Value at max level reduced from 30% to 18%
No Jump: Duration at max level reduced from 30 to 23 seconds
Double Jump: Duration at max level reduced from 90 to 33 seconds
Less Accuracy: Value at max level reduced from -60% to -50%
More Accuracy: Value at max level reduced from 60% to 50%
Rubber Bullets: Value at min level increased from -17.5% to -18%, value at max level reduced from -25% to -20%
Steel Bullets: Value at min level increased from 17.5% to 18%, value at max level reduced from 25% to 20%
Big Mag: Value at max level reduced from 50% to 40%
Medkit: Value at min level increased from 80 to 85 HP
Invisible Health: Value at min level increased from 20 to 40
Bullet Time: Value at min level increased from 2 to 3
Thick Skin: Value at min level increased from -0.5 to -0.7
Noisy Footsteps: Value at max level reduced from 2.2 to 1.7
Slow Reload: Value at min level increased from -0.3 to -0.4
Quick Reload: Value at min level increased from 0.3 to 0.4

Experience & Progression

Increased x3 the experience earned on matches
Added extra packs as prizes on the first 5 levels


A big arsenal: Target reduced from 20 to 10
K-BOOM!: Target reduced from 20 to 10
First Aid: Target reduced from 10 to 5
They don't stand a chance: Target reduced from 25 to 5
It didn't sit right with them: Target reduced from 10 to 5
Who knows?: Target reduced from 10 to 5
Let's add some fun: Target reduced from 7 to 3
It's Medicinal: Target reduced from 20 to 9
Surprise!: Target reduced from 5 to 2
Never is enough: Target reduced from 1 to 2
They are too slow!: Target reduced from 10 to 5
They are not so big now!: Target reduced from 3 to 1
To the Moon: Target reduced from 15 to 10
Brains out!: Target reduced from 15 to 3
Hide & Seek!: Target reduced from 15 to 3
Gun Fever: Target reduced from 150 to 50
Card Addiction: Target reduced from 500 to 300
Spicy!: Target reduced from 150 to 30
Let's dominate!: Target reduced from 8 to 3
Let's play together: Target reduced from 5 to 2
All by yourself: Target reduced from 5 to 3
Never miss a shot: Target reduced from 5 to 1
No rest days!: Target reduced from 5 to 1
It's Duck time: Target reduced from 5 to 1
Let's go higher: Target reduced from 5 to 1
Yours is better!: Target reduced from 5 to 1
Raver Flavor!: Target reduced from 5 to 1
It's too cold outside: Target reduced from 5 to 1
Feline power: Target reduced from 5 to 1
It's time!: Target reduced from 5 to 1
Cut them in half: Target reduced from 1 to 1
Killing spree: Target reduced from 40 to 15
The more the better: Target reduced from 30 to 5
You can do it alone!: Target reduced from 30 to 15
It will hurt: Target reduced from 2500 to 1000
Right in their face!: Target reduced from 50 to 20
You're so smart: Target reduced from 3 to 1
Prove yourself: Target reduced from 8 to 5
You can do it with some help!: Target reduced from 8 to 2
Exterminator: Target reduced from 100 to 30
Master of slowmo: Target reduced from 15 to 5
Dominance: Target reduced from 25000 to 15000
Invincible: Target reduced from 10 to 3
Don't die alone: Target reduced from 10 to 3
Zombies: Target reduced from 15 to 5

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Win streaks don't get counted
Fixed: Level up bar fills up twice, potentially causing a soft-lock
Fixed: Enemy player leaving the game makes you lose rank
Fixed: Card requirements for quests didn't apply properly

Ranked Matchmaking is NOW LIVE

Howdy Friends,

We're super excited to announce that the ranked multiplayer update we mentioned in last weeks' Buddy's rolling out right now! Surprise!

Everyone's been working super hard behind the scenes to get things ready so you can truly test your skills against the best in the world.

After each match of Friends vs Friends, you'll be presented with this screen. This shows how many points you've earned, what your current rank is and how close you are to the next one. Your performance in each match is calculated and it all feeds into the final breakdown.

What's more, when you're walking around the Hub you'll be able to see current rank on your portrait and frame. Friends will also be able to see this when challenging you and just before you're about to start a match-up.

For more details on the Ranked Mode, check out last weeks' Buddy's Bulletin or, alternatively, leave us a comment below and we'll answer your burning questions.

Here's the full changelog. Let us know how you get on...


    New Ranking System
  • Fixes in Spectator Mode: outlines have been fixed and now each team has a different outline color.
  • Team color inconsistencies in kill announcements & player tabs have been patched up
  • Fixed: rounded corners were missing in cards & selection outlines in the Deckbuilding Menu

Thanks ya'll! Have fun and good luck out there!

- Brainwash Gang & Raw Fury

Buddy’s Bulletin: XIII, August 25

Hi Friends,

Summer might nearly be over but as far as Friends vs Friends goes, the future remains bright.

We begin a series of exciting updates this week, telling you a little bit more about what's coming up in the Ranked Mode! But you can also expect plenty more big news in the next couple of Buddy's Bulletins as the road to Premium Expansion 1 begins!

Here we go...

Reveal of the Week

As announced last week, Ranked is coming to Friends vs Friends in the next few weeks! We know this has been one of the most highly requested features since launch and we won't keep you waiting too much longer.

Before we get there, here are a few key facts for you to be aware of...

  • This is being layered on top of the existing matchmaking system in Friends vs Friends and when added into the game will be the default way to play.
  • After completing a match, your own individual performance is measured, as well as the differences between you and your rivals. This will enable you to 'rank up', presented by a visual reward in-game.
  • The above point will also go some way to addressing another key issue people have cited from launch - not being matched with someone of an equivalent skill level.
  • Any unlockables, wins and losses you currently have are carried over.
  • There will be 16 different ranks, spread across 6 tiers.
  • To move up a rank, you'll need to have earned enough points over a sustained period of time to progress. Be careful, though, you can also lose points through your post-match performance and even your ranking.
  • You will be able to see a player's ranking and tier in their profile picture.
  • Ranked Stats will also be viewable via a menu in-game, documenting details such as Packs Opened, Headshots Performed, Most Used Card and Favourite Friend.

How does all of that sound? If you've got questions, feel free to drop them below and we'll answer what we can!

Community Spotlight

Here's a cool new look for Haru who might just be enjoying the Island life a bit too much! Big thanks to Cindy for sharing this with us.

Keeping cool and staying hydrated is always important in these scorching conditions.

Thank you for sharing all your fan art with us. If you've been making some for Friends vs Friends, why not submit it to the fan art category here? We've seen some fantastic pieces out there and some surely worthy winners.

Mayor’s Message

Hey folks, it's me. The Mayor of Friendtown. I don't pretend to understand all this talk of ranks and stats but I know that excites quite a lot of people around here, so that also excites me too.

It actually reminds me of a time when my dear sister got a pack of cards one birthday. I didn't understand the appeal at all, I'd never played and wondered how they could possibly be fun. But now I surround myself with cards and have the best days of my life because of them! Life sure has a sense of humor, at times.

Maybe that will be true of all these big changes coming through, too. After all, change is important and vital for growth, even if it's not always clear how that change will work out or if you think it'll be right for you.

Hoo, hoo, this is all getting rather deep and profound, isn't it? I find myself quite reflective these Summer days. I think the sun is going to my head and giving it some fuel to work overtime. Who knows?

For now, and until next time, that’s been me, the Mayor of Friendtown - and you’ve been reading the Mayor’s Message.

- The Mayor of Friendtown