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Genre: Shooter, Indie

Friends vs. Friends

Game Update

Hey hey hey Friends!

We have a small hotfix to follow up on last week's anniversary update!
Please take a look at the changelog below:

  • Added an option to toggle shiny effects for each of your cards in the deckbuilding menu. Players need to have a card's shiny effect unlocked in order to enable and disable the effect.
  • Added a failsafe to prevent extreme rank fluctuations. These could occasionally happen in cases where a match is set up incorrectly and teams end up uneven.

- Brainwash Gang and Raw Fury

Happy Birthday To Us

Letter from the Team

Hey all !!

Friends vs Friends turns 1 year old, but in the end it's what we bring to the table that's important, we suppose.

So we have prepared a set of features that we hope you like.


The shiny thingy

Somebody has created a new machine to improve the actual card packs so you can recycle them into something cooler. With these new card packs you will be able to complete your collection OR get shiny ones.

NEW MAP: Reality

We have made a new map not based on a streaming series or something similar. It’s our 1st birthday so we made something accurate with that. We hope you like it.

Grindy skins and such

Are you familiar with the paywall concept? It's an awful thing, isn't it? Well, we have done the same but with skins that in essence are recolors of the basic ones, but to get them you need to play many games with the characters, specifically 500. They are quite cool to be honest!

Changelog and bug fixing stuff

FFA ELO: The ELO now is dependent on the amount of players of the match. FFA matches are longer and more difficult, so now you earn much more ELO if you win, buddy.

The Carrotov Nuke thing: now you won’t burn to the ashes when a nuclear catastrophe is happening, finally

Mayor's Message

Hey folks, it's me. The Mayor of Friendtown.

Am I real?

- The Mayor of Friendtown

Friends vs Friends: Friends 4 All

Letter from the Team

Hey there!

We've been working on this new content for a while now, and we hope you like it. We'll keep refining it in the coming days, so if you have any feedback, feel free to let us know through comments/discord/whatever.

Have a great week! :D

New Trailer


We're old, at least some of us. So, we found it interesting to pay tribute to this legendary map from the most famous shooter in history. Thank you very much wherever you are for your contribution, "RedSquall."


We've added these game modes so you can have fun with odd numbers. As a side note, you can play FFA with 3 players in private match making.

By selecting “Quick Play”, you'll zip into the quickest queue possible, covering all game modes in one go! If you find anything that's glitching, please let us know!

NEW CHARACTER (s?): ??????

Since Siaro died, strange things have been happening. We know that, but now it seems like the end of the mystery is near. Our advice: stay away from the cabin and the surrounding area. There’s some unsavoury sorts lurking around and we care about your safety.


· New Free for All Mode: Now you can play as a group of 4 friends crushing each other head to head in the public queue OR 3 in a private match.
· New 3v3 Mode: It's crazy, be careful
· New Map: FVF_Pool_Day is a celebration of a classic map from the most famous FPS
· New Character (s?): Now you can solve the mystery of the cabin and unlock a new Friend (s?)
· New Quick Play Queue: The new “Quick Play” option puts you in the fastest queue possible, covering all game modes.
· New in-game interface: Now with more details!

Balance Stuff:
·Landmine radius increased.
·Ice block hp decreased from 600 min level - 800 max level to 200 min level - 300 max level

Friends vs. Friends: Buddy’s Bulletin: XXVII, April 26th

Letter from the Team

Hey there!

We have noticed certain things within the game related to Siaro's death. If you find anything strange, please let us know in the comments section.

Apart from that, we wanted to tell you that this Monday we plan to incorporate some things you have been asking for a while.


Just don’t look at these things directly


This is what's going to happen: We're going to give you reasons that justify investing your money in these plush toys, and then you're going to buy them:

· They might be characters you hate, but if the campaign doesn't succeed, we won't make the ones you like.
· If we make these ones, you can use them to throw around when you lose against them.
· Imagine playing with one of these characters and winning; you could give them a little kiss on the head. · You can use them to watch over you while you sleep.
· If you buy them, three companies will be happy: Raw Fury, Makeship, and Brainwash Gang. Rarely can you make three companies happy at once.
· You can give them as gifts to someone who doesn't know the game, and it will reaffirm that you're an expert in video games.·
· If you give one to each of your parents, you'll prevent them from divorcing.
· You can buy them and resell them when the game becomes extremely famous.

Here's the link to get them:


Yesterday we discovered there was a new card in the game. It's a bug, please don't use it.

Mayor’s Message

Hey folks, it’s me. The Mayor of Friendtown.

Quite a few strange things have been happening lately, so please don't do anything out of the ordinary. As the mayor, I'm actually ordering you rather than asking, so now you know.

- The Mayor of Friendtown

Friends vs. Friends: Pixel Vision

Letter from the Team

Today we welcome a new character, here's the trailer.

Well... that's not what we expected.


Dale has come to investigate what happened to Siaro. He’s puzzled about what all this magic card stuff is about…

Not a Python…

The Woods

There are new interesting options on the menu…

A bunch of Magic Cards(™)

There are new interesting options on the menu…

A bunch of new cosmetics also :D

Some of these are really cool…

Pixel Vision has opened (New quests)

This place is creepy…

Perk system revisited

Now the perk system works based on the character you’re using. But we are still going to iterate over it in the future…

Balance Notes

Fire damage cap stack to 20
Margarita Kala's debuff arpeggio decrease damage from 18% to 12%
Albatros mag capacity decreased from 10 rounds to 6
Lars Thick Coat explosion resistance decreased from 90% to 60%
Katana card cost decreased from 3 to 2
Big Mag cost decreased from 2 to 1
Pyromania now lasts for 8 seconds but heals much more!

RIP Siaro the Python

I’m going to miss this guy…


Here you can spend real money on real stuff…

Spike Remington Plush
Myk Raver Plush

Mayor’s Message

Hey folks, it’s me. The Mayor of Friendtown.


- The Mayor of Friendtown

Siaro is Coming

Letter from the Team

Hyheyeyhey Friends!

We're working on a big next update, fixing bugs, balancing things (especially the perks system), but in the meantime, we want to thank one of the kindest, most welcoming, and respectful members of the community for their consistency. We also have some news at the end of this post, so keep reading!!

Let's all give a serpentine warm welcome - as they have done with many others before - to Siaro !!

On the eve of their campaign launch to add their OC to the game, they will be preparing in the HUB to start playing very soon! You should go and greet them hehe


The Other Stuff

We can't say much because it's quite obvious, but they are adorable.

Mayor's Message

Hey folks, it’s me. The Mayor of Friendtown.

In this news, there are two things, both interesting, but the most interesting one is where you'll be able to spend real money to have our most eclectic citizens invading your reality. Get your wallets ready!!.

- The Mayor of Friendtown

Friends vs Friends and the Steam Deckbuilders Fest!

Do you want to marry your love of deckbuilding and first-person shooters? Then you're going to love Friends vs Friends!

From today, March 25th @ 10:00 PDT / 13:00 EDT / 17:00 BST / 18:00 CET until April 1st @ 10:00 PDT / 13:00 EDT / 18:00 BST/ 19:00 CEST, you can get Friends vs Friends and all of it's DLC on discount!

  • Friends vs Friends

    • 50%
  • Friends vs Friends Soundtrack

    • 30%
  • Friends vs Friends: Wired Wrecks

    • 50%
  • Friends vs Friends: Nerdvana

    • 20%

Game Update

Hello friends!

We have a small patch to follow up the gr0ovy Gallery Update!

Please take a look at the changelog below:

  • Tweaked museum colliders
  • Revised bouncy wall placement position
  • Fixed museum wall textures
  • Fixed some grenade collision discrepancies
  • First peson overlays (such as the freeze card UI effect) now display properly
  • Added several missing sound effects

- Brainwash Gang and Raw Fury


Heya, friendmigos!

We mentioned in last Friday's Bulletin that we had a new update for y'all, and it's HERE!

It's mostly a bunch of stuff to make the game flow better, but we got a couple other little cool things thrown in.

So here's the stuff that's got all changearoo'd:

You can now change characters or decks between matches!

Ever just think you could've won if you just had that one card in that one deck that you just happened to not pick? Well now you don't need to go back to the HUB and change up everything before jumping back into the action!

You can now have 8 saved deck slots!

Go ahead and get into deckbuilding something NUTS for us. You've got the space for it now, no excuses!

PalPrizes will no longer steal your organs!

Also we're streamlining and reducing the use of PalPrizes so you get a chance for a skin every day alongside maybe getting a keychain, profile pic, or card back.

All hail Jakob, the Hero!

We've built a state in the lobby in honor of Jakob, the only player that has won 10,000 matches.

Cardbacks, Cardbacks, Cardbacks!

Y'all got NEW CARDBACKS to enjoy! Based off of the tournaments hosted by KTqtpi (the carpet one!), and two other tournaments hosted in our Community Discord server that you should absolutely join and why aren't you there right now?

And I'm OUTIE. Hope y'all have a great time killin' each other and enjoy the new ~*~flow~*~ !

- The Not-Mayor of Friendtown

Buddy’s Bulletin: XXV, February 9th

Hello friends!

It's us, the devs, and we're using neuro-marketing tools known as clickbait to announce that next week we're going to launch new things. We've been working on improving the game since we launched Nerdvana.

I'll leave the link down below so the clickbait has an interest funnel that ends in a potential sale ($$).

After this advertising break, we would like to present the features we're going to launch next week:

Character switching between matches: If you've ever thought about how you could beat your rivals if you changed characters between matches, you're in luck! This feature will make trips back to the HUB less frequent, or so we hope. *people clapping*

Deck switching between matches: Actually, we could have included this feature with the one above, but it gives better formatting to the text and makes it seem like we've done twice as much. *people clapping*

More card decks available: Knowing that the previous feature would be uninteresting if there weren't many possibilities, we've extended the number of saved decks from 4 to 8 (we know that people might need more, but for now, we didn't want to break things in the interface). *people clapping*

PalPrizes will no longer steal your organs: We're going to streamline and reduce the use of PalPrizes so you’ll have the opportunity to win an incredible skin every day, with the risk of getting a (not very exciting) keychain, profile picture, or (more exciting than the other options) card back. *people clapping*

Reveal of the Week

Next week, a new element will appear in the HUB commemorating an achievement by a member of the community, putting an end to an issue that the game has been dealing with since its release. Many of you will be grateful for their sacrifice.

We've blurred the image so that you can speculate on what it is while we have time to finish it for next week.

Community Spotlight

This week's spotlight is on CHILCHUCK who created this incredible fan art based on the character from our latest DLC, NERDVANA. BUY IT NOW!! (If I had put the link here again, it would have been too obvious clickbait)

Mayor’s Message

Hey folks, it’s me. The Mayor of Friendtown.

I'm using this newsletter to tell you to pay attention to the store that opened last month called NERDV-.

*people clapping*