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Genre: Adventure, Indie

Made Marion

Made Marion EA Patch 1.1

Made Marion Early Access Patch 1.1 has been released. This is a small bug fix and asset improvement patch to the existing Made Marion EA content. Here are the notes:

  • Replaced Alvin's sexy silhouette with the new style.
  • Improved enchanted arrow graphics during the Tournament.
  • Fixed several missing and incorrect dialog tags.
  • Changed line, "Hey, hey, you're ok" during Solstice Celebration to be less anachronistic.
  • Fixed missing punctuation in the line "Only one way to make sure they're the best"...
  • Removed an accidental reference to angels. Not that anything would stop Robin from calling Marion an angel if they existed in this world, but they don't.
  • Changed "Nell's council" to "Nell's counsel." Nell deserves her own council, but alas, she does not have one.
  • Replaced river ambience at the training ground with a gentler, babbling brook sound.

If you have any problems or spot any additional typos or bugs, do not hesitate to post on our discussion board!

We are working hard on Will's route and have a tentative release for this summer. We will let you know as soon as we have a more solid release date. Thanks so much for your support and your patience with our Covid-disabled development process!

Made Marion Storyteller's Festival Stream

Welcome to the Steam Storyteller's Festival! We are proud to be a part of the fest again this year.

Made Marion is now in Early Access, releasing each route as it is completed. Our second route, which is currently in development, is Will, the Scarlet Blade. Unlike the very eager Robin, Will does not seem excited by the prospect of working with Marion. In fact, he's downright hostile toward the idea, although Marion has no idea why.

But Will is a master swordsman, and Marion is an eager student of the sword. When she chooses Will as her partner, can they learn to work together or will their bickering cause everything to fall apart?

Join our lead developer and our first reader/editor as we stream a preview of Will's route during the festival. Our stream will repeat every 40 minutes throughout the festival, so jump on in anytime!

Our Early Access build is also available for 10% off during the festival. Currently only Robin Hood's route is available in Early Access, but the remaining five routes will be added as they are completed. We encourage you to jump into Early Access whenever you're comfortable with the amount of offered content!

Made Marion Early Access Release

Made Marion has released in Early Access. For our first release, the following content is available:

The Prologue, which happens before the content you experienced in our demo, both Sherwood and Nottingham Common Routes, and Robin's Route.

We will be releasing the other routes as they are completed, and welcome everyone to jump into Early Access whenever they like!

It's been a long and bumpy journey developing through the pandemic years, but we're very excited to start introducing you to our world and its lovable characters.

Made Marion Early Access Release: November 17

Made Marion will be officially entering Early Access on October 17!

Our first EA release is Robin Hood's route, which is available from start to finish. Choose your ending in chapters 1-3 and experience one of two different chapter 4s based on whether you played Marion as more straightforward and blunt or clever and diplomatic. After reaching an ending, check the Extras menu to see which Robin point-of-view scenes you've unlocked!

Made Marion will continue releasing routes in Early Access as they are completed. Players are welcome to jump into Early Access whenever they like and will have access to all released content from that point forward.

We're very excited to welcome you to the world of Avalon. Fight for freedom and fall in love!

Get Medieval at the Steam VN Fest

The Steam VN Fest starts today. Are you feelin' Medieval? Make sure to wishlist Made Marion if you haven't already, and also take a moment to check out the lovely Imperial Grace!

If you're a fan of Made Marion, you probably enjoy a kickass Medieval woman and some politically-charged romance. You should also check out Imperial Grace, which shares a lead artist with Made Marion. Play as a powerful empress, guide your empire to prosperity or ruin, and perhaps find love along the way! Check out the demo, it's a lot of fun! Personally, I have a weakness for the grumpy Theodore and the charming Asha, but fans of devoted knights will also love the handsome Alexander!

Early Access Is Coming!

The Made Marion community has overwhelmingly encouraged us to release Early Access so that readers can enjoy each route as it is completed. We will start our Early Access release this fall with Robin Hood's route.

Routes will only be released once they are fully complete, so this isn't an episodic schedule and there will be no cliffhangers! Players who purchase the game in Early Access will have access to all routes as they are released, up through the game's full release with the completion of Lord Geoffrey and Gui's route.

Thanks so much to all our fans for your patience during our pandemic-related development delays. We're very excited to be able to start sharing Made Marion with you this fall!

Who else would go first in our Robin Hood-themed romance game but Robin Hood himself? Is there more to this charming scoundrel than meets the eye?

Storyteller's Festival Stream

Made Marion is a proud participant in the Storyteller's Festival, a celebration of narrative-focused games!

We've released a snazzy new Enhanced Demo for the occasion. It includes tons of cool upgrades thanks to our Kickstarter campaign, as well as a brand new chapter, the second half of the Sherwood Common Route!

Join streamer Ohthatnatalie and lead developer Becky as we play through the new Sherwood Chapter 2 and chat about what makes Made Marion's storytelling special.

Enhanced Demo Launched

VC Games is proud to announce a new, enhanced demo release for Made Marion! It includes a bunch of graphical and sound enhancements as well as a brand-new Sherwood Chapter 2, making the Sherwood and Nottingham sides of the demo more equal in length.

Major Enhancements:

  • Sherwood Chapter 2 - Get ready to have some swordy fun with the lads!
  • Accessibility Options Screen - Easy Access to Font Changes, Voicing, and Animation Toggles
  • Ambient Sound
  • New Sprites for Major Characters
  • Sprites for Secondary Characters Like Theo and Nell
  • Cut-in Graphics in Several Scenes
  • Animations for Combat and Magic
  • Super Cool Tarot Cards
  • More Backgrounds
  • ...and probably a few things I've forgotten!

Known Issues:

  • Full-Screen ("CG") Illustrations Not Complete. A few sketch versions can be seen in Nottingham. All love interests will eventually have a CG in their first common chapter.
  • Gui's hat has gone walkabout. It will return in the final game!
  • The Extras section is not available in the demo. It is for full-game unlockables.
  • Some facial expressions may not display correctly upon rollback.

Made Marion Demo Available

Made Marion, the romantic Robin Hood visual novel, now has a demo available on Steam!

Check out both our Sherwood Forest and Nottingham paths - Marion's story is completely different depending on which one you pick. Meet all seven of our love interests and get an idea of the role-playing choices you'll be making on their routes.

Can you find the secret kiss scene in Sherwood (hint: It's not with one of the main game's love interests) and the unfortunate early bad end in Nottingham?

If you enjoy our demo, we hope you'll join us on Kickstarter. Our campaign launches Feb 16, 2021!

See you soon!