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Genre: Strategy, Indie

Microbrewery Tycoon

Update 0.99

A big graphics update and fixing some bugs.

Unfortunately, the old saves won't work.

Update 0.92

Difficulty settings are available now.
Changes in the game balance.
Minor fixes and changes to the game interface.
Fixed some bugs.

Update 0.91

Fixing some bugs and minor changes in the interface

Early Access!

Oh ***, here we go again! ©

GDWC 2022

Microbrewery Tycoon is registered for GDWC 2022 in the Indie category!

Testing is coming to an end

On August 11, at 10 a.m. PDT, the Microbrewery Tycoon Playtest application will become unavailable.

I ask everyone who still wants to take part in the testing to do so.
Those who have already tried to play the test version of the game can, if desired, leave feedback.

Deactivating the demo

On July 10, 2022, the demo will be unavailable for download and launch.

Add the game to your wish list!

An Early Access release is coming soon!

Beta testing begins

Anyone who wants to take part in the testing can write about it in the comments to this news or by email s_grischenkov@mail.ru.

Microbrewery Tycoon

Let's play a demo!

New languages

The list of languages that will be available in early access has been updated with Spanish and French.