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No Place For Bravery

Sep 22, 2022

An Update about Updates

September 24, 2022
Hello Brave ones, How fighting for Dewr been so far?

We wanted to give you an update and some unoffical patch notes to provide some insight and gratitude regarding some trouble early reviews had with our game.

Some reviewers of our game had some problems and bugs come up in the versions that they played. Some of the folks got their versions as early at August 25th and we felt confident in the version we sent them. However, When people play your game, they will always find bugs you weren't aware of and that happened to us. While we regret that problem appeared for some of the reviewers we got to work right away solving those problems. While we couldn't solve all of the problems for folks who got the game early while they were playing the game, we are very grateful for all of them who wrote to us letting us know what issues they found.

We were blown away by the outreach. Folks didn't write to complain, most of them wanted to let us know about the issues because they enjoyed the game and wanted it to be the best it could be.

Which was very unexpected for us, but also a pleasant surprise that made us work with more energy for the release on the 22nd.

We will list here all the issues that were resolved in that period, as we know that some information and reported issues may have already been resolved.

New issues will arise, of course, but we will keep working to make Bravery the best possible experience it can be.

Bravery change log from 08/25 to 09/20:


Thorn position fixed to avoid black screen:
- Prologue ending, ActI ending, ActII ending, ActIII ending.
- Crash when leaving the game during Leaf kidnapping cutscene.
- Quick slot input stuck after Thorn falling.
- Main behavior, summons behavior, hebling spawning.
- Warlock room missing after die and reload the game.


- Dashing back to the ground from a platform.
- Dashing between platforms.
- Scrolling lore description.
- Prison enemies sprite spawning after death.
- Warlock persistent clone.
- Thorn getting stuck after the sword switch in the guardian base.
- Tooth Warlock wayblocker.


- World map navigation.
- Save the game when the player dies.
- Scene loading and activation.
- Player position on loading game.
- Save player position improvement.
- Improvements to avoid falling into holes.
- Discover map region after travel to it.

Thank you for the support!
Glitch Factory

No Place for Bravery is OUT NOW!

September 22, 2022
Rise, children of Dewr. A world of selfishness and terror awaits, and it is there your blades of vengeance must sing.

After a long journey of seven years, No Place for Bravery is finally ready for the world to see. Words can't describe how thrilled we are that we can share the full scope of the game with you all at last.

We've been encouraged deeply by the continued interest, wishlists and general love for our game. It's been the fuel that has kept us going on the road we traveled to the final release.

We are hopeful that you all enjoy your time with No Place for Bravery and are able to hear the narrative message we imbued the game with, a message that has been at the core of our lived experience as a Brazilian team.

Take care when discussing the game's story in this early stage of the release, and please be mindful not to share spoilers for the endgame without a fair warning! It'd be a shame for the journey to be spoiled for any of our players.

All of us at Glitch are deeply looking forward to hearing what each of you think about No Place for Bravery. Enjoy this animated trailer to commemorate the launch!

No Place for Bravery | Release Date Announcement

June 14, 2022

Hey hey! We have some amazing news for you all!

But first, let me thank you for supporting No Place for Bravery throughout the years. We know it's been a while since we released our first trailer, and knowing thousands of you believed in the game's concept, message and aesthetic was what kept us going for almost 7 years of development.

Now, without further ado.

Announced at IGN Expo, No Place for Bravery is coming to PC and Switch on September 22nd, 2022!

Here's the brand new release date trailer.

Looking forward to seeing everyone exploring the world of Dewr and discovering the bone-chilling tale behind Thorn’s odyssey.

Don't forget to follow us on our social media.



Fan Art Contest - Winners 🌟✨

November 9, 2021

Heeey there everyone!

Let me start this one by giving a huge thanks to every amazing artist that submitted an entry for the Fanart Contest. It was our first time doing something like that. And damn, you folks are all amazing!

Putting your creative energy and effort into something is always a big thing, at least for us here. With that in mind, I can't really describe the feeling we had when we received your creations inspired by No Place for Bravery's setting, a game that we've been developing for the past 06 years.

It was tough to define which piece of art would be considered first, second and third. If we could, everyone would get first place, but I believe it wouldn't sound fair.

So, without further ado! Here are the winners.

Fan Art Contest ⚔🎨

August 25, 2021
With No Place for Bravery being selected to participate in both the Indie Arena Booth during Gamescom and BitSummit the 8th Bit in Kyoto, we decided to hold a fan art contest! Yaaaay!

So it’s time to get creative. Break out those markers, Photoshops, Aseprite, pens, pencils, notepads, acoustic guitars, or hipster nordic instruments, because this is not limited to visual arts only. Feel free to work in whatever medium you feel most comfortable in, as long as it involves characters or settings within the No Place for Bravery universe. You can check out our website or Youtube channel for references and inspirations.

Once you’re all done, submit your links or photos to with [fanart contest] subject line by 11:59 PM EST on September 05th, 2021.

The prizes are:

  1. First Place: 2 Steam keys for No Place for Bravery (for you and a friend), the opportunity to name an NPC, and a pixel art commission (128x128 resolution) by our amazing artist João Esse;
  2. Second Place: 01 Steam key for No Place for Bravery and an Icon pixel art commission (64x64 resolution)
  3. Third Place: 01 Steam key for No Place for Bravery.

And now for the rules:

  • The work must be your own. We want you to make it, but feel free to get help from your friends and family.
  • It must involve No Place for Bravery characters or settings
  • You can submit multiple pieces, but only one peice per artist will be considered for the contest.
  • No offensive language or vulgar images in your submissions, please. Be cool.
  • By submitting to this contest, you agree to allow Glitch Factory to show it, with proper credit to the creator, on our social media, and streams for the sole purpose of this contest.

Once we get the submissions, the staff of Glitch Factory will be casting our votes for our top three picks, which we’ll tally up and announce after the end of the contest on our Steam Page and Twitter. The winners will be contacted by the email used to submit their work. All of the submissions will be collected on a post here on steam and on our website. And if you send it in time, we might even be able to show it off on our livestreams during Gamescom and BitSummit…!

Gamescom Livestream Schedule Aug 25th - 29th :

  • Live Art by João Esse: 26th 14:00 GMT - 3
  • Live Art by Túlio Mendes: 27th from 2pm to 4pm GMT - 3
  • AMA: Not a Livestream, but come and chat with us at our Virtual booth on the Summercamp of Doom during Gamescom.

So get cracking, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Watch the developers play (Pre-recorded)

July 15, 2021
Watch the developers play!

July Update! - PAX Online East - New Trailer 💥

July 15, 2021
Hey hey, friends! 

Oh boy, it's been a while since we last spoke! Things were crazy here at the studio in the past months. I guess that reaching the end of a 6 years development journey is kind of exhausting. 😅 (We're almost there 😶)

Either way, let's dive into the good part of this update, and let me share with you some great news!


  • Play the demo
  • Release window announcement
  • Localization news

Play the Demo ⚔

We've been selected to participate in the PAX Online Indie Showcase! 🤩😎 During the event, July 14 - 18, you'll be able to play No Place for Bravery's demo again. That's probably your last chance to give it a try :X.

So please check our Steam Page to download the demo.

We have a new trailer

Sharpen your swords because No Place for Bravery is dropping on Q4 this year!


Last but not least, thanks to our partners at Ysbryd Games, the game now have full support for the following languages: 

  • English
  • Brazillian Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Korean
  • French
  • German

Follow us on our social media, and don't forget to wishlist the game!! :D


Be safe!

Play No Place for Bravery during the last day of the Steam Game Festival!

February 8, 2021

Are you interested in playing No Place for Bravery? Or perhaps you want to give the game an early try? So make sure you don't miss this opportunity!

For this Steam Game Festival, we prepared a demo, a giveaway, and a speedrun challenge (Beat the Devs).

Please join our discord to give us your impression and feedback:

You can get more info about the giveaway and the speedrun challenge on the links below:


Beat the Devs:


Q&A with the Devs!

February 3, 2021
During the Steam Game Festival, our devs here at Glitch Factory will be chatting game dev and doing their best in the Beat the Devs Speed run Challenge.

Full schedule:

  • 03/02 Wednesday: 1 PM - Felipe
  • 04/02 Thursday: 1 PM - Matt
  • 05/02 Friday: 1 PM - João
  • 06/02 Saturday: 11 AM - Luan
  • 07/02 Sunday: 11 AM - Túlio
  • 08/02 Monday: 11 AM - Pedro

Timezone: PST

In case you missed the news, here is our last steam news with the details of the Speedrun Challenge.

We're be doing a giveaway of five full game keys randomly given out to folks who sign up for our Newsletter during the event.


We'll announce the winners on February 10. Stay tuned.


Q&A with the Devs! PTBR

February 3, 2021

During the Steam Game Festival, our devs here at Glitch Factory will be chatting game dev and doing their best in the Beat the Devs Speed run Challenge.

Today Otavio will be live streaming the game and talking in Portuguese.

In case you missed the news, here is our last steam news with the details of the Speedrun Challenge.

We're be doing a giveaway of five full game keys randomly given out to folks who sign up for our Newsletter during the event.


We'll announce the winners on February 10. Stay tuned.

Twitter: @GlitchFTY