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Genre: Role-playing (RPG), Adventure, Indie

Small Saga

Small Saga Update #2

This update is strictly bug fixes!

  • Fixed a cutscene occasionally not triggering (Duke and Lamia at nighttime)
  • Fixed a crash caused when visiting the wizard lizard while playing as Siobhan
  • (Hopefully) fixed the game not running on Steam Deck OLED models
  • Fixed a bug that could cause double speech bubbles when playing with a controller
  • Fixed some collision/boundary issues.
  • Fixed additional little glitches and usability issues.

Additionally, I've increased the resolution of the album art for the Small Saga soundtrack.

The next update will feature further bug fixes and also hopefully some quality-of-life improvements. Then I can move on to the fun stuff: more content!

Thanks for playing!

The Small Saga Soundtrack and Guidebook are now out!

The Small Saga soundtrack and guidebook are now out!

The original soundtrack features 83 pieces of music by Darya Noghani, Kofi Young, and Evelyn Lark in high bitrate mp3 format. It also includes liner notes with lyrics for every sung track.

The guide book, "the Travelling Mouse's Guide to the Kingdom of Rodentia", is an illustrated digital companion book to Small Saga. It covers the places you'll visit and the customs to follow, all from a mouse-eye perspective.

The two will have a 10% discount for the next week!

If you haven't bought the game yet, consider getting everything together in the Deluxe Edition for a small further discount.

Small Saga Update #1

This update fixes a lot of little bugs!

- Patched up areas where characters could walk through walls.
- Made sure the Tiger Bell always works.
- Fixed a skill tree item that didn't work properly.
- Unstuck a frog.
- Fixed a menu problem caused by mashing Z.
- Fixed typos.
- Solved soundtrack looping issues.
- Fixed controllers not working for the music minigame.
- Fixed a graphical bug with dark scenes.
- Fixed a bug that could cause skipped turns in battle
- Minor balancing changes for certain battles.

- Pushed through a hot-fix to address a crashing bug during the boss at the ashen tower.

πŸ€Small Saga is out!πŸ€

Small Saga is now out on PC!

How exciting! I hope you enjoy it.

Here's what's coming up in the future:

  • Bug fixes! I'll push out an update fixing the worst collision bugs in the coming days.
  • A Deluxe edition is coming to Steam, offering a soundtrack and digital guidebook.
  • A MacOS release is coming in about two weeks.
  • A big free content update is planned for next year!
  • There will be localisations to other languages.
  • Trading cards? Achievements? Console ports? Well, one thing at a time.

There's lots to look forward to!

πŸπŸ€ Small Saga developer stream πŸ€πŸ

What is Small Saga? How was it made? Is solo developing an RPG really a good idea? All these questions, and more, might be answered in this stream, delivered by a reclusive solo developer who has never streamed before.