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Genre: Puzzle, Role-playing (RPG), Simulator, Sport, Adventure, Indie

Soccer Story

V1.1 is here with bug fixes & improvements!

Hey there everyone, happy Thursday!

I've got some great news for you folks who've been experiencing issues while playing - V1.1 is HERE and it takes on some of the big hitters we've seen since launch!

Here's what to expect in our first patch (out now on Steam, on its way to other platforms!)-

WAKE UP PANDA!!!: We've managed to wake up Panda, and now you should be able to as well! If you did anything exciting between finding the jars and trying to interact with them, this line would break - we've now patched it up (not with jam, thankfully) and you should be able to continue!

Teleport home: If you're stuck somewhere you shouldn't be (it's ok, we understand!) you can now select Teleport Home from the menu, and head back to see your Mum before getting on with the rest of your story

Chapter Select: Want to relive a moment or replay a challenge? We're introducing Chapter Select as well! If you'd like to restart a section, relive some matches or get going with a challenge you're struggling with from the beginning, this feature will be there for you!!

Hurdles challenge: Some folks were getting stuck on the hurdles being almost impossible/moving too early breaking this section - both these issues are now fixed!

Keep your feet on the ground: Some of you were finding that the slide tackle would really give you a yeet off the map. We've nerfed it, so you'll be safe to slide wherever you please!

Coconut man, please speak to me: If you've done the coconut quest, you'll have noticed the NPC associated will have been very quiet - they'll now be a bit more chatty and you'll now be able to turn this quest in!

Volleyball rewards: Some people were getting stuck receiving volleyball rewards, this is now fixed and you'll be able to complete a game and get on with some more beach fun!

Localisation Fixes: Some of the localisation was previously not being found by the game correctly - this has now been fixed! If you spot any more errors, please let us know!

Smashing A repeatedly leading to loss of function: We get it, reading is for dorks. If you're madly skipping through dialogue, you'll no longer get stuck or lose control of your lovely football friend!


We're hoping this will fix a whole host of your issues, and we still have some more bits to come including re-tuning those toddlers and a host of smaller fixes!

As always we'll have more news for you as we go, but thank you for all your feedback and bugs - don't hesitate to reach out if you find any more!

All the best (and football forever!)

PanicBarn & No More Robots xoxo

What's next for Soccer Story?

Hey there Soccer fans (and football fans too, of course!!)

It's been a crazy 24 hours for Soccer Story, with so many players across so many platforms getting involved and looking to save soccer - we hope you're all having a great time taking down Bep and the calamity machine!!

If you have been enjoying the game please don't forget to leave us a review! They help us out a great deal and show Steam that we're a game worth paying attention to! A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has left reviews so far, you folks are top of the table! <3

So, what's next for Soccer Story? The team have been SO hard at work over the last 24 hours chatting to folks, logging issues and then getting stuck in with fixing them up. Everyone has been working so hard and we've got some great news for you!

We have an update on the way for all platforms that fixes quite a few of the big hitters and adds in some functionality to help if things aren't quite going your way. Here are the main bits that you can expect:

We know that for some of you, Panda seems to be stubbornly sleeping no matter what you try - we've found this is an issue with checking the jam pots outside the cave, and we're on it! In the next patch, these pots should be back to normal and Panda should wake up without issue!

Teleport home
Some of you (it's ok, we're not naming names) have definitely been exploring places you shouldn't, and ended up getting stuck in various places across our lovely world! From our next patch, you'll be able to teleport home in instances like this, making sure you're always free to go wherever you'd like!

Chapter Select
Want to relive a moment or replay a challenge? We're introducing Chapter Select as well! If you'd like to restart a section, relive some matches or get going with a challenge you're struggling with from the beginning, this feature will be there for you!!

Keep your feet on the ground
Some of you might have noticed that in certain situations, slide tackling can make the player go a little -wild- and put you in a difficult situation! This mad sliding has been controlled, contained and will no longer yeet you off the pitch in those very specific instances!

Once those are through to you, we're making improvements to the translations across a few of the languages, then following back up with your bug reports to make sure we're catching and fixing all of the important bugs to get you folks saving soccer (football) for good!

Again thank you so much to you folks leaving reviews and bug reports for us, we're excited to hear how the game is going for so many of you and so pleased to see people enjoying the game!

We'll see you on the pitch!

PanicBarn & No More Robots xoxo

Grab your boots - Soccer Story is OUT NOW!

Hey there everyone! I hope you're all ready to grab your ball and hit the pitch because...


We can hardly believe it's time to take to the pitch and take on Soccer Inc. and bring back the beautiful game! It's wild how fast time has flown, it feels like only yesterday we were showing you all Soccertown for the first time! As always, A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has jumped in to chat with us, test with us, play matches with us and given us invaluable feedback as well!

The team are all so proud of how far Soccer Story has come through development, and hope you enjoy it as much as we have!!

If you run into any problems, please don't hesitate to let us know - either on the steam forums or in our lovely DISCORD!

Time to head to the pitch and strap on your shin pads, it's time to restore peace and harmony to the beautiful game!

Lots of love

PanicBarn & No More Robots xoxo

Soccer Story launches on NOVEMBER 29th - Grab the beta TODAY!

GOOD NEWS SOCCER FANS! (and of course, all you football fanatics!)
Soccer Story launches on NOVEMBER 29th!

We're excited to get you to the pitch and introduce you to the team, but before that, we've got even MORE good news to share!


Grab your shin pads and boots, it's TIME! With your magical ball by your side, get to Soccertown where there are players to recruit and some wacky missions to complete! We're so excited that you'll be able to play the full game from November 29th, but figured we'd give you a reminder of what's in store!

If you signed up using the beta form - make sure you check your emails (including your spam and your promotions tabs!) as your KEYS ARE ARRIVING NOW! If you DIDN'T sign up in time, feel free to grab a key from here!

If you're keen to see a little more of what's in store, we've got a video to show you some of the things you'll be getting up to:

Let us know how you get on with the Beta, and we'll see you on the 29th!

Soccer Story Livestream & Next Fest Demo AVAILABLE NOW!

It's that spooky time of year again - welcome to October's Steam Next Fest!

To celebrate, we're livestreaming the Soccer Story demo on October 5th @ 15:00 BST! If you fancy giving the game a try yourself, you can download and play the Soccer Story demo right now! Come and join us in saving soccer, so everyone around the world can play again!

Want to know more about Soccer Story?

The world might as well be over - Soccer Inc. has closed down every local stadium, team and tournament. What kind of world can survive without the beautiful game? Thankfully a magical soccer ball has chosen you, our Savior of Soccer!

You can wishlist the game here:


Hey everyone! It's time to grab your magical ball and head to the pitch, soccer needs saving in SOCCER STORY!

It's been a year since The Calamity™ tore apart the very foundations of soccer as we know it, and since then, Soccer Inc. has made dang well sure that not a soul has been allowed to even look at a soccer ball, let alone kick it.

Soccer Story is a physics-driven adventure RPG, where every problem can be solved with your trusty magic ball. Along the way, you'll need to best bad guys in 1v1s, compete in a range of different sports (with your soccer ball, of course), and sometimes use your brain just as much as your balls

In a world that has long forgotten The Beautiful Game, can you remind them why soccer is top of the table, and best the most formidable teams, including the local toddlers and a group of sharks?

Sign-up for the beta here!

You can also join the Soccer Story Discord where we'll be posting regular development updates, and you'll have the opportunity to share your thoughts and feedback!

Join the Discord here!

Keep your eyes on the prize (and probably the ball too!) Soccer Story will be arriving LATER THIS YEAR!

PanicBarn & No More Robots <3