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Sokobond Express

Sokobond Express is launching April 18th on Nintendo Switch

Hey there,

You should keep your ion us because we've got some exciting news to share: Sokobond Express will be coming to Nintendo Switch on April 18th! 🧪

After receiving brilliant feedback here on Steam, we're incredibly excited about bringing this minimalist thinky game about chemical bonds to a new audience. In case you missed it, here are some of the lovely things folks have been saying about Sokobond Express so far:

"Sokobond Express is a delightful little puzzle game that doesn’t talk down to you"
9.5/10 - GAMEGRIN

"a compound puzzler that should be added to your collection with express speed"
8/10 - EDGE

If you'd like to support us on the Switch, head to to pre-order now.

If Nintendo Switch isn't your thing, don't forget we have a sale running here on Steam for 10% off the game. Now's your chance to pick it up or purchase it for a friend if you haven't already 👇

New Game Announcement: LOK Digital

Hey there!

If you enjoyed playing Sokobond Express, we think you'll love what we've been working on lately. Combining creative thinky puzzles, intuitive mechanics, and an elegant hand-drawn art style... We're pleased to announce the new game we're publishing this year is LOK Digital.

Based on the critically acclaimed puzzle book LOK by Blaž Urban Gracar, in LOK Digital you'll learn world-changing words, master their mind-bending effects, and help the Lok creatures thrive in this charming puzzle adventure.

Are you excited to meet the LOK creatures and learn their cryptic language?

Discover magical words, and learn their rules as you go as each of these words has their own special ability to change the world around you. As the game evolves and ramps up the challenge delight in surprises as the shifting puzzles and introducing new words and unexpected ways they work together to elevate the gameplay.

⬛ Intuitive mechanics and many special words to find and learn
⬜ Elegant, hand-drawn art style and meditative, entrancing soundtrack
⬛ Learn deep, surprising, and unexpected mechanics that simultaneously challenge and delight
⬜ Based on the critically acclaimed puzzle book, LOK

If you'd like to support the new game, please consider adding it to your wishlist.

Draknek & Friends

Bug fixes: v1.38d

  • Bugfix: Linux/Steamdeck: after entering alpha-1 text from options menu and solution trivia would become invisible
  • Bugfix: When pausing on bonding and resuming it disregards the bonding pause step when coming back to gameplay
  • Bugfix: After starting the game with only the final level unsolved, it won't unlock

Bug fixes: v1.38a

  • Updated Omega-O6
  • Updated Pi-3
  • Updated Zeta-3 and swapped places with Zeta-2

Sokobond Express - coming February 22

After several years of hard work we are excited to share that Sokobond Express, a beautifully minimalist puzzle game that combines chemical bonds and puzzling pathfinding in novel ways, will be launching on Steam on Thursday, February 22nd.

If you want to feel like a chemistry wizard (without any upfront chemistry knowledge), Sokobond Express removes all the guesswork while immersing you in its thoughtfully curated and surprisingly deep gameplay.

If you liked our previous games we think you’ll love Sokobond Express. It combines the pathfinding of Cosmic Express with the deep but elegant atom building from Sokobond - paying homage to its predecessors while also being an elegant and entrancing game of its own.

You can wishlist now and play on February 22nd here:

New demo & localisations for Cerebral Puzzle Showcase

Cerebral Puzzle Showcase is here and ongoing for the next few days!

We are thrilled to share that Sokobond Express has a new updated demo for you to play. This new demo not only includes localization in 11 languages, but also a brand new, never-before-seen level pack for you to play through.

Cerebral Puzzle Showcase features hundreds of handpicked delightful puzzle games! Check out some hidden gems, some upcoming games, or pick up all of our earlier games at a big discount!

Sokobond Express gets a brand new demo and first gameplay trailer

We are excited to announce that Sokobond Express has a brand new and updated demo as part of the Steam Puzzle Fest, taking place from April 24th - May 1st! This demo showcases a new art style and several big quality of life improvements we’ve been making over the last year (among others, better previews and a dark mode setting).

All our other games are on sale during Steam Puzzle Fest, including Sokobond and Cosmic Express, the inspirations for Sokobond Express. Check them out here!

To show our appreciation for your continued support, we will be hosting a giveaway on April 30. Winners will be chosen at random. To win one of 10 free copies of Draknek & Friends games, enter here.

Finally, we want to let you know that Steam Puzzle Fest isn’t your only chance this year to find discounts on great puzzle games and demos of upcoming titles. We recently announced that our own event, Cerebral Puzzle Showcase, will return from August 3 - 7 for its second year. Please look forward to it!

Coin Crew Games Plays Sokobond Express!

We're doing a game swap with the dev team Coin Crew Games! First, join us as Alan Hazelden (Head Draknek, Draknek & Friends) plays Escape Academy's demo at 12 PM PT!

Immediately after, hop over to the Sokobond Express page to see the Escape Academy development team at Coin Crew playing Sokobond Express' demo!

Excellent conversation about puzzle games and design will be throughout, so please tune in!

Sokobond Express Demo Out Now!

Last week in our Draknek Direct 2022 presentation, we showcased new features and footage of Sokobond Express, such as ionic bonding. You can watch the segment below:

A playable demo of the game is available now. Please enjoy this new crossover sequel in advance of its 2022 launch!