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Genre: Turn-based strategy (TBS), Indie


SpellRogue Playtest #2

Greetings dice slingers.

It has been a few weeks since we closed the previous playtest, but you will be happy to hear that Playtest #2 will be happening in August 2023.

The highlights for Playtest #2 is as follows:

  • New wizard loadouts, artifacts and spells
  • Added controller support
  • New & improved sound effects
  • Improved graphics for water spells
  • General balance tweaks

Playtest #2 will run from 17th of August to the 31st of August, so make sure you have signed up to the playtest on the SpellRogue storepage!

We’re excited to get a new batch of people playing to hear what you think of the current state of the game, and to also hang out with the wider community.

Note that if you have been a part of the previous playtests, you will have access during this one as well.

That is all for now, but stay tuned as we will be sharing more of the changes in the time leading up to Playtest #2!

- Tim & Thorbjørn

End of Playtest #1

Greetings diceslingers,

We are concluding the 2-week long playtest today, and we want to thank everyone who participated and provided invaluable feedback. With your help, we have identified a ton of bugs and gameplay aspects that we want to further tweak over the coming months.

Getting continuous player feedback is integral to the way we develop SpellRogue, so we are very happy with how this particular playtest has run. Be assured that we will run more playtests in the coming months, and plan to invite new batches of players. Players that already had playtest access will be able to play again, but we will let you know ahead of time.

Tim & Thorbjørn.

Sign up for the next SpellRogue playtest!

Greetings dice slingers!

We got some exciting news this week: We are going to run a Steam Playtest for 2 weeks and let people have a go at SpellRogue to give us general feedback on the state of the game. The playtest will run from 20.th of June to the 4.th of July.

To get a chance at participating, head on over to the SpellRogue steam page and click the “Request Access” button (if you haven’t already), and make sure to wishlist SpellRogue as well!

Have any questions? Read this FAQ:

When does the Playtest run?
20.th of June to the 4.th of July

How do I sign up?
Go to SpellRogue on Steam and click the “Request Access” button.

I have already clicked the “Request Access” button previously, am I in the pool of candidates?

How do you select participants?
Random players from the sign up pool are given access at the start of the playtest.
We may invite more during the Playtest.

Where do I report my feedback and bugs?
We are most active on the SpellRogue discord, but also check the Steam Forums frequently.

What should I be reporting?
Obvious bugs, hard to understand concepts, inconsistencies, poor tooltips, discuss what you like or what feels weird/annoying. Anything really! We take your feedback very seriously and often make changes based on statements and opinions of our players.

Can I make content, videos or stream SpellRogue?
Yes, feel free to showcase and play it as openly as you like! There is no Embargo on anything.

Will my progress be saved for release?
No, we expect to reset all achievements/progression at launch. Perhaps also between individual playtests, we’re not sure yet.

I have been a part of the previous playtests, will I still have access?
This playtest will close down on June 27th, but if you get access to this playtest you will have access to any playtests we do in the future through Steam.

We look forward to seeing you slinging dice!

Tim & Thorbjørn.

SpellRogue: Closed Beta News

Greetings dice slingers!

Just wanted to let everyone know about some upcoming changes to beta testing of SpellRogue. The first step is establishing a Closed Beta testing group, where we will share upcoming updates early to get feedback and bug reports.

If you are interested in following the development of SpellRogue, get access to preview builds, and help make SpellRogue something truly special, I suggest you head on over to our Discord and sign up to the Closed Beta test. https://discord.com/invite/5AnXVPCqyx

We are also planning to close the Steam Playtest in the near future.
However, we might open the Playtest up again and run “time limited” playtest periods, where we open up the game for everyone for a couple of days. We will share more details about these plans soon.

Meanwhile, the Closed Beta has a preview of the upcoming update to playtesters, so go sign up and check out SpellRogue 0.8.6 Vault of Artifacts with improvement to mutators, achievements, UI and a ton of balance changes.

SpellRogue Development Blog #2

Greetings Spellslingers, Tim here!

This is going to be a smaller post, but I’m excited to show off some of the things that I have been noodling on for the past few weeks. As mentioned in the previous dev blog, the Fire and Earth characters are getting a new coat of paint, and I personally think they are turning out really great. Some of the main things I wanted to improve were the animations, poses and making their proportions a bit more "heroic" and unique.

One of the details I’m particularly happy with is the dynamic physics for cloth and other things that move depending on what the character is doing. Check out the dice-necklace in the Earth Wizard gif for example. Small details like these really makes the characters much more believable and feel less static.

I am also continuing to improve things across the board and the fire wizard got a few improvements last week along with some upgrades to the Wizard Select screen. There is still animation timings to tighten up and adding proper graphics for spells, so it's safe to say that there are still much work to be done on the character side of things, but tasks are getting worked on at a steady pace.

With the upgrades for Fire and Earth, the Water wizard and his spells are feeling painfully out of date and not at the quality level that we want. The Water wizard design itself is still interesting, but we definitely now want to tweak and improve it even further. The next playtest/beta update won't have graphical changes for him yet, but rest assured that he will get the same treatment over the coming months. I am definitely also looking forward to updating all the water spell graphics to be at the same quality as the new fire spells!

Water Wizard concept art by our friends at Ghost Ship Games.

In other news, our current short term goal is to get the next playtest/beta build out in about a week's time, but we still have some UI improvements, balance and bug fixing to do first.

That’s it for now, we’re very excited to see what you think of the coming changes!


SpellRogue Development Blog #1

Greetings Spellslingers!

We are currently working on new features, but still need a few more weeks to finish things. So we wanted to let you know what is going on behind the scenes.

Explore the Void!

The main thing we are working on is a deep redesign of the Transcendence (difficulty) system. Instead of simple stages with cumulative challenges, we are introducing the “Void Map”, representing the progress of defeating the Voidwalkers. To traverse the map, you must complete increasingly harder challenges, while unlocking new loadouts/artifacts/relics/etc.

Work in progress, UI may change substantially: Select challenges from a list to match the challenge rating of the Void Map.

New wizard graphics, again

Tim is also working on new character art for wizards, and has made a lot of progress on new Fire and Earth wizard graphics. We’ve got some help from Ghost Ship Games with concepting parts of the new designs with an aim for a stronger ‘personality’, and we’re quite excited for also revamping the wizard animations. The Fire Wizard graphics are going to be available in the next playtest/beta update, but we also hope to have time to finish the new Earth Wizard. We will drop a few more teasers for how they are progressing on twitter and discord, so keep an eye out for those.

Work in Progress: First pass on the new fire wizard graphics.

Work in progress: The new earth wizard art direction.

New map/reward redesign

Thorbjørn started working on redesigning part of the map- and encounter/reward systems, attempting to solve a few different design issues (e.g. shards being too important, too many spells in late-game, shops being too rare). However, only some of these changes will be ready for the next update. There are also a few other changes like how loadouts are going to work, but we will share details on that closer to the next update.

Closed Beta

As a final note, we have been looking into ways to give new people access to the beta. Our plan is to start running short Steam Playtest sessions, but we will combine this with a small closed beta on our Discord. We are expecting to start this process shortly after the next update is released.
That's all for now! We will try to write more posts like this in the future, so please let us know in the comments about the subjects you would like to hear more about.

Tim and Thorbjørn

Announcing SpellRogue's new publisher!

Greetings Dice Slingers!

We are extremely excited to announce that we are partnering up with Ghost Ship Publishing, the newly launched publishing branch from the developers of Deep Rock Galactic, to bring you SpellRogue. This collaboration will give us additional support to carry on with our work and free up more of our time so that we can do what we do best, making SpellRogue a great game!

The guys at Ghost Ship are game developers themselves, so they understand our values and how we develop SpellRogue together with the community (they are also big fans of SpellRogue!). Getting on board the Ghost Ship, it feels like we can now truly reach our full vision for what we want SpellRogue to become.

If you haven’t already, please wishlist and follow SpellRogue on Steam, so you can be among the first to hear all the development news. Also, keep an eye out for the Closed Beta signup which we will be accepting signups for soon!

It is really a great time to be slinging dice and casting spells!

Tim & Thorbjørn

SpellRogue Development News

Greetings Dice Slingers.

We have been a bit quiet lately which means a ton of work have been going into making SpellRogue the best that it can be. We still have a ways to go, but rest assured that progress is happening and the game is truly shaping up to be something special!

You may have noticed that we took down the Steam Playtest signups recently. Don't worry if you didn't get a chance to play yet though! We are planning on replacing it with a Closed Beta playtest soon, so there will be other opportunities to have an early peek and help mold SpellRogue with your feedback and thoughts.

In the meantime, we are going to start posting regular news and blog posts so you can keep tabs on the development of SpellRogue.

This past week for instance has been all about updating our Steampage with a new SpellRogue logo, cover art, screenshots and trailer. The page should better reflect the state that the game is in, so do check out the improved Steam Page to see what the game is currently looking like.

Apart from that, Tim has also been working on improving lighting in combat (see the new screenshots), improving the wizard select scene and started work on graphics for all of the Earth spells. You might even be able to spot a few in the new trailer.

Thorbjørn is currently busy making changes to Relic's role in the game and designing some cool new spells and effects as well. We are thinking of writing a blog post to dive deeper into the designs in the future, but let us know what you would like to hear more about! For now, here’s a few interesting new spells that might get you dreaming up some fun builds.

As a final note, we have a very exciting announcement coming up next week, so don't forget to wishlist and follow SpellRogue to stay tuned!

Until then, have a great weekend!

Tim & Thorbjørn

SpellRogue Playtest update v0.8.0

Hi everyone

It has been a while since our last update, but with good reason!
We have introduced a third act to the game, a bunch of new enemies, and implemented a major rework of the World Map!

Maps are now procedurally generated (spoiler: previously all maps were hand-made!), with random rewards placed for each combat encounter.

We have also reworked how enemy Intents are displayed, now showing the specific debuff and buffs they will use. You no longer have to guess what might happen!
There is also a bit of new content and balance changes, primarily in the form of new artifacts and tweaks to enemies- and spells.

As a final note, we are planning to make 0.8 the final version available in open playtesting, but we will reveal more about that at a later point.

We hope you enjoy!

New procedural world map layout example.


  • Act 3, beware the dangers in The Void!
  • World Map Rework, procedural maps & restructuring of rewards.
  • Enemy intents now show their full action in detail.


  • Act 3: 7 encounters, 1 elite and 1 boss.
  • Added 10 new artifacts.
  • Added Act 2 Elite: “Witch Doctor” - Shoutout to @Nyknak on Discord for the collaboration.
  • Added “Trap” type debuffs triggering off dice rolls and their value.
  • Redesigned some Relic upgrades (replacing most “-cooldown” upgrades).
  • Many smaller adjustments to spells and enemies.

Graphics & UI

  • New dice enchant graphics: Stygian, blood, infectious
  • New Spell buff graphics: Portent, Unstable.
  • Tons of new icons for new and old effects.
  • Various Act 3 things, although mostly unpolished.

And many other undocumented changes and bugfixes...

Note:Things are a little shaky in terms of game balance, especially due to the map changes which are very substantial. We have for instance gone back to having Elite fights instead of minibosses, and a single Relic is now rewarded at the Act 1 boss, at Act 2 you will be getting the +1 Dice reward.
Since maps are now procedurally generated, they might also be a little lopsided in terms of rewards and balance. Don't fret though, we intend to improve the algorithms and continually finetune things.

SpellRogue Playtest update 0.7.13

Hello everyone.

We have been busy working on the much requested difficulty and meta systems for SpellRogue which we are releasing in todays Playtest update 0.7.13:

“Transcendence” is going to be a fairly recognizable difficulty system known from other games and has 5 levels for now. Most are simpler numerical changes in health and damage values, but we hope to make more unique additions later on.
Wizard Levels are now gained at the End Score of each run and added as XP to that wizard. Level ups unlock content such as spells and artifacts, and are intended to reward progressively more complicated spells for players as they come to grips with the base game content.

We want to expand both Wizard Levels and Transcendence down the line, but for now there are 5 levels of each.

We have also made content changes and added more graphics for enemies. The difficulty is a bit in flux, especially with the difficulty system getting its debut, but the overarching goal is to make the base game slightly easier but harder with Transcendence levels enabled.

We hope you enjoy it.


  • Added 5 Transcendence difficulty levels.
  • Added 5 wizard levels and content unlocks.
  • New wizard selection scene & UI.


  • Added 10 new fire spells.
  • Increased Base health 50 -> 60.
  • Tweaked some combat encounters in act 1.
  • Redesigned Heart of the Forest mechanics.
  • Redesigned Imp Power, now transfers power to random friendly upon death
  • Broken can now be repaired by spending just a single Dice.
  • A bunch of tweaks to relics and spells.

Graphics & UI

  • Added Devil Assassin Graphics.
  • Added Devil Spellcaster Graphics.

And many other undocumented changes...