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PC PS4 XONE PS5 Series X Steam
Genre: Adventure

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me

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Throughout your time with the Curator, your stories have taken shape before your very eyes as you were making these choices.

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Once again, Jason Graves takes us into an epic horror atmosphere with The Devil In Me Original Soundtrack.

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Major Fix 1.04

Dear Fans of The Dark Pictures, version 1.04 of The Devil In Me is now available. ​We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience you may have experienced previously while playing the game, and thank you for your patience while this update was being prepared.

This patch includes: ​

✔️ Multiplayer and Movie Night fixes ​
✔️ Collision and character animation fixes ​
✔️ Logic blocker fixes ​
✔️ Multiple Localization fixes ​

Whether playing alone or with others, we hope that you will all enjoy your stay at the World’s Fair Hotel. Our staff are committed to ensuring that your stay at the hotel is a memorable one.​

Once again, we thank you for supporting The Devil In Me and The Dark Pictures Anthology.

The Devil in Me is finally available!

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