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Genre: Adventure, Indie

The Director's Disorder: Pilot Episode

The Future of The Director's Disoder


We're excited to announce that The Director's Disorder series will continue! We've been hard at work crafting the plot and setting for the second episode, and we're confident that we've laid a solid foundation for the game.

We've taken your feedback to heart and have identified several areas for improvement in the next installment, including improved visuals for tasks, a more reactive and believable main character, and a better balance of gameplay and dialogue.

As we work on our current project, "Pact of Joy," we'll be developing the next episode's plot alongside it. Once PoJ is complete, we'll shift our full attention to the next episode, with a goal of releasing it by the end of 2023.

We'll keep you updated on our progress along the way, and we want to express our appreciation for your ongoing support and feedback!

-Just Sauce Studio Team.

Update 1.0.4

-Minor fixes to the dialogue.
-Locked the player at a certain point so they won't get a weird end to an outcome.

Update 1.0.3: Gotta go fast.

Hey! Another quick small average update.

-Fixed an issue where you could start the final task before even receiving it. This would cause a multitude of issues for the ending so this fix should've solved that. You could run into this issue if you were speeding through the dialogue and being ready to start the next task before prompted.

- Replaced a problematic ambient sound in night 2 with something new.

- Fixed an issue with some of the endings not removing the players input.

- You can now rebind the decision keys if needed.

- Fixed a voice line being heard at the wrong time in night 2.

Update: 1.0.2

Quick update:

-Fixed an issue with dialogue not playing during the third task.
-Fixed an issue where the player would disappear during dialogue.
-Made some of the voice lines a bit louder.

The Director's Disorder is out now!

Hello again everyone!

The Director's Disorder is now available. Due to the nature of the game (multiple endings) there is potential for some bugs that we may have overlooked. Please feel free to let us know if you encounter any!

Otherwise, enjoy! We hope you enjoy this short horror experience and thank you for your support.

Release Date & Expectations

The Director's Disorder is set to release for free on January 19th 2023 at 1:00PM (ET).

With that said I want to talk about a bit about the game.
We decided to branch off the buffer universe and make an attempt at a more story and dialogue heavy game in a new setting.

What you can expect:

- A short thriller experience. It's around 30 minutes for one route and about 1 hour or so if you want to see all the different endings(assuming you don't skip all the dialogue).

- As stated above there are multiple endings in the game. If the game gets received well we may continue to update the game with new endings or even update the current ones.

- The game is completely free and we made this decision because of two reasons:
One, the game is relatively short. Two, it's different from the previous games we made and we want as much feedback & reach as we can get.

Is this style of game interesting? Is The Director's story something you'd like us to continue developing?
Or is it a miss and we should just drop it?
Whatever the outcome is we're going to continue making games and we are grateful to all the people who support us and give us feedback.

See y'all on Thursday!
- Noé

Also check out the trailer if you haven't already! It's our best trailer yet (although that isn't saying much cause I suck at making them lol)

The Director's Disorder page is live!

Hey everyone! This is the start of a new series we want to try out. The Director's Disorder will be a series of games that follow this deranged killer who wishes to have his own show.
This first episode will be free to play and if it gets received well then we'll continue with the series.
We are still going to continue working on the Buffer series along side this one!