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The Inquisitor

New in-game screenshots

🕵️‍♂️ The time has come for us to lift the veil on Koenigstein and let you peak at our current development progress with some brand new in-game screenshots straight from The Inquisitor creation process!

💡 Since our last announcement, one of our focuses has been lighting and you can see the first adjustments here.

Please note: this is still work in progress!
We can’t wait to unveil more in the future. Until then, stay vigilant Inquisitors!

The Inquisitor Welcomes You to a World of Sin

The Inquisitor Welcomes You to a World of Sin

Kalypso Media to publish dark fantasy adventure title from The Dust S.A.

Previously announced by The Dust S.A. as ‘I, The Inquisitor’, Kalypso Media will be publishing under the revised title ‘The Inquisitor'. The story-driven title takes place in an alternate religious and historical timeline rife with grisly violence, cryptic mystery and heinous sin. Cast your morality aside and put your judgement to the test in Q4 2023 when The Inquisitor will be available on Windows PC, Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5.

In an alternate 1500 A.D., Jesus escaped his crucifixion and, instead of forgiveness, sought violent vengeance on all the non-believers. Centuries later, in a dark and blood-soaked world, an army of zealot Inquisitors continue to enforce their so-called Holy Law. In The Inquisitor, players will take on the role of Mordimer Madderdin, servant of God and an Inquisitor anointed by the High Bishops of Hez Hezron. You will commence your journey in Koenigstein, a city plagued with sin and religious transgression, where it is your duty to investigate its corruption and crimes. Use strategic sleuthing to track down and interrogate suspects, piece together the evidence or even resort to brute force. Your judgement awaits. Will you show mercy, or will you enforce retribution in the name of the Holy Law?
However, crime is not the only darkness that has seeped into the walls of the city and unbeknownst to those around him, Mordimer can enter the mysterious Unworld in which he can uncover the secrets that lie deep within the souls of the depraved. And yet, deeper still, another form of evil resides here, and it is trying to enter the world of the living.

The Inquisitor will be released in Q4 2023 on Windows PC, Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5. The apocalypse is coming, and with it, your judgement.
Unearth the truth in the trailer below.


  • Be the ultimate Holy Judge and Jury: Your role as an Inquisitor is to maintain order and enforce the faith in God. But the world is full of sinners who have lost their way. Decide the fates of those you judge in multiple story-driven cases and missions. This is a world where morality and what is right have long strayed from each other. So, will you show mercy or undying belief in The Holy Law?
  • A morally tainted, non-linear tale: This is a dark and gritty story centered around a religion preaching revenge and violence. Multiple branching story choices will test your morality. Choose your path and decide what kind of Inquisitor you will be - one of pity or one of retribution - and ultimately what mark you will leave on this world.
  • Enlightened sleuthing: Mordimer has unique skills and abilities that allow him to solve the various crimes and mysteries that have befallen Koenigstein. Track down and interrogate suspects. Discover the hidden truths of the city and its inhabitants. Piece together the evidence and make your final judgments.
  • Delve into the Unworld: Unbeknownst to those around him, Mordimer has the ability to enter the mysterious Unworld. There he can discover the deeper secrets that suspects have tried to hide in their souls. But there is a grave risk when venturing into this world and the dark force which reigns supreme here will do everything it can to destroy you for stepping foot into its realm.
  • Persuasive interrogations: The 1500’s remain a cruel era of justice. As an Inquisitor, you have free rein to use whatever methods and tools deemed necessary to persuade suspects to reveal ‘the truth’. These optional interrogations date back to the times of the real Inquisition and it’s up to you to decide if and how much force to apply to those under your investigation.
  • Let your sword do the talking: Sometimes a tongue just needs to be cut right out in order to loosen it. A full sword-based combat system means various cases will let or even require you to use brute force. Master your blade, find your openings, and use your enemy’s weak points against them.

Your assignment awaits here Inquisitor

The gritty and rotten-to-the-bone city of Koenigstein welcomes you, Inquisitor. The city is divided into 5 districts, each with its distinctive architecture and folk. Some of these districts will show you the worst you can expect in terms of the inhabitants and living conditions while others will represent the wealthy lifestyle of the royalty.

Either way, the danger may await at every corner since the corruption and depravation of people living in this city does not recognise class. From filthy thieves through scheming aristocracy, all the way up to the murderous cultists – Koenigstein is a cradle of sin. Be always aware of your surroundings and choose carefully, who you trust.

Your mission in Koenigstein will take you through all the districts and will let you in on the city’s filthiest of secrets. Before you step your foot in Koenigstein make sure you are fully equipped for what lies ahead. Learn this map by heart and use it to your advantage. Be aware, there are hardly any more dangerous places than this one – not in this realm at least.

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An inquisitor's best friend

Even though inquisitors are trained in sword combat, they might not always have equal chances against a bigger group of enemies or even one powerful foe. That’s when shersken becomes a useful ally. Veteran inquisitors like Mordimer Madderdin are well aware of its capabilities and always carry a pouch of shersken attached to their belts or in their pockets.

Shersken can be used in several ways. In small doses, it can heal many different illnesses. When used in large quantities, it becomes a deadly and undetectable poison. It can also be used in combat since when thrown in an opponent’s face, it can blind them for a period of time and cause a great deal of pain. This dirty trick can create an opening for an attack or help the inquisitor to escape from battle unscathed.

The origin of this herbal mix is unknown, but it’s believed that the Byzantine Empire originally crafted the recipe. No one knows how and when the Inqusitorium learned how to prepare shersken for its own purpose. The inquisitors need to place an order for each portion and explain how was the previous one used. The place where shersken is prepared remains a mystery.

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Did you know? #2

Little detail is known about the mysterious Amszilas Monastery. Even the description of this place leaves a lot to the imagination. We can definitely learn from the books by Jacek Piekara that it is a true fortress on a hill covered with foliage and located next to a river bend.

The monks of the Amszilas Monastery guard a true secret that holds the key to understanding the current state of the world and religion. However, it is not guarded by armed knights or archers. The holy tabernacle is protected by the power of strong faith that the monks carry in their hearts.

The Monastery is also the headquarters of the Holy Office, on behalf of which Mordimer Madderdin conducts his inquisitorial investigations. Demons were also subjected to examination in Amszilas. Sometimes very brutal methods were used for this purpose.

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