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Genre: Shooter, Role-playing (RPG), Adventure, Indie, Arcade

Tiny Rogues

Minor Patch: Version 0.1.8b

You might have to restart Steam to get the update immediately.

After the last big patch notes, some people have mentioned that they appreciate to get some insight on why some changes were made. I personally love these type of manifesto type posts too and it is a good resource and opportunity to share thoughts about and learn about game design.

A few (incomplete) words on balance in Tiny Rogues

I try to not be the anti-fun police too much. The game is a single-player game and in the roguelike genre it is very fun to become overpowered throughout the run.
Also Tiny Rogues does not have a damage cap as some of the other games in the genre. I am strictly against damage caps because to me a damage calculation in an RPG is a math problem and if the player solves the math problem I don't want to step in and tell the player that 1 + 1 is actually 1.5 not 2.
That being said, I still will nerf things that trivialize the game too much.
When the final final boss is getting killed within 10 seconds, things might got a bit out of hand.
I know a lot of players don't like nerfs so I am trying to keep it light. (Just look at how I let Soul Heart stacking live, because to this day I am convinced it is a quite fun risk vs reward mechanic)
I am still learning a lot any time I do balance changes to Tiny Rogues. So I hope it is okay if you go on a bit of a journey together with me as I keep developing Tiny Rogues. The goal is always to make an engaging experience that is not unfair but challenges you in the right way.

Patch Notes


  • Minibee is now a 1-handed weapon as intended.
  • Once removed traits are now removed from the pool for future trait selections.
  • Tipsiness is back to 10% per stack up from 8%.
  • Quivers now work with crossbows. Nobody would understand why crossbows aren't considered bows, and at this point I forgot too why I made the distinction.
  • Magic Quiver chance to refire has been reduced to 20%. Previously 25%.
  • Transcendence added base DMG per infused damage type has been reduced to 20. Previously 25. Base DMG is really really really good and some weapons are completely overpowered when using base damage correctly. This nerf will not change that in any way but it is a first attempt to make the mechanic just a bit more balanced.
  • Bazooka dexterity scaling was reduced from B to C. The base DMG was reduced from 900-1000 to 700-800. For being a very common weapon, the bazooka would basically instant-kill Mega Death with the correct trait setup. It will probably still do that but maybe it will be a bit harder to get it going.
  • Railgun base DMG was increased from 100-125 to 125-150 DMG. Added a description for the effect and improved the effect of the weapon: Main projectile deals 300% damage. Previously 200% damage. Railgun now emits 3 chain lightnings up. Previously 2.
  • Reduced reload time of the Golden Desert Eagle from 1s to 0.5s.
  • Give and Take now grants 5% increased damage per current stamina and 5% increased attack speed per empty stamina point. Previously 10% each. The trait was just too strong, effectively making you immune to damage granting too much increased damage at the same time.
  • Poncho (Gunslinger starter body armor) now grants 3% increased damage per current stamina. Previously 5%. Together with Give and Take this item just was way too strong considering how many stamina points can realistically and consistently be stacked each run.
  • Ballistics now grants 20% chance to trigger a refire with ranged attacks. Previously 25%. In the last patch the opportunities to get more Luck went up quite a bit. Together with the buff to weapons that use ammo to work with refires, this trait was doing way too much work.
  • The status effect and damage bonus that Rampage gives is now lost upon removing the trait with the Soul Orb. While it is intended that traits like Mageblood and Focus can be removed before the boss, this was not intended for Rampage. I am keeping a close eye on the meta of getting rid of Mageblood or Focus right before the boss.
  • Single Out now grants 20% more damage while fighting exactly against 1 enemy. Previously 25%.
  • Opportunistic cooldown has been increased to 4 seconds. Previously 2 seconds. Opportunistic is going way too crazy with slow reload weapons like the Bazooka, Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle and many more. You will now kill Mega Death in 20 seconds instead of in 10 seconds using the trait.
  • Berserk now grants 50% more damage and 50% more attack speed after you defy death up from 30% each. I basically see nobody ever use this trait ever, so let's buff it and see if anybody would consider using it.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed that you could get completely stuck on the gate in the final boss room.
  • Fixed a bug where the size of the reload display above character head would increase slowly over time.
  • Fixed a bug where you would get multiple traits when selecting a trait.
  • Fixed a problem with trait icon textures bleeding into each other or cutting off.
  • Fixed that poison would deal damage after completing a room instead of on entering a room.
  • Previously, if you leveled up during combat it often would bug out the fight a little bit. You now can't go into trait selection during combat. Also the Soul Orb and Power Gem now can't be used during combat.
  • Fixed a bug where the control scheme of the game would change even when the application was not focused.
  • Fixed a bug where the give-up prompt wouldn't be able to be confirmed with the confirm button.
  • Fixed that the blacksmith room reward description would state "and repair equipment", it now states "and repair armor".
  • Fixed that the Decay trait wouldn't reset correctly when switching rooms. Fixed that it would already start to tick up during boss cut scenes.

Minor Hotfix Patch: Version 0.1.8a

You might have to restart Steam to get the update immediately.

āš  PSA:
If you are having problems with the game switching back and forth between control schemes, check out my answer on this post:

Patch Notes


  • Maxibee ammo capacity has been buffed and reload time has been shortened.
  • Mandrake vines have had their duration increased.
  • The Gun Trader NPC in the tavern has been made more common.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some more spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Fixed Mandrake beams extending beyond arena border.
  • Fixed that Blessings would be permanently disabled for players who had Hardcore mode toggled ON before the last update.

If you are having any more problems or feedback after the latest update, join the Discord: https://discord.gg/s5j6SYrMKE

Thanks for all the positive reviews that came in after the new update! So so much appreciated!

Big November Update, V0.1.8

You might have to restart Steam to get the update.

Hello fellow Tiny Rogues,

it has been a while but I finally got a big and juicy update for you! (just an update, not an expansion)
Due to the incredible reception of the game I am able to go full-time game developer as soon as December 15th.
Thank you so much for playing Tiny Rogues! While it has been a bit of a slow start, I hope to bring a ton more updates within the next few months!
If you like what you see please consider reviewing the game on Steam or even nominating the game for an award!

Update Highlights

  • Tiny Rogues is now Steam Deck verified!
  • New control scheme: Controller
  • New control scheme: Keyboard only
  • Extended OST!
  • New class: Gunslinger
  • Class rework: Pyromancer
  • Added 12 new weapons.
  • Reworked a bunch of event rooms.
  • Added 5 new traits.
  • Added 7 new weapon enchantment modifiers.
  • Added a new Shopkeeper and made improvements to existing shops.
  • New Soul Orb consumable effect that allows swapping out a trait.
  • Steam Cloud is supported since a few weeks ago!

Patch Notes

Controller support and Keyboard only support

A few words:

Keep in mind, the game was and is designed to be played with Mouse and Keyboard. Controller support is an after-thought. None the less by now I even myself like to play without using the mouse. I think the implementation is doing very well. It is quite fun and offers a more relaxed and layed back experience, especially on Steam Deck.
Game-play shifts a bit from being heavy on aiming and pointing in the right direction with your mouse cursor to it being more important to position yourself in a way that you can hit the enemy and avoid their attack at the same time. (Mostly due to auto-aim still sometimes missing if the enemy is very agile and you are in the wrong position, for example too perpendicular to their movement.)
Controller and Keyboard-only support can be improved and will be improved over time. I am very eager to hear your feedback and I am very glad that the game can now be enjoyed by a lot more players who prefer this type of control scheme.

  • You can now play the game without using a mouse.
  • There is a new option to automatically attack while using the configured key or controller binding for aiming.
  • Added an aim-assist / auto-aim feature.
  • Aim-assist will only apply when controlling the game without a mouse.
  • The enemy targeted by aim-assist is marked by an indicator. This indicator can be turned off in the options menu if it annoys you.
  • Aim-assist strength can be adjusted in the options menu.
  • Put aim-assist strength to 0% for the true twin-stick experience.
  • Put aim-assist strength to 100% for full auto-aim experience. (developer recommended)
  • You can switch back and forth by pressing buttons on the controller, pressing the aim keys on keyboard or moving the mouse.
  • You can lock the game into controlling without mouse in the options menu. This can be helpful for players who want to set up advanced or unique control schemes using external programs in addition to the built-in options.

Major General Changes and Tweaks

  • 16 tracks of the Tiny Rogues OST have been extended.
  • Attributes now provide minor increases to stats.
  • 1 Point of Strength grants 0.5% increased damage.
  • 1 Point of Dexterity grants 0.5% increased attack speed.
  • 1 Point of Intelligence grants 0.5% added critical hit chance.
  • Changed how added base DMG is calculated. Previously added base DMG granted by items like Iron Ring, Pearl Ring or the Shark-tooth Necklace would not be affected by weapon scaling such as attribute scaling, upgrade levels and damage increases. Now the damage is added on the base damage before the calculation not after.
  • There is now a difference between added bonus DMG and added base DMG. As aforementioned, base DMG will be added before DMG calculation. Bonus DMG on the other hand is added on top at the end. (currently only affects bonus damage granted by Cloth Hood body armor)
  • Status Effects with a room based duration now will only count up when completing a room encounter. This means non combat encounters such as Blacksmiths, Armories, Events and Shops do not use up duration of status effects.
  • Changed how internally the game calculates and uses rarity weightings. Previously weightings could only be full numbers and decimal places would not be considered. This sometimes resulted in weird behavior of reward distribution, for example cutting off some attribute rewards completely after a certain breakpoint. This change smooths out the distribution and appearance rate of certain room rewards.
  • Reduced the price of Red Dice sold at the tavern to 5G per dice. Previously 10G per dice.
  • Blood Chests can now drop a Purging Stone when exploded with a bomb.
  • Damage over time status effects (Burn, Poison, Bleed, ...) now tick twice as fast but have had their damage halved. (Mostly done because it is more fun to see DoTs tick faster.)
  • Reduced the cost of a lot of shop offers which could and would never be bought because they were simply too expensive.
  • Shops can now offer more than 3 items. Some shopkeepers will always offer a fixed amount of offers, up to 5 while others will roll randomly between 3 and 4 shop offers.
  • A lot of shopkeepers have had their item pools altered and extended with different and new items.
  • Added a new shopkeeper, the Soul Peddler. He will sell items for Souls and is the Soul equivalent for the Rat shopkeeper. He can appear on all floors.
  • Previously shop offer prices increase with each floor. This is still the case but the amount of the increase over time has been reduced, making items cost less in later floors.
  • Blacksmith rooms will now always appear after armory rooms. Previously it happened quite often that an armory room appeared immediately after going into to a blacksmith room which was quite annoying.
  • Refired attacks (from for example Ballistics trait) now don't require ammo and don't consume ammo.
  • The Nurse NPC now always appears in the Tavern. The price to heal 1 heart has increased to 10G. Previously 5G.
  • The Fair Lady NPC, the Death's Mark NPC and the Beer Drinking Guy NPC have been removed. (they all shall hopefully return in the future with new purpose)
  • Repair Powder now repairs all armor again. Repair Powder rarity and price in shops and the tavern has increased.
  • The Potion Seller NPC in the tavern now sells a random potion from this pool of potions: Luck Potion, Wrath Potion, Power Potion, Berserker Potion. Potion cost has increased to 20G. Previously 10G per Health Potion.
  • The Ethereal enchantment now moved into the regular pool of enchantments.
  • Mana Stars now spawn every 20% of boss HP down from every 10%. The 10% threshold was actually wrong ever since the boss HP got split in 2 bars.
  • Increased the slow effect from chill from 20% to 30%.
  • Added 7 new weapon enchantment modifiers:

    • Disenchanting: +25% DMG vs enchanted enemies
    • Fierce: +10 base DMG
    • Vicious: +25 base DMG
    • Hulking: +20% DMG
    • Lucky: +1 Luck
    • Rapid: +20% APS
    • Savage: +50% Critical Hit Multiplier

  • Deadly Enchantment now grants +25% Critical Hit Multiplier. Previously +30%.
  • Adjusted the appearance weightings for most weapon enchantments. Less appealing enchantments like Blessed or Feral appear a lot less now.

Minor General Changes and Tweaks

  • Blacksmiths now have star icons above their head. The stars display the maximum upgrade level that can be acquired at the blacksmith. The stars also display the current level of your weapon, filling up for each upgrade level of the currently equipped weapon.
  • Shop offer prices that cost Souls are now rounded to the nearest 50.
  • Updated some outdated tips for adventurers with new info. (you probably don't need the given information if you read patch notes)
  • Added a new user interface element which can display error messages that appear. While always enabled on the beta versions of the game, the setting can be toggled in the options menu in the live version. If you encounter common bugs it is helpful for me to get screenshots in case an error message appears.
  • Boss HP bars now show a little "x2" indicator in phase 1 to signalize that they have 2 phases. In phase 2 the hp bar is now red and wiggles a little bit.
  • While playing on the PTR beta version of the game there is now a button on the title screen which allows copying the save file from the main version of the game to the PTR.
  • The unlocks menu now states whether a class is considered a basic class (for the purpose of unlocking Doppelganger)
  • Added a new option (ON by default) to show a little bar above players head when you reload your weapon.
  • Removed the "Reloading...", "RELOADED!" text popups when reloading.

New Accessibility Options

  • Added a new option that allows you to turn off the in-game timer.
  • Added a new option to the video settings tab: Anti Flashbang Mode. It will remove bright flashes from Game Over and Trait Selection animations. (it looks very lame but it's a lot easier on the eyes)

Event Room Changes

  • The shooting range event in floor 1 now offers 3 different targets and can now give something to all weapon archetypes instead of just working for ranged attackers.
  • The chance to gain the status effect from the Wishing Well event has been reduced but it now grants +1 Luck permanently instead of +5 luck for a few rooms.
  • The desert oasis event now grants 25% increased stamina recovery speed permanently instead of doubling stamina recovery speed for a few rooms.
  • The Guillotine event previously could only grant either the Silver Serpent Ring (a soul every room) or the Onyx Ring (+1 armor). It now cannot give the Silver Serpent Ring anymore but it can now also give the Clover Amulet (+1 luck) and the Skull Ring (10% more DMG vs bosses)
  • Added a new permanent version of resins which are "Fresh Gold Pine Resin", "Fresh Charcoal Pine Resin" and "Fresh Crystal Pine Resin" which can now be obtained from the tree event rooms.
  • Decreased the attribute requirements for Excalibur (20 STR -> 15 STR) and Rune Stone (15 INT -> 10 INT) event.
  • Potion Lab event now contains no duplicate potions and can't give Antidote and Health Potions anymore.

Class Changes

  • Added a new class: The Gunslinger. The class can be unlocked by upgrading a gun or cannon weapon to level 4.
  • Added a new achievement: House Of The Rising Sun, Defeat Death as the Gunslinger.
  • Pyromancer passive ability has been reworked. Fire Mastery: Weapons that don't deal fire damage are infused with fire. Weapons that inherently deal fire damage deal 100% more burn damage.

Trait Changes

  • Removed Piercing Shots from the game.
  • Alacrity now grants 30% increased attack speed. Previously 25%.
  • Spell Blade now grants 100% of damage bonus from mana as attack speed. Previously converted only 50%.
  • Static Blows base DMG was increased to 250-300 DMG. Previously 175-200 DMG. The cooldown was increased to 0.25 seconds. Previously 0.2 seconds.
  • Brawler now grants 10% more damage per enemy in the room, up to 40% more. Previously granted 30% more damage while facing 3 or more enemies.
  • Sword and Board has been renamed to Shield Bash. Shield Bash now works with all melee weapons while holding a shield.
  • Rampage now grants 5% increased damage each time you complete a room. The damage bonus resets each floor. Previously granted 30% more damage for 4 seconds on kill.
  • Close Combat and Sharpshooter now specify the range require to be close range and far range in their description.
  • Ignore Pain has been renamed to No Pain No Gain. It now grants +3 death defies per room, but you can't and don't have armor anymore.
  • Amplify now grants 30% increased area radius and 30% increased area damage. Previously just 50% increased area radius.
  • Quick Step now grants 20% increased attack and movement speed for 4 seconds on dash. Previously just granted 20% increased movement speed.
  • Relentless Assault cooldown has been reduced to 1 second. Previously 2 seconds.
  • Opportunistic now grants 100% chance to trigger a refire (with any attack) for 0.5 seconds with a 2 second cooldown. Previously granted 30% increased attack speed for 4 seconds on dash.
  • Gunslinger has been renamed to Tacticool Reload.
  • Decay now grants 2% increased damage over time per second spent in the room up to 100% increased damage. Previously granted +50 bonus DMG to DoTs.
  • Resourcefulness now drops 1 mana star per current stamina on dash. Previously 1 mana star on dash.
  • Quick Cast now grants 40% increased attack speed when you pick up a mana star. The attack speed bonus decays over 4 seconds.
  • Lethality, Power of Nature, Rampage and Spellblade have been turned into the first hybrid traits.
  • Rage now grants 4% increased attack speed on hit up to 10 stacks, 40% total but it only lasts 2 seconds. (duration still refreshes on hit) Previously 6% increased attack speed for 4 seconds up to 5 stacks, 30% total.
  • Added a new dexterity trait. Grenadier: On attack, throw a grenade that explodes into multiple projectiles on impact.
  • Added a new dexterity trait. Quick Load: 10% increased attack speed. Total modifier to attack speed affects reload speed.
  • Added a new dexterity trait. Dynamo: 25% increased attack speed if you have reloaded recently. 25% increased reload speed if you haven't reloaded recently. (recently = 4s)
  • Added a new dexterity trait. Transcendence: Gain +25 base DMG per infused damage type from status effects on you.
  • Added a new dexterity trait. Give And Take: Gain 10% increased damage per current stamina point. Gain 10% increased attack speed per missing stamina point.

Equipment Changes

  • Increased the radius of orbitals granted by Armor of Thorns, Armor of Agathys and Armor of Avernus.
  • Power Belt now grants +15 strength but it has been made more common. Previously granted +20 strength.
  • Cloth Hood (Wanderer starter body armor) now grants +50 bonus damage to enemies at far range.
  • Cleric (Cleric starter body armor) Robe now will revive you once per floor. Previously granted +2 hearts recovered on revive.
  • The Soul Lantern now grants 5% more DMG per Soul Heart. Previously 2% more DMG per Soul Heart.
  • Mage Treads now grant 25% increased bonus DMG from mana up from 20%.
  • Iron Ring, Pearl Ring and Shark-tooh Necklace now grant +25 base DMG.

Consumable Changes

  • Increased the radius of orbitals granted by Inferno Potion.
  • The Soul Orb acquired by assembling Soul Shards from Soul Pylons now has a new effect. It allows you to remove one of your traits and then exchange it with a new trait.
  • Consumables that grant a status effect will now appear less often if you already have the status effect they apply. Mostly matters for Infusions and Potions.

Weapon Changes

Steam Cloud āœ…

Hello fellow Tiny Rogues,
I configured the Steam Auto Cloud so your save state is now stored on the Steam Cloud.
I also added save syncing for the Steam Deck. The game should now sync your save states between PC (Windows) and the Steam Deck (Linux).

Additional information on save states:
Your save states can be found in Windows under the path "%USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalLow/RubyDev/Tiny Rogues".
The save-state of Tiny Rogues is pretty simple and not encrypted at all. So if data gets lost you should be able to open the save file and just edit it with a program like the Editor app of Windows.
I don't mind players tinkering with save-states. It's an offline single-player game. You can do with it as you please and if you want to cheat I will not stop you. If you break something it is your fault though, not mine.

Announcing the next update:
I plan on releasing a new PTR (public test realm) patch at the end of this week. The next official update will then come on 22nd of November 2022.

I enabled Steam Cloud

Hello fellow Tiny Rogues,

I don't have much to say. I hope this doesn't break too many save states. I have never done this before so bare with me for a moment.

If it doesn't work straight away, I'll be tinkering with it for the next few days.

Your save states can be found in Windows under the path "%USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalLow/RubyDev/Tiny Rogues". They should now be synced via Steam Cloud.

For your information, the save-state of Tiny Rogues is pretty simple and not encrypted at all. So if data gets lost you should be able to open the save file and just edit it. (unless the Steam Cloud integration now breaks this behavior, which I doubt)
I don't mind players tinkering with save-states. It's an offline single-player game. You can do with it as you please and if you want to cheat I will not stop you.

I also added the directory path for the Steam Deck. If I understood it correctly and everything is set up correctly it should also sync your save states between PC (Windows) and Steam Deck (Linux).

All of this works without a patch!

While I am at it, I plan on releasing a new PTR (public test realm) patch at the end of this week and hopefully the update will go live on 22nd of November 2022.

Gamepad support available on PTR

Hello fellow Tiny Rogues,
after some weeks of work, here is the first official version of the controller support for Tiny Rogues.
Try it out now on the PTR! You might have to restart Steam to get the patch immediately.

How can I enter the PTR?
In your game list in the Steam library, right-click Tiny Rogues, select Properties and then Betas. Use the drop-down option to select the public-test-realm branch of the game.

What's up with the schedule described in the "What I'm working on"-post?
Without going too much into detail, my originally given dates and the order for rolling out updates have changed a bit. A lot of stuff is going on in my real life and the implementation of gamepad support took more effort than expected. All in all, this just means updates come a few weeks later than expected. I will work on Cloud Saves next, then on the promised Cinder system.

What happened in v0.1.7a on the PTR?
I added a new tab to the options menu which allows configuring some options and all button bindings regarding the gamepad controll scheme.

I also want to mention, technically this update introduces "controlling the game without the mouse" and not just gamepad support. Which means you can now also play the game just with your keyboard.

While the new control scheme obviously makes it possible to control all menus with gamepad, the main part of gameplay consists of running around and shooting at enemies.
For this purpose, I have split weapons into 2 categories of how they are aimed.

  • Aimed weapons
  • Targeted weapons
Aimed weapons are weapons that shoot into a direction, e.g.: swords, bows, wands, ...
Targeted weapons are weapons that will target a specific location, e.g.: mortar attacks from spell books or rain attacks from staves. For this a sort of virtual cross-hair can be moved around.

Depending on the aim type, weapons will also be affected differently by aim assist.

Aimed weapons will lock to the nearest enemy in the pressed aim direction. If aim assist is at 100% the aim direction will be ignored completely, which means you can play the game without aiming at all.

Targeted weapons will lock to the nearest enemy to the virtual cross-hair. If aim assist is at 100% the lock-on range of the cross-hair is infinitely big which again means, effectively you can play the game without aiming at all.

Additionally, I have also introduced a simple movement prediction for these weapons which is active as soon as aim assist is locked on an enemy. The movement prediction considers how long it takes for the attack to impact (e.g.: until a meteor drops from sky) and then aim accordingly ahead of the moving enemy. It might not always be 100% accurate but it should help a lot to play these weapons.

For the true twin-stick experience, make sure to put aim assist to 0%.

I am looking forward to your feedback and I hope I can soon roll out the mouse-less control scheme to the main game branch!

Join the discord and give me feedback directly in the #ptr-feedback channel.

PS: I also know already about a bug, right now the credits panel in the title screen cannot be opened with controllers.

Tiny patch for Tiny Rogues, V0.1.6a

Hello fellow Tiny Rogues,
I didn't have much time the past few days but I got a few bug fixes and some minor changes for you.

Class Changes:

  • Base lock-picking slider speed of Thief has been reduced (slowed) by 20%.
  • Doppelganger daily class rotation is not random anymore but now a fixed cycle. (won't repeat anymore)

Enemy Changes:

  • Applied some visual tweaks to the roots that Mandrake leaves behind so it is more obvious they will hurt the player.
  • Mega Death's health has been reduced again.
  • Mega Death's damage reduction buff is now also applied in the bullet-hell attack.
  • Mega Death's damage reduction buff has been increased from 20% to 30%.
  • Mega Death now stays at a minimum distance to arena border during "A storm of souls..." attack.

Weapon Changes:

  • Added a new attribute scaling ceiling, "S++++" called "S Max".
  • Added and improved secondary scaling to / of a lot of weapons including:

    1. Disintegration Scepter: Strength, E
    2. Freezing Scepter: Strength E to D
    3. Life Drain Scepter: Strength D to C
    4. Toxic Scepter: Dexterity, E
    5. Acid Cloud Scroll: Dexterity, E
    6. Blizzard Scroll: Strength, E
    7. Firestorm Scroll: Strength, E
    8. Meteor Scroll: Strength, C
    9. Nimbus Scroll: Dexterity, C
    10. Arcane Torrent Tome: Dexterity, E
    11. Ex Mortis: Strength E to D
    12. Firebomb Codex: Strength, E
    13. Spider Summon Tome: Dexterity, E
    14. Dark Wizard Staff: Strength, A
    15. Holy Staff: Strength, D
    16. Lightning Staff: Dexterity, E
    17. Scorching Staff: Strength, E
    18. Blasting Wand: Strength, E
    19. Blight Wand: Dexterity, D
    20. Bone Wand: Strength E to D
    21. Dark Wand: Strength, D
    22. Demon Scythe Wand: Dexterity, D
    23. Frozen Orb Wand: Strength, E
    24. Holy Bible: Strength, A
    25. Holy Bolt Wand: Strength, E
    26. Icicle Wand: Dexterity, E
    27. King Bible: Strength, D
    28. Leaf Wand: Dexterity, E
    29. Razor Wand: Dexterity, E
    30. Rift Wand: Strength E to D
    31. Ruby Wand: Strength, C
    32. Slither Wand: Dexterity, E
    33. Spectral Blade Wand: Dexterity C to B
    34. Tornado Wand: Dexterity, E
    35. Unholy Bible: Strength, A
    36. Gimmershred: Intelligence, E
    37. Stormbreaker: Intelligence, D
    38. Giant Slayer: Intelligence, E
    39. Moonshine Greatsword: Strength, E
    40. Zenith: Intelligence, S
    41. Death Sickles: Intelligence, S
    42. Golden Skean: Intelligence, E
    43. Ninja Dagger: Strength, E
    44. Poison Sickles: Intelligence, E
    45. Shadownseak Dagger: Intelligence, E
    46. Sickles: Strength, E
    47. Skinning Knife: Strength D to C
    48. Sun Vortex: Intelligence, D
    49. Echoing Fury: Dexterity, S
    50. Rapier: Strength, E
    51. Salamandra: Dexterity, E
    52. Chakrams: Intelligence, E
    53. Doomerang: Strength, E
    54. Tri Chakrams: Intelligence, S
    55. Twin Chakrams: Strength, E
    56. Compound Bow: Intelligence, E
    57. Enchanted Bow: Intelligence E to D
    58. Ice Fang: Strength, A
    59. Long Bow: Strength E to D
    60. Snow Angel: Intelligence, E
    61. Storm Cloud: Intelligence E to D
    62. Zephyr: Strength, E
    63. Demon Repeater: Intelligence, D
    64. Full Auto Crossbow: Intelligence E to D
    65. Hellsingers: Intelligence, E
    66. Octoshot Crossbow: Strength, E
    67. Pus Spitter: Intelligence, E
    68. Relic Crossbow: Strength, E
    69. Sling Pistols: Intelligence, A
    70. Twinshot Crossbow: Strength, E
    71. Blowpipe: Dexterity E to D
    72. Grenade Launcher: Strength, C
    73. Machine Gun: Strength and Intelligence, E
    74. Revolver: Intelligence, E
    75. Shotgun: Strength, D
    76. SMGs: Intelligence, E
    77. Snow Cannon: Intelligence, E
    78. Triple Machine Gun: Strength, E
    79. Molotov Cocktail: Intelligence, E

  • Buffed Rapidfire Bow DMG from 100-125 to 125-150.
  • Claymore now states "25% chance to attack twice"

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug relating to buying / spending souls to acquire classes. Works without hiccups again.
  • Locked cellar trapdoors now can't be interacted with during combat and thus don't obstruct vision with their interaction prompt window
  • Fixed that bosses would sometimes skip certain behaviors after going into enrage mode (e.g.: Mega Death used the bullet hell attack without moving to center of arena first, ... )
  • Fixed that bosses could turn invisible when going into enrage while invisible (mostly happened at Death and Mega Death)
  • Fixed a bug where players would be able to regenerate stamina during cut-scenes.
  • Fixed a visual bug where projectiles from 2H swords would be destroyed on room completion.
  • Improved the way enemy attacks are cleared when a boss goes into enrage mode. (previously, sometimes some projectiles were missed during the clean up due to timing issues)
  • Treasure chests are now immune to being exploded while lock-picking it. (for now a band-aid fix because the game soft-locked if that happened)

That's all I have had cooking since the last patch on Sunday. Wanted to push the bug fixes and the weapon changes slipped in too. I hope you'll enjoy it.

PS: I decided that I shall tinker a bit with controller support this weekend. Hopefully everything is going to be smooth sailing and maybe you can test the changes at the end of next week on PTR. Love you all, thanks for supporting the game.

The first big update since launch, V0.1.6!

You might have to restart Steam to get the update immediately.

Hello fellow Tiny Rogues!
It is time for Patch V0.1.6. In a recent post I told you about what I'm currently working on, and for the most part, I think achieved everything and even more in this patch than I promised.
There are some bugs I haven't been able to fix yet and also the difficulty and balancing of the overall game will obviously change a lot more over time.

Tell me on Discord or in the Community Forum what you think about the current difficulty curve.
If you like the changes, consider giving Tiny Rogues a positive review, it helps a ton!
I know a ton of people wish for the game to be a lot harder, which will be the focus of the next patch.

Enough rambling, I hope you are going to have fun with the update!

TLDR / Highlights:

  • Almost all Blessings (Meta Progression) have been reworked, they cost less and are more powerful. The game still can be completed by skilled players without investing into any meta progression. Meta progression is for players who want to feel super powerful or need assistance to learn the game and progress further. You got a refund for spent Souls on the previous blessings and the save system has been improved to make you lose less progress when changes happen.
  • You gain more Souls in early floors now.
  • New enchantment system that gives a weapon a special modifier.
  • Most enemies and boss fights have been buffed or changed, including Mimics and Basilisks.
  • Mind Flamer and Mega Death's health values have been reduced.
  • Cerberus and King Ooze are a bit more agile now.
  • Lock picking takes skill now.
  • Added a random button to class selection.
  • Getting drunk was nerfed.
  • Doppelganger, Knight, Warrior and Pyromancer got new passive abilities.
  • Curse has been reworked.
  • Added a new status effect that makes you take more damage (and has no upside currently): Death's Mark.
  • Wins VS Death and Wins VS Mega Death are now displayed in the class selection menu.
  • A ton of bug fixes and quality of life improvements.
  • Soul Pylons now spawn always on floor 3, 6 and 9, have more health and drop Soul Shards now.
  • Hardcore mode has been (re-)moved. It is now the first Cinder modifier for the upcoming Cinder system. (Can be found in-game in a menu in character class selection on the top right.)
  • Shrine effects have been buffed.

General Balance Changes:

  • Armory rooms now will more often contain weapons which have scaling from your highest attribute point.
  • You can now scroll the status effect list in the Character Panel.
  • Status effect list panel elements have also been made a bit smaller.
  • Juggernaut Potion was renamed to Agility Potion and doesn't grant Cannot be slowed anymore.
  • Increased gold reward amount of Petrified Hoards and Golden Treasure Chests.
  • Purging Stones now don't recover the health lost by getting cursed.
  • Energy Shrine, Blood Energy Shrine and Cursed Energy Shrine now grant +1 Stamina instead of increased stamina recovery speed.
  • Blood Shrines now last for 20 rooms.
  • Normal Shrines now last for 10 rooms.
  • Frenzy Shrine and Blood Frenzy Shrine now grant 25% more attack speed up from 20%.
  • Power Shrine and Blood Power Shrine now grants 25% more damage dealt up from 20%.
  • The "Magic" damage type is now called "Magical".
  • Increased prices at Charon (Soul Shopkeeper)
  • Ethereal Dice now can't drop while at max traits.
  • Healing rewards (Heal pickups, Health fountains) now adjust their weighting slightly depending on if player is missing health or not.
  • Added a confirmation window to giving up.
  • You can now consume Repair Powder with the healing hotkey. (H)
  • Small Gold rewards now grant at least 10 gold. Medium gold rewards also grant a little bit more gold.
  • Reduced base mana degeneration rate by 25%.
  • Mana Potions now only spawn a mana star every 5 seconds, up from every 4 seconds.
  • Floor 5 average room sizes has been made a bit smaller.
  • Curse doesn't half maximum health anymore.
  • Curse now stacks infinitely and reduces red hearts by 1 for each stack. Health bar now shows cursed hearts for each stack of curse.
  • There is now a minimum of 1 red heart while not having Arcane Potency trait.
  • Purging Stones now dispel 1 stack of curse.
  • Added a new status effect: Death's Mark, which increased damage taken by 1 heart for each stack. Currently this effect is only a downside but I plan on to add more interactions and synergies with the status effect in the future.
  • The Forbidden Tome event in floor 8 now inflicts 1 stack of Death's Mark instead of putting player at 1/2 heart of health.
  • Prices of a certain shopkeeper found in floor 4 have been reduced by a lot.
  • Class chests (Mage Stash, Warrior Stash and Ranger Stash) now don't contain attribute pickups anymore.
  • Wins vs Death are now displayed in the character selection class inspector.
  • Wins vs Mega Death are now counted and displayed in the character selection class inspector. This won't apply retroactively as Mega Death kills weren't counted previously. Mega Death kills also count as normal Death kills.
  • A little bronze, silver, gold or diamond trophy is displayed next to the Wins counters for each class. Requirements for the trophies are: Bronze: 1, Silver: 3, Gold 6, Diamond: 10
  • Added a random button to character selection.
  • Hardcore mode moved into the Cinder System and is currently the only Cinder modifier available in the game.
  • Hardcore mode now also doesn't require to defeat Death 5 times before being able to use it.

New Feature Enchantments:

  • The inferior / superior system has been completely reworked.
  • Weapons can now be enchanted with 1 modifier. There are currently 16 different enchantment modifiers in the game:

    • Awful: -10% DMG
    • Inferior: -5% DMG, -5% APS
    • Slow -10% APS
    • Violent: +10% DMG
    • Amplified: +20% Area Radius
    • Deadly: +30% Crit. Hit Multiplier
    • Massive: +20% Range
    • Nimble: +20% Reload Speed
    • Precise: +10% Crit. Chance
    • Quick: +10% APS
    • Superior: +5% DMG, +5% APS
    • Blessed: +20% DMG against Fiends and Undead
    • Ethereal: +20% DMG against Abberrations and Celestials
    • Feral: +20% DMG against Beasts and Monstrosities
    • Unreal: +10% DMG, +20% Reload Speed, +5% Crit. Chance
    • Legendary: +10% DMG, +10% APS, +5% Crit. Chance

  • Added a new NPC to the tavern: The Enchantress. She will reroll the enchantment of your weapon for 30G.
  • Added a new consumable: Twilight Branch, which rerolls the enchantment of your weapon. Can be bought in shops and found in secret rooms and locked cellars.

Tavern Changes:

  • Added a new NPC to the tavern which gives context to the Fair Lady NPC, making it a little less suggestive.
  • The Fair Lady NPC's dialogue now states the effect of what happens when you accept. (fully recovers health)
  • The Tax Collector NPC in the tavern now awards gold 4 times faster than before on trade.
  • Added a new NPC to the tavern which gives more context to what Death's Mark is and what it does. They also graciously gift the player 1 Red Eye Orb.
  • Tipsiness now grants 8% increased damage, down from 10%.
  • Due to infaltion, beer at the tavern now costs 10G up from 5G. :(
  • Due to beer being more expensive, the Samurai NPC has increased his prices for Sake from 10G to 15G.

Meta Progression Changes:

  • All boss Soul rewards have been adjusted (buffed), now granting a minimum of 500 Souls.
  • Cost of Blessings has been normalized, each level costs now 500 per level. (500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500...)
  • Blessing Changes:

    • Most blessings have been reworked. You will get a Soul refund for each level you put into Blessings before this patch.
    • The save system for Blessings has been improved so in the future, you won't lose any progress anymore. (hopefully...)
    • Removed these blessings: Alchemy (potion effect), Ash Frost and Storm (elemental damage), Dirty Techniques (physical damage), Enlightenment (shrine duration), Fanatcisim (damage vs undead), Tireless (stamina recovery speed), Wisdom (mana degeneration rate).
    • NEW: Adaptive Learner: You can reroll traits 1/2/3 additional times.
    • CHANGED: Ambush: Grants 5%/10%/15%/20%/25% more damage after entering a room for 4 seconds.
    • NEW: Backstab: Grants +5%/+10%/+15%/+20% critical hit chance against enemies moving away from you. Backstabs are indicated by a purple blade icon appearing on damage number.
    • NEW: Big Game Hunter: Grants 5%/10%/15%/20% more damage dealt against bosses.
    • CHANGED: Charisma: Reduces prices of items in shops by 10%/20%/30%.
    • NEW: Fatal Flaw: Increases "damage bonus if enemy is weak to attack" by 5%/10%/15%/20%/25%.
    • CHANGED: Finesse: When you dash, gain 5%/10%/15%/20% increased attack speed for 4 seconds.
    • NEW: Head Start: Start with +1 level.
    • NEW: Magentism: Grants +2/+4/+6/+8/+10 pickup radius (works also for mana stars)
    • CHANGED: Master Bomber: Grants 25%/50%/75% increased bomb damage AND radius.
    • NEW: Opulent Arms: Grants 5%/10%/15%/20% increased chance for weapons to be enchanted.
    • NEW: Regeneration: Recover 1 heart after picking a trait.
    • NEW: Toughness: The first damaging hit you take in boss rooms deals 1/2 red-hearts less damage.
    • NEW: Unchanting: Deal 5%/10%/15%/20%/25% more damage against enchanted enemies per level.

Enemy Balance Changes:

  • Enemies that are weak to an attack now only take 25% more damage, down from 50% more.
  • While some jumping / leaping enemies had their health increased this patch, all of those enemies can now be hit while they are jumping. (but they can't hit you during jump)
  • Mimics now scale their health by floor level.
  • All mimic encounters have been made more difficult. (They all shoot more, attack more, attack bigger, ...)
  • Basilisk enemies have been reworked and made more difficult.
  • Reduced health of Death slightly.
  • Reduced health of Mega Death noticeably.
  • Mega Death's rotating beams now rotate faster.
  • Adjusted some timings of Mega Death and increased size of some indicators / telegraphs to make the fight more fair.
  • All boss enemies health has been halved.
  • Boss enemies now enrage upon depleting their health, recovering to full life and gaining new abilities. (previously happened at half health)
  • All boss encounters start a tiny cut-scene to signalize that the 2nd phase (enrage) has begun.
  • When the cut-scene starts, players and enemies become invulnerable during cut-scene and all projectiles and damaging attacks are destroyed similar to what happens on room completion.
  • Small Spiders in floor 1 are now a bit faster.
  • Raging Spirits in floor 2 are now a bit faster and shoot more often.
  • Bone Archer arrow speed in floor 2 increased slightly.
  • Skeleton Warriors in floor 2 are now a bit faster.
  • Unreasonably Angry Carrots in floor 3 are now a bit faster and more active.
  • Rooms that contain Unreasonably Angry Carrots now on average contain 1 more carrot.
  • Centipedes in floor 3 have had their speed and aggressiveness increased.
  • Ghosts in floor 4 now act a bit quicker.
  • Witches in floor 4 move faster and now shoot homing fireball attacks at player.
  • Cactus Boxers in floor 5 shoot more projectiles after jumping.
  • Mummy enemies in floor 5 now shoot bigger and more bone projectiles. They also have slightly more health.
  • Snakes in floor 5 have had their trailing projectile duration increased and they move a bit faster.
  • Jellyfish in floor 6 will act quicker upon player entering the room.
  • Crabs in floor 6 will act quicker upon player entering the room and shoot more projectiles.
  • Calamari in floor 6 have had their behavior completely changed. They now will disappear and appear and then shoot projectiles at player.
  • Ifrit enemies in floor 7 shoot less projectiles but now will attack with a scorching ray laser attack.
  • Blazes in floor 7 will shoot projectiles into all direction when starting to channel their main projectile attack.
  • Red Dragon Wyrmlings in floor 7 are now a bit faster.
  • Rooms that contain Red Dragon Wyrmlings now on average contain 1 more dragon.
  • Volcanolings in floor 7 will jump and shoot further and their health has been increased slightly.
  • Imps in floor 8 shoot larger projectiles.
  • Horn Devils in floor 8 will shoot a homing claw projectile after bouncing the 2nd time.
  • Medusa enemies in floor 8 now got 2 laser beams instead of just 1.
  • Lost Souls in floor 8 have had their behavior change slightly, they will now teleport, shoot, move and shoot again.
  • Normal Oozes in floor 9 have had their health increased and they now shoot actively at player after jumping.
  • Flying Brains in floor 9 now teleport around and then shoot.
  • Cloaker enemies in floor 9 are now a bit faster and gained an immunity to knock-back.
  • Purple Worms in floor 9 have had their speed and aggressiveness increased.
  • Animated Greatswords in floor 10 move and attack slightly quicker.
  • Fallen Angels in floor 10 have their arrow speed increased slightly.
  • Minor Banshees in floor 10 have better aiming with their mortar attacks now.
  • Death Knights in floor 10 will act quicker upon player entering the room and they emit more projectiles when using their slam-dash attack.

Boss Changes:

  • Soul Pylons now count as boss enemies, which makes them drop mana stars at certain health thresholds. This is a buff to weapons that stack upon defeating bosses with them.
  • Soul Pylons now always spawn on Floor 3, 6 and 9.
  • You are now prompted to confirm to leave the floor, if door that leads to a Soul Pylon spawned.
  • Soul Pylon health now scales differently, giving the last encounter a bit more health appropriate to floor 9.
  • After defeating a Soul Pylon, the Boss Defeated Banner will now state Soul Pylon 1/3, 2/3, 3/3.
  • Soul Pylons now drop Soul Shards. 3 Soul Shards will combine into a new consumable item that will help you in the fight against Mega Death.
  • Rocks that fall from ceiling during Minotaur fight now will target player more often.
  • Made Spider Queen a bit more accurate.
  • Lich got a new movement behavior and a teleport ability to make him a little bit more agile. Lich also will shoot a bit more projectiles.
  • Banshee projectiles had a few tweaks making some attacks harder and others easier.
  • Mandrake now continously leaves behind roots that damage player while moving. Mandrake shoots more projectiles.
  • Queen Bee attack 2 has been reworked and she now shoots projectiles before charging at player 3 times. Attack 1 projectile speeds have been tweaked.
  • Gargoyles changed a lot, especially due to the new enrage mechanic. Both gargoyles have had some changes made to their attacks.
  • Vampire was made a bit harder but telegraphs and indicators were improved.
  • Sphinx was largely untouched but some attacks have been made less punishing for close range attackers.
  • Pharaoh boss shoots more projectiles now and spawns more falling sarcophagus during invulnerability phase.
  • Neptunes phase 1 has been made harder but phase 2 (enrage) has been made slighlty easier. (mostly projectiles and projectile speed tweaks)
  • Kraken shoots more projectiles, especially in phase 2 and now got a 20% damage reduction while standing still in attack 3 where the ship projectiles spawn.
  • Phoenix attack 1 now will actively target player with falling meteors.
  • Red Dragon's attack transition times have been adjusted. Improved the aiming of his mortar attacks.
  • Cerberus has had the last phase with rotating beams removed and it has been replaced by a more active laser shooting phase. Standing still just didn't cut it for a floor 8 boss.
  • King Ooze was reworked and many attack phases changed. He now spawns normal Oozes regurarly and the attack in which he stands still in middle of arena has been changed.
  • Mind Flamers health was decreased significantly and the amount of projectiles emitted in phase 2 (enrage) has been reduced.
  • Death now will stay at a minimum distance from arena border during the rotating beam phase.
  • Death gains a 20% damage reduction status effect during the attack phase in which they stand in middle of arena.
  • Mega Death gains a 20% damage reduction status effect during the "A Storm of Souls" attack phase.
  • Mega Death will now inflict 1 stack of Death's Mark upon transitioning into phase 2 (enrage).

Enemy Enchantment Changes:

  • The delay before lightning strikes of Storm Enchanted come down has been increased. Storm Enchanted spawns more lightning strikes.
  • Arcane beams of Arcane Enchanted rotate faster and are longer.
  • Electricity Enchanted now shoots 5 projectiles up from 3.
  • Frozen Enchanted explosions will spawn a lot more frequently and radius got increased slightly.
  • Laser Enchanted will spawn lasers more frequently.
  • Mortar Enchanted will spawn mortars more frequently.
  • Thorn Enchanted will shoot thorns more frequently.
  • Web Enchanted will spawn webs more frequently and webs laser longer.

Trait Changes:

  • Cull the Weak now grants "Enemies take 10% more damage PER status effect on them" instead of "25% more damage dealt against enemies with A status effect on them".
  • Lethality now grants 125% increased critical hit multiplier, up from 100%.
  • Sword and Board is now a dexterity biased trait. Increased DMG dealt by shield bash attack from 150% weapon damage to 200% weapon damage.
  • Glass Cannon now makes you take +1 heart of damage taken instead of doubling damage taken.
  • When you die and revive while having Arcane Potency, you now gain Soul Hearts instead of recovering normal hearts.
  • Proficiency traits (Beef, Intuition, Keen Mind) now dynamically display the bonus damage gained.
  • Gunslinger now also resets the attack cooldown so that you can shoot immediately after dashing.

Weapon Changes:

  • Weapon scaling was extended and will now go up to S+++.
  • Damage bonus gained from upgrading weapons is now affected by (hidden) weapon tier, increasing the benefit of upgrading early-game / bad weapons. Damage increase per upgrade level now ranges from 15% to 9%.
  • Changed the APS of Harp from 2 to 4 but removed the inherent "repeating" effect. Harp also got a new sound effect.
  • Deck of Cards, Enchanted Bow, Frostbane, Laser Gun, Laser Rifle, Salamandra and Soulthief Dagger now deal Magical damage and thus will benefit from mana.
  • Added an extended description to Cluckeye Bow which states: "Chicken deals 1800% more damage.".
  • Added an extended description Berserker Axes regarding Berserker Rage which states: "Stacks up to 4 times. \nGrants 5% increased\nattack speed per stack.".
  • Golden Skean APS increased from 1.5 to 1.75 APS.
  • Ninja Dagger bonus critical hit multiplier increased from 50% to 75%.
  • Shadowsneak Dagger DMG increased from 250-275 to 275-300.
  • Skinning Knife DMG increased from 250-275 to 275-300.
  • Soul Thief Dagger APS increased from 2 to 2.5 APS.
  • The Hungry Blade now gains 30% critical hit multiplier on boss kill up from 25%. Increased APS from 1.5 to 2 and base bonus critial hit multiplier from 25% to 50%.
  • Archon Scepter DMG increased from 175-200 to 225-250. Decreased APS (tick rate) from 4.5 to 4.
  • Disintegration Scepter DMG increased from 50-75 to 75-100. Increased APS (tick rate) from 3.5 to 4.
  • Freezing Scepter DMG increased from 50-75 to 75-100.
  • Mana Scepter DMG increased from 100-125 to 125-150.
  • Toxic Scepter APS (tick rate) increased from 3.5 to 4.
  • Spore Flail DMG increased from 100-125 to 125-150.
  • Sun Vortex flail DMG was increased from 250-300 to 375-400. Internal rarity was increased by 1 tier.
  • Zweihander now can hit twice. Increased DMG bonus per strength from +5 to +10.
  • Butcher Cleaver was adjusted (nerfed) after an oversight in last patch where bleed damage was doubled. Now deals 100% more bleed damage down from 250% more bleed damage.
  • Life Drain Scepter and Lifehunt Scythe now have a 10% chance to drop a heart healing-pickup on kill instead of recovering 1 health per kill.
  • Scepter (ray channeling) weapons are now be a bit smoother to aim.
  • Removed all knock-back from Bible and Flail weapons.
  • Blizzard Scroll, Arctic Wand and Frozen Orb wand now always apply Chill.
  • Nimbus Scroll, Gungnir and Lightning Javelin now always apply shock.
  • Flame Wand DMG increased from 275-300 to 325-350.
  • Shuriken have a new (not final) projectile flying behavior.
  • Razor Wand projectiles now seek enemies. DMG was decreased from 150-175 to 125-150 and APS was decreased from 4.5 to 4 APS.
  • Spectral Blade Wand projectiles now fly in a helix behavior. APS was increased from 2.5 to 3 APS.

Gift Changes:

  • Amethyst Ring is now unlocked and equipped by default.
  • Ethereal Dice has been replaced with a Red Eye Orb gift. Consuming a Red Eye Orb will inflict 1 stack of Death's Mark. Which currently provides no beneficial effect other than maybe for a challenge run.

Equipment Changes:

  • Silver Serpent Ring now spawns a soul on room completion. (1x Soul is worth 50 Souls)
  • Flame Treads now specify damage dealt in description. (250-300)
  • Horn Helmet now specifies damage dealt in description. (3000-4000)
  • Kitsune Mask now specifies damage dealt in description. (250-350 per fireball)
  • Top Hat now specifies damage dealt in description (1500-2000)
  • Skull Ring rarity tier decreased by 1. (is now more common)
  • Sorcerer Cloak now grants 40% slower mana degeneration rate up from 35%.
  • Ruby Ring now grants 20% increased Burn damage.
  • Sapphire Ring now grants 20% increased effect of Chill and Frostbite.
  • Topaz Ring now grants 30% increased effect of Shock.
  • Equipment items don't grant immunities anymore.
  • Plague Doctor Mask now grants: 10% increased DoT tick rate
  • Dragonscale Greaves now grant: When you dash, deal 15% increased melee damage for 4 seconds.
  • Thieves Boots now grant: When you dash, gain +10% critical hit chance for 4 seconds.
  • The Mojo offhand now grants 15% increased poison tick rate.
  • Diamond Ring now grants +10% to critical hit chance, up from +8%.
  • Pyromancy Flame now grants 15% increased damage over time, down from 20%.

Class Changes:

  • All classes now have a baseline mana of 2 mana stars. Which is a buff to things like Warrior but a nerf to Sorcerer.
  • Knight now gains 8% more damage per maximum armor, previously 5% more damage per current armor.
  • Pyrmancer got a new passive ability: Dark Arts: You deal 8% more damage per stack of curse on you. You start with 1 stack of curse.
  • Warrior got a new passive ability: Bravery: You gain 6% more attack speed per heart container you have. The changes to Pyromancer and Warrior were made so now all classes are more of a blank slate and can be turned into a bigger variety of builds. You can now play a mage Warrior or a ranged Pyromancer.
  • Doppelganger now copies another class each day. (rarely might repeat) Doppelganger is now not a challenge character anymore but more of a fun "overpowered" character.
  • Doppelganger now gains an enhanced version of the copied class ability. e.g.: Enhanced Mage Armor: Gain +2 Soul Hearts when you enter a new floor, Enhanced Survivalist: Grants 2 additional random consumables upon killing a boss, ...
  • Thief technically got nerfed because players now have to win a lockpicking minigame to pick locks. Thief will only resort to picking locks when they have no key.

Minor Other Changes:

  • Infusion effect consumable descriptions now are phrased in plural, stating "Infuses weapons" instead of "Infuses weapon".
  • Added a particle effect and animation to Soul pickups.
  • Added a resolution option for 1680x1050.
  • Added a resolution option for 1280x800.
  • The HUD XP bar now states "LVL" instead of "XP".
  • Healing pickups now make a sound when they spawn.
  • The floor transition animation now displays the player characters head.
  • Titles of Blood Shrines are now red.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the Hero's Red Dice vanished if the inventory was full while acquiring it.
  • Fixed a MAJOR bug / oversight where the game would make attribute pickups of your highest attribute type 10 times more common than it was supposed to. This was adjusted and is a big change, you will find A LOT more mixed attributes pickups now.
  • Fixed a bug where rooms that granted a key as reward could be locked.
  • Fixed a bug where rooms that granted bombs as a reward could be blocked.
  • Secondary weapon actions now work "on-press" instead of "on-hold" which lead to weird behavior with weapons like Deck of Cards.
  • Fixed a bug where both doors could roll the same reward if player used a Red Dice.
  • Fixed a MAJOR bug where the game sometimes made mistakes when querying stat values, making it so that sometimes certain stats would apply or not apply while not expected to do so.
  • Fixed a bug where players could equip items of any type by using drag and drop to swap the item.
  • Fixed a bug where equipment that provided maximum health would be able to heal the player in a variety of scenarious. Equipment that provides maximum health will now only once, on being fully attuned, recover health.
  • Fixed a bug where the Kitsune Mask was shooting at bosses during the small cut-scene before the boss encounter starts.
  • Fixed a bug where orbitals granted by Inferno Potion, Armor of Thorns, Armor of Avernus or Armor of Agathys got permanently destroyed when the player supposedly died but then defied Death or got revived.
  • Fixed a lot of typos. (Many more are left...)
  • Fixed a bug where some equipment descriptions would mention chance to ignite instead of chance to burn.
  • Fixed a bug where the character panel didn't automatically close when entering a boss room.
  • Fixed a bug where a late-game reward would promise a random helmet but then awarded a random body armor.
  • Fixed a bug where a random offhand reward sometimes would show icon for a helmet.
  • Fixed a bug where Berserker Potions granted 20% increased attack speed instead of the 15% stated in the description.
  • Fixed a bug where the Runestone Event in floor 7 didn't make the player level up.
  • Fixed a bug where the Circlet helmet would state to give "spell attack speed" instead of "magic attack speed".
  • Fixed a bug where the game didn't save after spending Souls to acquire a new class.
  • Fixed a bug where special equipment effects weren't always applied and removed correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where Constitution would apply "on room completion", not as stated "on going to next room".
  • Character panel now correctly states "Soul Health" instead of "Protection Health" which was the legacy name for that.
  • Fixed a bug where some lightning strike attacks from enemies weren't destroyed on room completion.
  • Fixed that the extended description of weapons would round APS values to 1 decimal place instead of 2 decimal places.
  • Fixed that you could interact with events while in trait selection or even during game over.
  • Fixed a bug where the collection item for "The Hero" wouldn't unlock by default.
  • Fixed a bug where bosses could get stuck if you leveled up and got into trait selection during their cut-scene.
  • Fixed a bug where "Stamina On Hit" effects could trigger while already being at maximum stamina.
  • Fixed a bug where the game timer wouldn't go beyond 1 hour and instead loop to 0.
  • Fixed a bug where if Souls spawned outside of the arena, they didn't get moved into arena bounds.
  • Fixed a bug where Throwing Knives and Poisoned Throwing Knives wouldn't update their shot origin position correctly.
  • Started to improve loading performance between dungeon rooms by spreading the generation of a new room over 2 frames instead of 1 frame.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing escape in certain class selection menus lead directly back to title screen instead of closing the menu.
  • Fixed a bug where the laser vizier granted by weapons like Sniper Rifle would "aim" and "move" while the weapon wasn't moving, for example while interacting with menus.

What's next?

The next week I will focus on pushing out hot fixes for bugs that will be found in this version. Then I will start to work on Cloud Saves and the Cinder System.

Thank you for reading (or not) and see you next patch!

PTR V0.1.6 V2 Patch Notes

There are just tentative patch notes to give PTR testers a quick rundown of what changed. More detailed patch notes (or better phrases patch notes ) will come when patch goes to default branch.

New Features:

  • Added a new NPC to the tavern that sometimes graciously gifts the player a Red Eye Orb.
  • Introduced a new status effect "Death's Mark" which stacks infinitely and adds +1 heart to damage taken.
  • Added a new consumable "Twilight Branch" that rerolls a weapon enchantment.
  • Inferior and Superior system has been reworked. There are now many more modifiers, these are called "Enchantments".
  • Added a new NPC that appears in the Tavern that rerolls a weapon enchantment for 30G.
  • Soul Pylons now drop Soul Shards, 3 can be combined into a new consumable that helps against Mega Death's massive health pool.

Big Changes:

  • All bosses now use a new timing to go into "enrage" mode. They effectively have 2 health bars now and will transition in a cut scene after depleting the first health bar. When the transition starts, all projectiles and damaging attacks are deleted like it would happen on room completion, additionally the player can't take damage during the transition phase, to make the transition phase as fair as possible. This applies to all bosses and finally makes boss enrage transitions consistent. This also affects Gargoyles, so your strategies might change on that encounter.
  • Most (all?) bosses have been changed or even slightly buffed (mechanics changed, generally no health buffs, only some health nerfs sprinkled throughout). Including: Minotaur, Spider Queen, Lich, Banshee, Mandrake, Queen Bee, Vampire, Gargoyles, Pharaoh, Sphinx, Neptune, Kraken, Phoenix, Red Dragon, Cerberus, Succubus, King Ooze, Mind Flamer, Death and Mega Death.
  • King Ooze has gotten an entire new phase and has been reworked slightly to keep up with Mind Flamer.
  • Cerberus has gotten an entire new phase and has been reworked to not stand still and be killed.
  • A lot of normal enemies have been changed or slightly buffed. Including: Small Spiders, Raging Spirits, Skeleton Warriors, Skeleton Archers, Wisps, Unreasonably Angry Carrots, Centipedes, Cactus Boxers, Ghosts, Witches, Mummies, Snakes, Mosquitos, Crabs, Calamari, Fallen Angels, Jellyfish, Medusas, Imps, Horn Devils, Ifrits, Blazes, Red Dragon Wyrmlings, Volcanolings, Lost Souls, Oozes, Flying Brains, Cloakers, Purple Worms, Animated Greatswords, Minor Banshees and Death Knights
  • The game now will make a separate save state for the beta (PTR) and default branch of the game. Existing save states should be loaded once correctly on either branch.
  • Curse has been reworked. Curse now stacks infinitely and will reduce red hearts by 1. There is now a minimum health of 1 heart. (Currently on PTR there is a bug where this change bypasses that "Arcane Potency" sets health to 0. Will be fixed soon.)
  • Reworked Basilisk encounters to be a bit more challenging.
  • Reworked or buffed all Mimic encounters. Mimic health now scales per floor.
  • Wins VS Death and Wins VS Mega Death are now displayed in the class inspection menu not in the Unlocks menu. There are now small trophy icons displayed next to your Death and Mega Death kill totals, Bronze = 1, Silver = 3, Gold = 6, Diamond = 10 kills. Mega Death kills also count as normal Death kills. Wins VS Mega Death were not counter previously, so it will start from 0. (sorry!)
  • Doppelganger now doesn't copy a random class but copies a random class every day. (Might repeat sometimes) A true "random" character will be added at some point but that wasn't the intention behind Doppelganger.

Minor Balance Changes:

  • Repair Powder now only recovers 1 armor point.
  • Small gold reward now gives at least 10 gold.
  • Mana degenerates slower by default now that the passive blessing has been removed.
  • Sorcerer cloak was buffed by 5% slower mana degeneration rate
  • Mana Potions have been nerfed to generate a mana star every 5 seconds up from 4 seconds
  • Equipment that provides maximum health now can only recover the health gained once on attunement.
  • Added inherent elemental status effects (Shock, Chill) to the following weapons: Blizzard Scroll, Nimbus Scroll, Arctic Wand, Flame Wand, Frozen Orb Wand, Gungnir, Lightning Javelin
  • Drinking in the Tavern now costs 10G.
  • Topaz Ring now grants increased effect of Shock.
  • Ruby Ring now grants increased Burn damage.
  • Sapphire Ring now grants increased effect / damage of Chill and Frostbite.
  • Removed knock back from Bible and Flail weapons.
  • Purging Stones now dispels 1 stack of Curse instead.
  • Purging Stones sold by the Cleric are now cheaper.
  • Ranger, Warrior and Mage Stashes now don't contain Attribute Pickups anymore.
  • Mega Death will now apply 1 stack of "Death's Mark" to the player upon transitioning into phase 2.
  • Mega Death, Death and the Kraken now gain a small DMG reduction buff in certain phases of the fight.
  • The "Madness" event in floor 8 now will apply 1 stack of "Death's Mark" instead of setting player health to 1/2 heart. The "Madness" status effect has been nerfed to grant 10% crit chance down from 20%.
  • The "Ethereal Dice" gift has been replaced by a "Red Eye Orb" gift. Applies 1 stack of "Death's Mark" on consumption.
  • All elite monster enchantment modifiers have been buffed.

Minor Visual or Other Changes:

  • "Stamina points on hit effects" now can't trigger while on full stamina.
  • Added a confirmation window to giving up.
  • You can now use the heal hotkey "H" to use Repair Powder.
  • The "Collection" has been renamed to the "Unlocks" menu.
  • Titles of Blood Shrines are now red.
  • Added a new NPC that gives context to the "Fair Lady" NPC that can be found in the tavern to make the encounter less suggestive.
  • Added an explanation to the dialogue of "Fair Lady" NPC that clarifies that it will fully heal you.
  • The floor transition animation now shows the player's head.
  • Enemy lightning strike attacks should now be consistently destroyed on room completion.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed that Kitsune mask would trigger before boss fights.
  • Fixed that the Suppression gained from passive skill blessings didn't just apply to normal health. (red hearts)
  • Fixed a bug where both doors could have the same reward offered if you used a Red Dice.
  • Fixed that game timer didn't go beyond 1 hour.
  • Fixed that if souls spawned outside of arena players couldn't reach them. (now are moved closer to arena center)
  • Fixed how blessings (meta progression) are saved. They have been changed last patch, some might be "lost". You will get a soul refund and in the future your investment will be unaffected if passive blessings change again.
  • Fixed some pretty big oversights on how stats were calculated. Sometimes stats would apply or not apply in situations where they should or should not have applied.
  • Fixed the projectile spawn point of Throwing Knives and Poison Throwing Knives.
  • Fixed a bug where the DMG bonus from "Hellsingers" to fiends and undead wouldn't actually apply.
  • Fixed input of secondary weapon actions which checked "holding down" the button and not "pressing" the button which lead to weird behavior on weapons like Deck of Cards.
  • Fixed that pressing ESC while interacting with certain menus in the class selection would bring you right back to the title screen instead of closing the menu.
  • Fixed that rooms that rewarded a key or bombs could be locked or blocked rooms.
  • Fixed that the "total" APS description (when holding Shift) was rounding to 1 decimal, not 2 decimal places.
  • Fixed a bug where you could interact with things during game over.
  • Fixed that a "random offhand" reward showed icon of a helmet.
  • Fixed a bug where "The Hero" didn't appear as unlocked by default in Unlocks menu.
  • Fixed handling of what happens when an attribute pickup levels you up delayed during a boss cutscene.

Thank you for testing, please make sure you are on the correct game version when reporting PTR bugs. (Might need to restart Steam to get the patch!)

What I'm working on

Hello fellow tiny rogues,

many people have asked what my future plans for the game are.


Let's take a quick look into the near future of Tiny Rogues and find out together what's all the way up on my list of priorities.


This is the next update for Tiny Rogues and here is the rough plan of what it will add and change. The first draft of this version is already being tested on the PTR beta branch right now. A few more versions will come to PTR. I hope to push 0.1.6 to default branch at the end of next week, maybe a few days earlier, maybe a few days later.

  • New reworked meta progression system! Almost all Blessings will have new effects and soul economy and cost will be adjusted. (The game's design philosophy of allowing skilled players to beat the game without any investment into meta progression will stay. This change affects players that enjoy or require meta progression, e.g.: people who want to feel super powerful and people who need a little bit of help to beat the game.)
  • A lot of bug fixes. Basically 100% of major bugs and 80% of minor bugs found in 0.1.5 should be fixed.
  • New changes to Doppelganger's passive ability.
  • Slight adjustments of enemy difficulty throughout the game. You can expect just some very slight tweaking of projectile speeds, projectile amounts, enemy movement speed and enemy amount. This will also affect some bosses.
  • A rework to how bosses go into enrage.
  • Changes to make Soul Pylon spawning more consistent.
  • There is also going to be a new change that make Mega Death's enrage phase more punishing, that allows me to reduce the health of Mega Death but keeping the fight very challenging. Some timings of the Mega Death fight will be tweaked to make the fight a fairer and better telegraphed in some instances. In some other instances the fight was too easy and it will be made a bit harder. (for example, the beams will rotate faster)


(in 2 - 3 weeks)

  • A new system called "Cinder" that allows players to apply modifiers to the game to make it more difficult. It will add 20 unique difficulty modifiers that can be applied to make the game more challenging and punishing.
  • A new system that acts as a sort of single-player ladder or streaking system which ties in closely with the Cinder system.
  • At this point "Hardcore" mode will be removed and moved into the Cinder system as a modifier.
  • I will look into implementing cloud saves in this patch.
  • More bug fixes
  • More balance changes


(in 3 - 4 weeks)

  • Official controller (gamepad) support
  • More bug fixes
  • More balance changes
  • If time allows it, maybe a few more traits, equipment items and new event rooms

After 0.1.8

I have not decided yet, what I want to work on after 0.1.8.
There might be one more patch, 0.1.9 that adds a little bit of content like again traits, weapons, equipment items and event rooms.

After that the game will take a short break of patching that frequently and I will work 1 to 2 months (hopefully before Christmas or New Year ) on a bigger expansion in which I plan to allow players to open the first of the 2 big doors that can be found in the final room after defeating Death and progress into a new floor with new enemies, new weapons, equipment items and many many new bosses. Work in progress title for this completely free of charge early access expansion is Tiny Rogues: Hellfire.

Thank you for reading and thank you so so much for playing the game.

If you want to interact with the lovely community come join the official Tiny Rogues discord:
Discord Link

Gotcha again!

If you want to support the game even more, always remember that leaving a positive review on Steam and telling your favorite content creators about Tiny Rogues helps me most.