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Genre: Adventure, Indie


RELEASE v1.0.4

V1.0.4 is Now Live on Steam

-Fatal Error on startup has (almost certainly probably) been fixed
-This should have also fixed a lot of the crashes on Linux, since it seems like the crashes were caused by a packaging error
-Replaced screen after TB is deleted with the updated screen material
-Fixed "Playtest Report" achievement not granting at the end of level 1
-Added BrainError's cat to Level 2 (I forgot to add it before release and she got sad)
-Added RETCON logo model to the RETCON System Clock area (model courtesy of Opabina)

NOTE: We haven't extensively tested this build with the new packaging fix, if it's horrendously broken for whatever reason let us know (V1.0.3 will also be available under "fallback" as a separate branch in betas if needed)

RELEASE v1.0.3

V1.0.3 is Now Live on Steam

-Another Potential fix to Fatal Error (tried a few things, we'll see if they do anything)
-Game will no longer be stuck in low framerate after restarting the game from fridge
-Starting a game from the chapter select will properly remove the glasses
-Fixed name in credits

RELEASE v1.0.2

V1.0.2 is Now Live on Steam

Bug fixes:
-Possible fix for Fatal Error on startup (we're not 100% sure if it's gonna work so be sure to let us know if you're still crashing)
-Linux builds should be more stable now
-Optimization in several levels
-Fixed Mug Intro not using sound volume setting
-Fixed several softlocks

RELEASE v1.0.1

V1.0.1 is Now Live on Steam

Bug fixes:
-Fixed Reset Save Button (no longer resets to wrong values)
-Fixed the camera getting stuck zoomed in if you zoomed while reading a note
-Fixed code comments getting stuck while reading a note
-Removed unused variables
-Fixed several out of bounds glitches and softlocks
-Fixed missing vent in starting bathroom

-Cheats Button in Extras Menu is usable after beating the game
(if you break the game with these we probably aren't going to fix the problem)

-Pressing R will skip forward 10 seconds in time

-New Radio Song
-Credits updated

We're still working on stability for Linux users, be sure to let us know if you're having issues and we'll do our best to help.

Title_Pending is OUT NOW!

Title_Pending - Release Date Reveal

Watch the Trailer Here:

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Title_Pending Development Log #1 - What We've Been Up To

Hello everyone, and welcome to our first Development Log!

This is the first of hopefully many logs we'll be doing in the build up to the release of Title_Pending. We'll be using these to show off some of the stuff we've been working on, share progress, and more! Since this is the first one we've done, we won’t be showing too much, but hopefully you still enjoy.

Here's the Video Version:

Note: New Music is only available here!



As we've teased on our twitter (go follow that btw) we've made the Stanton Soda™ vending machines functional. Now if you interact with one, it'll spit out an official JMC Branded Stanton Soda™ can.

There's no limit on the amount of cans you can spawn, so go nuts!

There's even a chance you'll hear a jingle after purchasing a can!


Here's some of the other quality of life changes and additions we've made since the demo:

  • The Pause Menu now actually pauses the game, including Music and Dialogue
  • Camera Bobbing can now be toggled
  • The HUD Scanline effect can also be toggled
  • There's now a streamer mode option that will prevent the game from using your PC name
  • File chunking has been enabled, which splits the game into multiple pak files, to allow for easier updating
  • Level Streaming has been implemented, which gives a sizable boost to performance across all specs (demonstration below)


We've recently hit a pretty big milestone, as we've finished up the finale of the game. Hopefully you all enjoy it when the game releases!

Currently, we're working on fleshing out the story, adding loads of extra content, and of course, fixing bugs. We can't share much yet, but let's just say there's gonna be a lot of secrets to find once you get your hands on the full release...


Last, but not least, we'll be opening a QNA channel on our discord. If you have any questions that you wanna ask the devs, just drop it in there, and we'll answer them in upcoming dev logs.

We'll try our best to answer every question we can.

Here's our Discord

(if you haven't joined already)

Thank you for reading, and be sure to wishlist Title_Pending if you haven't already!

Title_Pending Full Game Official Teaser Trailer

Watch the Trailer Here!

Title_Pending Demo - Steam Next Fest Gameplay

Title_Pending Demo OST now on Spotify!

Spotify Link Here

Track List:
-Title Pending
-Bathroom Break
-Cat Den
-Whip Lé Vator
-Lofi Beats to Playtest and Timeloop to
-Thirty Three past Two
-Fine you can have one more
-Scanning Unknown Entities
-In Space, No one can hear you Monologue
-Please Behave Yourself

Bandcamp Link Here
SoundCloud Link Here