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Genre: Simulator, Indie, Visual Novel

Witchy Life Story

Thanksgiving Update 2!

Endless Mode:

  • Garden now loads properly
  • Compost quantity now updates properly when crafted

Happy Thanksgiving Quick Fix

heh.... totally forgot to actually add all the spells from the main game to endless mode so... did that just now! hope everyone who's celebrating thanksgiving today has a lovely holiday!

Keep Living your Witchy Life in Endless Mode!

Endless Mode Update

Happy Autumn, Everyone!

Not only is Witchy Life Story 15% off for the Steam Autumn Sale event, but we've also added a new game mode for those of you who have completed the game! In Endless Mode, you can...

  • Craft all the spells and enchanted items from the main game
  • Create custom spells using any combination of ingredients
  • Created custom enchanted objects by clicking on the item in your grimoire that you wish to enchant
  • Tend your garden to keep collecting ingredients
  • Decorate your altar and do tarot readings
  • Keep dressing up your witch anyway you like

We also changed the moon clock to run on a 28-day cycle for those who like to base their magical practices around the moon! No matter what ending you got for the harvest festival, you should be able to access Endless Mode from the title screen once you complete the game. Of course, let us know if you run into any issues! We'll do our best to help :)

And, of course, if you enjoyed Witchy Life Story, be sure to leave us a review! It's a small way that helps indie games like ours!


An update, some fixes, and a big THANK YOU!

Thank you!

First of all, a big THANK YOU to everyone who bought, played, streamed, shared, and reviewed our game this past week. Without your support, our launch wouldn't have been such a success!!! And if you enjoyed Witchy Life Story but haven't had the chance to review it yet, please do!

Reviews are a great way to keep supporting games like ours! :)

Now for the update...

We've been seeing some folks asking for an endless mode in Witchy Life Story where you can keep crafting spells after you completed the main game. We're happy to announce we're working on it!

As of now, we're thinking after you finish the main game, a button will appear on the title screen that takes you to the endless mode. Here you can keep crafting spells using recipes from the game, but also new ones based off whatever ingredients you want to use! You'll also be able to access the character creator if you just want to play dress up, along with your altar so you can keep decorating and doing tarots readings. Of course you'll have access to the garden and village shop too when you need to get more spellcrafting supplies!

Oct. 11th Bug Fixes & Updates

  • Minor spelling and grammar error
  • Achievements should all now unlock
  • Fixed dialog text issue where last few words would get cut off
  • Fixed
  • some* of the resolution issues. Text and screens should resize properly, but some stuff needs to be worked out still. See "know issues" below.
  • Divination Oil should now unlock on the player's altar

Known Issues

  • Depending on the resolution, the player's witch doesn't size correctly
  • Depending on the resolution, the options menu and some other UI elements don't clear correctly when closed.
  • Depending on the resolution, the mouse cursor duplicates itself in the garden

As always, if you find any bugs or issues, let us know! Feel free to post them in the "Bugz" discussion here on steam, or email us at info@sundewstudios.com!


Quick Fixes Oct. 2rd

Quick Fixes

  • dialog portrait error
  • scene skip bug in Ruth Request 3

Working On

  • Screen resolution issues - think we have a fix, but finishing it up and doing further testing
  • Hooking up dialog SFX to volume controls

Quick Fixes

Just some minor spelling and teasel portrait vanishing issues!

Quick Patch!

Hello! We just did a quick fix on some things:

  • fixed some spelling and grammar errors
  • fixed Niesha achievement bug

Thank you to everyone who's taking the time to report these bugs! It's a big help and we promised to fix them as fast as we can :)

Witchy Life Story is OUT NOW!!!!

Live your best troublesome witch life in Witchy Life Story, out now on Steam!

We're celebrating our release with a 10% launch discount!


We just want to say another big THANK YOU to everyone who's followed us during development and playing our demo. Every like, comment and share meant the world to us over these past two years. For those of you who played the demo early on we've got some updates for you:

  • a new granny square outfit
  • she/he and "no pronoun" options
  • lips and lip colors
  • holding down "x" will rapidly go through the dialog in the game.* Very useful if you want to get through the demo content again quickly!
  • general bug and spelling fixes
  • the altar now saves its state!

  • Known bug: sometimes causes the music to not load in, but it's not permanent and will load just fine the next time you go through a music transition.

If you enjoy Witchy Life Story, please leave a Steam review and send us your witch on social media! We hope you enjoy our game :)

One Week till Witchy Life Story Launches on Steam!

Trouble is brewing in Flora... and that trouble is (partly) YOU!

Greetings, Witches!

We hope you're as excited as we are for the launch of Witchy Life story next week. We can't wait for you all to finally play the full game! Make sure you're following us on all our socials, where we'll counting down till next Friday. If you or anyone else you know enjoys...

🌻 Cozy (and chaotic) stories!
🧙‍♀️Desiging your own witch
đź”®Gathering plants and crafting spells
💚Bewitching friendships… and more!

Then make sure to check out and share our demo in the meantime!


Witchy Life Story is coming to Steam Sept. 30th!

Hello Everyone!

We're super excited to announce Witchy Life Story is coming to Steam on September 30th! As part of Gayming Live 2022 and to celebrate our announcement, we've got a fancy new developer stream for you to enjoy! We've also updated our demo with some new character creator options like lip color, a no pronoun option, and a new outfit (plus a few bug fixes lol)! Enjoy our new trailer too!

Can't wait to share Witchy Life Story with all of you!



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