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Your Story

First patch 1.0.1

Hey folks! Thanks for your constant support. We're working on improving the game. In the meantime, we prepared a small patch for you. Here is the list of changes:

  • We've added a Mac OS version,
  • Balanced voiceovers and added the possibility to turn them off with a "volume voice" bar,
  • Balanced music volume,
  • Some bad endings are easier to find/achieve,
  • Going to the Village triggers the passing of time,
  • Fixed the bug with disappearing Ove during the conversation,
  • Fixed a bug that could cause some quests to multiply in the journal,
  • Minor fixing with misspellings,
  • Fixed a typo in the Chinese version that could cause the game to crash.

If you encounter a bug, please report it here on Steam or our Discord server HERE.


Roadmap & future updates

Hey folks! We're a couple of days after the release, and we're still really excited. It's our first game, so every little thing is like something entirely new for us. We thank you for your support and feedback. We hear everything and want to improve the whole game for you. If you want to discuss the game, please join our Discord server HERE.

Below is the short plan for the upcoming two months.

What do we want to do?

  • fix every bug, based on your feedback (we're happy that there isn't a lot of them)
  • expand alternative romance (not only!) routes with more content and new dedicated illustrations
  • create more collectibles through the locations
  • more puzzles and mini-games

Your Story is out!

The day has finally come!

We are thrilled to officially announce that Your Story is now live and available on Steam!

We couldn't have done it without the patience and support of our amazing Kickstarter backers, community members, and friends who kept checking in and motivating us even during the toughest times. Thank you!

To celebrate this happy moment, we'd like to offer you a 20% release discount, available for the next 7 days. Don't miss this opportunity!

We hope you'll enjoy the game and can't wait to hear your feedback. If you haven't already, join our community on Discord, where you can discuss Your Story with other players and our team. We're looking forward to reading about the choices you've made throughout Lia's journey!

Enjoy the game,
The GameLoad Team

Music Trailer & 48 Hours Until Release

Hey folks! Two days to the game release! We've just uploaded a new music trailer for the game with a dedicated song! We're excited to be here; thanks for your support, and we hope you'll be having fun playing the game just in a couple of days!

Remember, you can discuss the game with other players on our Discord, join HERE!

The release date is here!

Release window, new localization & MORE!

Hey folks!

Winter holidays are almost here, and before that we wanted to share with you another update regarding our game. We hope you're going to like it! We're going to talk about a couple of things. Let's start with the following:

Release window

First of all, a message everyone (or at least we hope) waited for. We will publish the game in January. We will also share the exact day of the release at the beginning of the new year.

New demo & Chinese localization

With this news we’ve also updated the demo. Right now you can download it from Steam with a couple of new things, and a new language to choose. From now on you can play the demo in Simplified Chinese.

Work status

At this moment we are finished with almost everything and we can play the game from the beginning to the end. We just need some more testing to eliminate bugs, and polish everything.

If you want to talk about the new demo or the upcoming full release - we invite you to join our Discord server HERE.

Happy holidays!

Hello there... again

Hey folks! For the last months, we have been working on making Your Story for you. Today we want to share the newest version of our demo and tell you about the status of our progress. If you want to try the game, go to our store page and download it.

What can you expect?

First of all, as we said before: our main goal was to create a better version of the game, and we changed a lot - staying, of course, close to our core idea. You can expect new graphics, more detailed characters, new backgrounds, and dedicated art. We also write everything from scratch to make it "sound" better, along with a whole new game code. In this demo, we are showing you the beginning of the game in which you can get acquainted with most of the characters and check some basic mechanics. Let us know what you think on our Discord server HERE.

What is the status of the work?

  • Writing [97%] - in this area, we are almost done. The main story is ready, and we're polishing the alternate endings.
  • Translating [10%] - to be honest, we've translated only text for the demo, and we're waiting for a fully finished script.
  • Art [70%] - we did almost everything we needed to fulfill the base needs, like characters, backgrounds, items, etc. From now on, we'll be creating as many dedicated arts and story comics as possible to make the game as visually compelling and dynamic as it gets.
  • Programming [20%] - base code is ready, so from now it's a "simple" path forward with coding the scenes that are already written as a script. We believe we can do it soon with new team members helping in this area.
    Of course, remember that this percentage is more or less accurate. With this, we can assure you that we'll deliver the game this year, but we need a little more time to tell precisely which day it will be.

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#07 - 2020 is finally coming to an end! Here’s our plans for the next year

Hi! We hope that you had a pleasant holiday season and - like us - you are looking forward to the New Year! We would like to wish everyone a happy 2021! We also hope that with the new year the situation in the world will start returning to normal, and only get better after that!

Now, back to our game. We’d like to summarize our work this year, as well as introduce you to our upcoming plans - including the approximate release date of the game! Below you will find a graphic representation​ of our plans for the next year.

As you can see in January we want to present you with a new demo version of our game. This time we will not only introduce minor corrections, but also provide a version with the final appearance of the game. This includes the opening storyline, secrets, and even some “bad” endings to the game. We really count on your feedback on the latest demo version. Your input is necessary for us to make the final touches in the production of the game, which we would like to release somewhere between March and April. Why the inaccurate date? Because there’s still some work ahead of us and we wouldn’t want to put everything on a very tight deadline. Therefore, we split our work into smaller parts which makes it easier to estimate how much we got left to do.

As for 2020, we managed to prepare 4 demos of our game, which have changed over time. Despite the difficult conditions and the need for remote work, we are gradually moving forward with all elements of the game. As we’d like to forget about this year as soon as possible, you can ask about the progress of our work on our discord server HERE​. We kindly invite you to join, and in the meantime, once again: Happy New Year!

#06 - Meet romanceable characters

Your Story is an adventure in which you will be accompanying Lia and help her make decisions. You can of course hint her to deviate from the main path, and one of the side activities will be romancing with other characters. In the graphic below you can see all the romanceable characters. Below the picture you will find a few words about them.

Raven appeared in our life quite unexpectedly (you can learn about a part of that story in the current demo version) - destiny or not, for now she is a part of our adventure. At first glance, the girl seems very calm, and at the same time very uncertain about her future. After all, we know that she has gone through a lot and our role in her story will certainly be important to her.

The next person is Meamir, a young and cute boy who has just moved into our neighborhood. It is clear that Lia caught his eye. What are we going to do with it? Shall we show him the new neighborhood and treat him to Lia’s company? It depends on you.

Henrietta is a proud female elf who has lived in the area for a long time. We know about her that she inherited a large fortune from an aunt or someone from her extended family and thanks to that she doesn’t have to work anymore. Therefore, she spends her days in the tavern, drinking the most expensive drinks, and that’s basically everything we know about her. Maybe it would be worth talking to her? Who knows what her story can tell.

The next person on our list is Levius - a young and very ambitious boy. Recently knighted, he would like to prove himself and avenge his parents. They were assaulted and killed by a band of brigands, back when he was a kid. It is very apparent that he gets very stressed around Lia - I wonder what that might mean? You will certainly have the opportunity to find out.

Next comes Cirdan. To be honest, he is a bit of a difficult case. He is kind of like an older brother to Lia - he used to help in the Tavern, and they were very close to each other. He left to study in the capital and just returned to his homeland after almost 10 years. Lia is definitely a bit confused in her feelings and will not be able to make rational decisions without your help. We know for sure that Cirdan is a very kind and helpful boy who would like to achieve something in life.

Ah, and last but not least: Aina - a free spirit, basically doing what she wants to do, whenever she wants. Funny, charming and often drinking - we will meet her in the Tavern very often. Why is she drinking so much? Nobody knows for sure! There are rumors that she served in the royal court and is now retired. But rumors are rumors and Aina looks like her favourite thing to do is dueling in drinking on time. Nevertheless, she is an interesting person and you will be able to… cross a lot of borders with her.

And that’s all of them. All those who you will be able to choose as your romantic partners. How you approach it and with whom you try it - it all depends on you. You will learn more about our heroes by talking to them. Just find them around and ask them :)


That's it for today. In the upcoming month we'll deliver more information about our game, roadmap and information about the release. Stay tuned!

What is Your Story?

Your Story is a Visual Novel that takes place in a fantasy world. What it has in store for you is an exciting story filled with intricacies. Your decisions will guide its narrative in various possible ways. The most crucial elements of the storyline are your own emotions - we want to bring forth even the most extreme and controversial ones. You will experience a mix of joy, sadness, love, regret, and even terror.

With this demo we want to bring you a glimpse of a bigger thing. You can meet some of our characters, check out the locations and see the beginning of the great adventure. Let us know what you think, wishlist the game on Steam and join our Discord server!