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Genre: Racing, Sport

Carnage Cross

Happy Holidays and New Years!

Hi everyone, it's been a turbulent year, but I hope you find warmth and happiness at the end of 2022. Thanks for all the compassion you've shown this project and to me. Stay tuned for more news after the holidays. Thank you.

Brightness Hotfix

Hi everyone, I've disabled "Enable Fullscreem Optimization" for Carnage Cross's .exe, this may be the cause of some of the brightness issues being experienced. I will add in a brightness option in the next update. Thanks for your patience.

November Optimizations and Polishings

Hi everyone, attempted some more optimizations and polishing of levels,

The current priority is to keep working on gameplay, level design, and to add more AI and weapon mechanics this year.

I hope you all have a great and happy Thanksgiving.

Thanks for always being so kind to me.

November Small Patch - Tightening Controls, Variation, and Camera

Hi everyone,

I've attempted to tighten controls and add more handling variation unique to each vehicle.

Resetting the camera position will now lock the camera behind the vehicle until it is toggled off or if you lock onto another vehicle. Before it would become free style depending on any input detected by the mouse or right thumbstick.

Will work harder to do more. Thanks everyone.

November Small Patch

Hi everyone, thanks for your compassion these past few months.

Updated the game to fix a few minor bugs and made pick-ups more visible from a distance. Hope to accomplish more of the previous to-do list this month, so stay tuned!

Thank you all for the support during these times.

Rest in Peace Dad.

I hate to share this, but it impacts everything. My dad passed away on my birthday, Oct. 26th, last month. I lived with him as a son, best friend, and caretaker for the past few years. His passing has left a lot of questions for me to figure out while I take care of my mom.

As a solo project, this will affect the progress of updates while I look for full-time job.

In the mean-time, I've compiled a to-do list of features and fixes to be implemented in the coming months based on your feedback. If there is anything I've missed or you would like to see added, please let me know.

Thank you everyone and I hope you tell your loved ones how much you love them. Love you Dad.


Carnage Cross update news:


  • Kart AI should no longer clip through the terrain in the Volcano stage.

Carmage Cross To-do:

  • Add more variety to vehicle handling and speed, they're too similar
  • Add a playable clown car that shoots clowns for its special
  • More weapon pickups with better visibility and graphical signifiers
  • Re-light stages for better visibility
  • Add Brightness setting
  • Add FOV setting
  • Fix clipping bug in Volcano level
  • Increase power-up visiblity
  • Adjust camera settings and lock-behind-the-vehicle function sensitivity
  • Develop Steam deck compatibility
  • Customizable UI
  • Elaborate on the characters and story

October Small Patch

Hi everyone, thanks for your feedback this past week. Some new changes and additions this week:

Increased flame rocket pitch angle on spawn.

Added pick-ups to player radar.

Increased base volume of Voice and SFX by 20%

Increased enemy health bar size by 25%

Re-lit the multiplayer level Streets.

Hope to add more features to customize brightness in-game. Thanks for your support and I hope you have a relaxing rest of October.

October Alpha Multiplayer & Revamp Patch Notes

Hi everyone,

Carnage Cross has been revamped with multiplayer compatibility, including broad changes for all aspects of the game. The priority is to keep iterating on gameplay and maps, and to introduce more gameplay features for vehicle and stage weapons. Thank you all for the support, Carnage Cross is pushing along because of you, and I hope you have a relaxing rest of October!

May Midmonth Update

Hi everyone, Carnage Cross has made progress on your feedback for gameplay! Some of the more notable changes are included below and I hope you enjoy the improvements as more story chapters and maps are in development. Thank you so much taking the time to improve this project.

Carnage Cross Changes:

  • Aim assist now consistently targets the closest enemies within range.
  • Modified the presentation of the Battle Mode select screen.
  • Modifying the sound system for all elements.
  • Altered the mass of vehicles to make them heavier.
  • Steering torque has been modified for Dio and Trax.
  • Added a 'steering sensitivity' option in the controls menu
  • Small tutorial added for new players
  • Small level changes have been made.

The hope is to release another update this month, so I hope you stay tuned for more news soon!

April Unreal Engine Update

Carnage Cross has updated to the official release build of Unreal Engine 5! The improvements to the engine opens up new possibilities for levels and gameplay that are being utilized in this patch and hopefully for multiplayer in the future.

This update includes revised levels, new AI behaviors, general optimizations, gameplay adjustments, car color selections, and one new pickup, a satellite dish that temporarily helps with tracking enemies on your screen.

Hotfixes will be occurring throughout the rest of this weekend, but I hope you enjoy what's now available and wishing you a great month of May. Thanks for your compassion and feedback.