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Genre: Point-and-click, Adventure, Indie

Cats and the Other Lives

Autumn Sale and Hotfix!

Greetings to All Followers of Bastet!

We’d like to thank everyone who played CatOL and supported us during the launch!

We have started with a Very Positive score of 97% thanks to your beautiful reviews!

We have just shared a Hotfix for those of you who have experienced the Continue game freeze issue. All you need to do is update the game in your Steam Library and continue playing!

We also want to share that we will be keeping our 20% Launch Discount throughout the Autumn Sale so it might be a good time to become a domestic cat and dive into the mysteries of a broken family…

Thank you!

Team Cultic

CATOL is Out!

To All Cultists of Bastet!

After long years of development, we have finally released “Cats and the Other Lives”!

We’d like to thank everyone who supported us and shared their feedback on the game.

Without further ado, we leave you to the mysteries of the Mason family and their cat.

My Best Regards,

Can Oral
Creative Director

Cultic Games Announce Their New Initiative Via A Viral Video About Street Cats

Greetings Brethren!

We’d like to share something that we are proud of.

No, it is not our upcoming game. We are proud of that too but that’s another story :)

After having been inspired by cats for years, we have decided to do something good for those endlessly fascinating creatures: We are donating a portion from the profits of our game “Cats and the Other Lives” to the medical expenses of street cats of Istanbul.

And in true Cultic Games fashion, we have shot a viral video to announce this:

As you can see, we are doing our part to serve goddess Bastet.

See you on release!

Team Cultic

Release Date and Brand New Gameplay Trailer

Greetings to All Cats and Other Life Forms!

We are proud to announce the release date of our game of cats and broken hearts:
The big date is November 24!

You can watch the extended gameplay trailer that celebrates the release below:

We thank you for all your patience and sincerely hope that we have been able to craft a memorable interactive narrative experience.

Looking forward to getting your feedback on CatOL upon release.

Now, if you forgive us, we still have a lot to do 🙂

Until we meet again,

Team Cultic

CatOL will be in German and French!

Greetings fellow brethren. We're back with another squirming, deliciously clammy update that's guaranteed to seriously enrapture those who prefer to have a taste of our madness in their mother tongue, and we trust that it'll conjure a much anticipated positive reaction.

So without further ado...

We're proud to announce that the French and German languages are to be localized and implemented for the official release of Cats and the Other Lives.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

Team Cultic

Dev Update: August

To all the Cats and Other Life Forms!

Yet again we’re back together for another update. Let’s see what we’ve been up to recently:

The development still continues in the form of polishing and tweaking. We are still returning to even the first chapter of the game and continuing to make additional improvements to animations and graphics.

The localization process for the Asian languages is at %80 completion. Furthermore, as of now, the concurrence of the game text with American English and the time period in which the story is taking place is being put under scrutiny by an American proofreader.

We attended Gamescom 2022 and it was amazing!
It was a pleasure to have you at our booth and hear your valuable feedback on Cats and the Other Lives. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who visited us and played our game.

Soon you will have a new video coming your way… We’ll be back with a brand new trailer where you’ll be treated to many more story and gameplay moments than we’ve revealed so far.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

Team Cultic

Cats and the Other Lives is Gamescom-bound!

To all the Cats and Other Life Forms!

Gamescom, Europe’s biggest annual gaming expo is just around the corner and we’ll be meeting y’all at the city of Cologne in Germany!

Can’t wait to meet, greet and chat with you while we play the demo of Cats and the Other Lives at Hall 10.1 / Stand A043 between August the 24th and the 28th.

Hope to see you there!

Team Cultic

Cats and the Other Lives: Let’s Play with the Developers!

We are so excited to return to Next Fest and talk about our game of cats, humans and unpaid debts. We’ll be having a walk through the memory-laden halls of the Mason Mansion while talking about the game’s background, development process and more. See you there!


To all the Cats and Other Life Forms!

Another month has passed in the blink of an eye. Once again, we're here to share some exciting news and development notes with you.

The demo version of “Cats and the Other Lives” will strike back at the upcoming Steam Next Fest in June. If you haven’t played the previous demo we believe this is a great chance to explore what CatOL has in store for its players thanks to the improvements in user experience, narrative sequencing and some new scenes added just for the demo. If you have played the previous demo, it might be wise to be a little bit more patient and wait for the full release because it is APPROACHING!

If you play our demo please be sure to treat us with your valuable feedback.

After two years, we are finally in the development of the very last scene of Cats and the Other Lives! Soon we will be going through a rigorous polishing and QA process as a team until we are sure our game is optimized.

“Some people won’t get their hands on Aspen.”

All the texts of the game are also completed and are now awaiting proofreading, after which localization batches will be sent soon to be translated into Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean!

Oh and we've also made UI improvements for large screen resolutions and lots of major and minor UX improvements along the way.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

Team Cultic

Dev Update: April

To all the Cats and Other Life Forms!

This month, our team was as hardworking as usual and we made some pretty neat improvements to our game.

We are excited to announce that approximately 90% of the core game content is completed and we are now also working on some improvements to our existing features and mechanics.

Here’s a preview of a new game mechanic we have been working on:

[I](Cats and RPG die don't go well together...)

We are also working on a new and improved gameplay demo of Cats and the Other Lives for the upcoming Steam Fest in June. This new demo will include some new content that wasn’t included in our previous demo.

There are still lots to do until we are content that CatOL will provide you with the best experience we can offer. Let’s take a look at our roadmap:

  • More user experience and game pacing improvements
  • Completing the lighting of the remaining scenes
  • Animation refinements
  • Petting and grooming our cat overlords
  • QA testing and bug fixing

That’s all for now, folks. See you in our next update!

Team Cultic