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Genre: Adventure, Indie

Mass Harvest


I m trying my best to form back a new team. As soon as we are ready I will make an announcement. Thank you for your support, it's so sad for me to be in this situation because you all believe in us and the project. I see there are lots of new purchases and interest in the game. I m doing my best and will be back shortly. I temporarily closed the chat sections to avoid problems


we are so sorry to say that our team is dispersed. We advise you to return the game copies. If you already passed the 2 hours and can't, we will inform steam to make the payments back. We are so sorry this had to happen, we had a disagreement and because of that, this had to happen. Please forgive us for this. Have a wonderful and peaceful life. You are all wonderful people.




  1. Blueprints are now more transparent and blue
  2. Crosshair is now smaller, and when not holding anything there will be a dot on the center of the screen
  3. ESC now closes every window and opens the pause menu
  4. AI Spawner optimized
  5. Added hit feedback for Player
  6. Reduced footstep sounds
  7. Added canister as ammunition for flamethrower
  8. Blueprint is now craftable
  9. Now on holding blueprint it shows tips
  10. Intro added
  11. Had to remove the "gun not clipping" feature to fix a weird shading issue on weapons.
  12. Reduced the spawners for more performance
  13. Reworked a lot of map areas
  14. Some more collision fixes implemented
  15. M9 pistol spread reduced.
  16. View model fix (hand clipping into camera)


  1. Flamethrower has unlimited range - FIXED
  2. Infected spawner spawns way too much infected, rapidly and it's visible to the player - FIXED (There is a 150-sec delay between spawns now. Configurable in the level editor too)
  3. Rifle animations buggy - FIXED
  4. Infected Blood Particle - FIXED
  5. Axe needs damage buff - FIXED
  6. Aiming buggy - FIXED
  7. Crouching animations get buggy and also sometimes won't let you walk over some floors - FIXED
  8. Shotguns' gameplay issues - FIXED
  9. Shotguns' VFX issues - FIXED
  10. The player jump is too low - FIXED (Increased by 100cm)
  11. Particles spawn issue. (Gun muzzle flash doesn't spawn if the previously spawned particle is not finished) - FIXED
  12. M9 pistol is too loud - FIXED
  13. M9 pistol crosshair too wide - FIXED
  14. Biomass lacking sound effects - FIXED
  15. Infected sounds are too loud - FIXED
  16. Can't use shotgun while reloading - FIXED
  17. Biomass sound effects too loud - FIXED
  18. Revolvers need a rework - FIXED
  19. Hand IK delay - FIXED
  20. Pause game freezes screen - FIXED
  21. Weapon attachments need relocation on the guns - FIXED
  22. Infected reaction AI needs a rework - FIXED (now attacks on visual confirmation and on taking damage)
  23. IK issues on Player - FIXED
  24. Moving around with the aimed (or not) weapon has hand animation bugs - FIXED
  25. No sounds for swinging axe - FIXED
  26. Biomass death sound needs an adjustment - FIXED
  27. Flamethrower spurt flames needs fix - FIXED
  28. Can interact with everything from far - FIXED
  29. Save system needs rework - FIXED
  30. Flamethrower additional flame fixes needed - FIXED
  31. Bullets not hitting sometimes - FIXED
  32. AI requires optimization - FIXED
  33. Blood effects for biomass requires a fix - FIXED
  34. Biomass and infected death sounds need a rework - FIXED
  35. Weapon and hands clipping into walls - FIXED
  36. Infected sometimes stuck in death from fire animation - FIXED
  37. When inventory is full it destroys the first picked item but after works, as it is intended - FIXED
  38. AI Ignoring Player after respawn - FIXED
  39. Blood splatters on impact don't exist - FIXED
  40. Double ESC tap shut downs the game - FIXED
  41. AI gives damage before the actual animation plays - FIXED
  42. Master sound alteration does not affect in-game sounds - FIXED
  43. ADS camera zooms into the center with a 1-second delay - FIXED
  44. FPS spikes - FIXED
  45. The flamethrower icon needs a fix - FIXED
  46. The flamethrower sounds need a rework - FIXED
  47. Player sometimes falls through the world after respawning - FIXED
  48. UI images missing for some items - FIXED
  49. Material issues - FIXED

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Hello everyone, we decided to launch the game on the 30th of September. Sending out keys to influencers now. The game is not in the state we would like it to be but we have been working on remaking the map and fixing engine-related bugs for 2 years now. As you might know, we are a group of friends who are doing this out of our own pockets. It's hard to gain progress on a big project like this with the current state of Unreal Engine 5 but with your support, by buying the game on early access we can grow the team and deliver the updates faster and more often. We have made a list of bugs and changes we need to make for this version to be working smoothly. We already have cleared 58 of them and we will complete the rest in a few weeks. After that, we will be focused on creating new content and enriching already existing content. We are glad you are all here and thank you for your support!

UPDATE 9/22/22

Hello everyone here is some more gameplay, in a few days we are going to make an announcement about the early access release. Stay tuned and thank you for your support!

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UPDATE 9/13/22

Hey, everyone we are still working on the game, will make an announcement and an explanation soon on the development. Stay tuned and thank you for your support!

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DEV BLOG 8/7/22

Hey everyone, we are still debugging the Mass Harvest. Unfortunately, it's not just about the project but mainly the Unreal Engine 5. It really causes pain. So while we are working on it, I'll be sharing small clips from the game to keep you people going!


Hey everyone, I m here to present the second part of the game development document for Mass Harvest. Here we explain what's in the early access version of the game and we will always update you on the solid changes and advancements in the game even after the early access period we will keep sharing these in this format. TLDR; This will be an archive of all dev blogs combined and summarized plus some additional information about the current state and the future.

As of 7/20/22 these had to be removed but will be back shortly after early access release;
-Sadly, no wind turbine for energy it's for visuals only for now.
-Sadly, no vehicles but instead we focused on AI and made an AI horde.

Now the newly added & good stuff;

-Polished some of the already existing mechanics.
-Dynamic weather effects got a rework.
-Finalized the residential area.
-Finalized the landscape.
-Finalized the UI.
-Added Horde Mode for the infected AI. Their bodies interact with each other perfectly and form big groups while chasing you!
-Added swimming system.
-Added diving system.
-Added fillable system so players can gather gas or water from various places, carry them around and also use these on different things.
-Electricity craftables added like generator, solar panel and so on.
-Improving AI and adjusting it to the new systems such as vehicles and their interactions with it (this is done but sadly shelved due to cars being removed for a certain time).

Now, what about the future?

We will prepare a visual roadmap for more information and better understanding but there is some stuff added to the map that is missing its other parts which are to be added after the early access version such as;
-The new machine on the mountains separating the Blackwood Town and the City that we haven't made yet. It's some kind of a force shield like the DOME itself but is weaker and its transmitter is built on the mountain so later when we add the city, you will be able to search for clues to find how to disable it and you will come across to blue sheets for an EMP bomb. You will gather more info and parts for it and then eventually plant it, trigger it and take down the middle shield to have access to the city!
-Are there no humans left? Of course, there are. Later we will be adding a whole NPC and Quest system together with an optional Story and add more lore elements to the world.
-The NPC system has many alt categories. The trader NPCs will be stuck in their home and ask you for things in return for what they have in their homes. Bad guys, ah yes we have bad guys... when you do some changes to the world itself they will start to appear, for example, there is a sawmill near your house&bunker. When we have the system in, once you clear the warehouses there and do not settle, the bandits will take over. People in need, you will face people out there trying to survive but do you trust them to take them in? or leave them alone to see them dead another day... For now, finally, we have the resistance, while we were spending time in our bunker there was a war in the city. People who survived founded a resistance and you will face them in some place specific we can't share right now. Models of most of these characters have been made in the first days of the Mass Harvest yet there were more important things to focus on at that time given we are a small indie team.

There might be some stuff missing, might be big things that will be added after the early access release, or some minor things we forgot about. We are sorry in advance and please let us know all the bugs and problems you see fit through the discord channel. We had to focus on other problems like errors, bugs, and AI. We are a small indie team. Thanks for your understanding.

Lastly, we have fixed all the major bugs. On the recent build, we got zero errors, not even a warning and this is amazing considering the Unreal Engine 5's status and how heavy the systems we are adding up to it!

We are doing the final test run for the Mass Harvest. Hopefully, you all will meet with her shortly!

DEV BLOG 7/19/22

Hey everyone sorry for the delayed game dev blog. We have been debugging the game all day every day. Today we want to talk to you about Unreal Engine 5, its bugs, and the optimization process. There is a good reason why there are lots of videos out there about "not wanting to use unreal engine 5" well there is quite a bit of reason for that. First of all, this is the actual reason why we do not give any dates to our community, the bugs are tremendous. Epic Team made an amazing engine with great powers but with great powers comes great bugs. The game runs well on high-end systems but it's not that stable and our target is to make most people be able to play it. There is a lot of work on optimization is required. Here is a thing we are using every new technology unreal provides to us like Lumen, Nanite, Virtual Shadows, and Long Distances rendering, etc., and on top of that AI is getting expensive on the system. We have special features attached to the AI like horde mode and so on. That's why we are focused on optimization and bug fixing. We believe we are close to finishing but again can not give any certain dates. Thanks to everyone for their patience.

As of 7/19/22

So for the news of this week, we fixed all the major bugs. On the recent build, we got zero errors, not even a warning. We are doing the final test run for the Mass Harvest, fixing minor problems like gun alignment, missing particles, and such. In a day or two, we will release another big game development information such as the first dev blog. Will explain what has changed, and what will be included in the early access aside from what we already shared, and talk about some of the future plans.