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Outcore: Desktop Adventure

Korean/Polish support + Cursed AI Fanart winners

A bunch of stuff happened recently, and I feel like it's a good time to let you know about them in a post.

Korean + Polish support

First of all, Outcore is now available in Korean and Polish! Simply enter the game and pick a language from the settings menu.

The Korean translations were madeby Haylien, Lemonica, NaSeon, Osma, Sinjak & WaffleR and were managed by PrismaLoc.

The Polish translations were made by Alicja Skoczylas (Nene) & Daniel Zawadzki (Zawdan), and were also managed by PrismaLoc.

"Cursed AI Fanart" winners

Remember that Cursed AI Fanart competition from 2 weeks ago? There are 3 winners!

There's even a post on Twitter with a bunch of other submissions that didn't win, but were worth mentioning: https://twitter.com/OutcoreGame/status/1594344966633005058

If you didn't win or didn't get to participate, don't worry. I might hold more competitions like this in the future.

Anyway that's it, now get out of here

Nov 26 Update

  • The game can now be played in Polish! Huge thanks to Alicja Skoczylas (Nene) & Daniel Zawadzki (Zawdan) from PrismaLoc for providing the Polish localization
  • A bunch of bug fixes, but honestly I forgot to write them down so you'll just have to trust me on this one

Outcore's first "cursed AI fanart" contest!

Welcome to Outcore's first official "cursed AI fanart" competition!

Generate a cursed Outcore fanart using your favorite AI and you might be the lucky winner of a GAMING clown nose + "your" art will be featured on the game's official Steam page for a while.

The rules are below

  1. You can use any image-generating AI such as DALL-E or Midjourney, and generate an image either from text or a source image
  2. You must post the art either on r/outcore on Reddit, or on Twitter (and tag Outcore's page)
  3. Infants 4 months or younger are not allowed to participate
  4. No NSFW
  5. The art can be of any character/scenery from the game
  6. There may be more than 1 winner depending on how many people participate
  7. 1 random lucky contestant will be sent to the sun
  8. Deadline is Nov 19th
  9. Actually you know what? You can post it on whatever platform you like as long as there's a public link + you let me know about it
  10. I'm making this up as I go so I think it might be worth letting you know that by GAMING clown nose I'm talking about Outcore's DLC
  11. Uhhhhhh post the source text/image used along with your submission
  12. One entry per participant

Good luck!

November 8 Update

  • The game can now be played in Korean! Huge thanks to Haylien, Lemonica, NaSeon, Osma, Sinjak, WaffleR, and PrismaLoc for providing the translations.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when quitting the game
  • Fixed players being unable to move after dashing into some platform corners
  • Fixed missing translations in the creepy part of the game
  • Being happy is now illegal
  • Fixed star aiming using the mouse sometimes even though it's set to use the keyboard
  • Fixed keyboard star aiming being too fast
  • Fixed the basement locker still being locked after loading a save where the player is inside the basement
  • Readjusted the pause menu's text size

Dec 2 update

  • Fixed the firewall phase of the final boss being impossible to win on screens using 5/4 ratio.
  • Fixed the digging mini game being impossible to win on screens using 5/4 ratio.
  • Fixed cases where Lumi could be incorrectly rotated in some of her non-gameplay flashbacks.
  • Fixed invisible walls in the middle of the screen during the core phase of the final boss.
  • Fixed the game thinking a Lumi file was deleted add force crashing the game after defeating the final boss
  • Fixed Lumi not being able to leave to the internet for some players even though they're connected to the internet

Oct 30 update

  • Improved performance of the firewall phase of the last boss. During that phase, the game tests your average fps every second. If it's below 45, it nerfs the background effect until your average fps is above 45 or a certain minimum quality level is reached.
  • Removed the small delay when aiming your star with a mouse. That delay was useful back when the default aiming was via a keyboard but was unintentionally left for the mouse aiming too.

Oct 24 update

  • The black screen bug should now be fixed for most people
  • Firewall bricks now require 5 hits instead of 6 before they're destroyed

A very special update

The most important Outcore update yet!

Today I'm proud to announce a very exciting and new special update.
I call it the "Oh god I f***ed up and accidentally deleted all of the game's fonts, pushed a GIT commit, and released a build using the default Arial font for all texts, so now I'm reverting this horrible mess".

For many years, the #1 requested feature players wanted was for the game to accidentally use Arial instead of the usual Noto Sans font. And of course, nothing makes me happier than giving players what they want and then immediately taking it back.

change log:

  • Reverted the game accidentally using Arial instead of Noto Sans for all of its texts

Oct 21 update

  • Fixed some typos in the Russian translation

Final boss quality of life improvements update

  • It's now possible to bring up the pause menu and rebind keys during the core phase of the final boss. The game won't actually pause since it makes no sense storywise.
  • An icon will appear at the edges of the screen whenever the core leaves the screen. This will help players determine its location even when they can't see it
  • Made the core telegraph one of its attacks so it's easier to predict and dodge
  • Fixed a bug causing a save file softlock when players quit the game after finishing the idle game.