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The Tribe Must Survive

Price increased for 1.0

Tribe Leaders,

As previously mentioned when talking about the Supporter Bundle and the Lovecraftian Sale, the price for The Tribe Must Survive would increase today in preparation for the 1.0 release of the game.

Starting today, the game will be available for $24.99.

You can also get the Supporter Bundle for $31.98.

We hope as many of you as possible were able to get it during the sale, we look forward to showing you all our coming improvements!

Remember; whatever it takes... The Tribe Must Survive!
- The Tribe Must Survive Team

April Update - Patch v0.42.3

Tribe Leaders,

As your tribe members eagerly await the dawn, we wait with bated breath for the full release of The Tribe Must Survive. While we endure that wait, we have a new update to improve your tribal life. This update will have added some difficulty into the game, but we have also focused on better-explaining systems and features, making the game more fair and intuitive.
  • New Fear and Fire settings make related mechanics more fun to play. You can speed up the removal of Shock from tribe members, if you can afford the wood.
  • Per community request, added resource consumption information showing them above the stockpile and granary.
  • We’re making Outposts and Trade routes more important and faster to build.
We’re thrilled with how this update turned out, and believe it makes for the best version of the game so far. The changes made enable additional strategic gameplay for new and experienced Tribe leaders alike. So please try it and let us know what you think!

Patch Notes


  • Improved pacing with a bigger impact to high Fear levels.
    • Added new events that can escalate situations, if problems are not dealt with. This will prevent slow declines into an inevitable end and allow for a faster restart.
  • Added visual changes for each act; the days get darker as the game goes on. Supports the changes made to fear and light levels.
  • Fixed a bug where sacrificing a Tribe member during the Cataclysm (Act 5) would prevent tentacles from abducting other Tribe members in the dark.
  • Visual improvement to the Light Map Mode and tree regrowth.

Fire, Fear and Light levels

  • Fear will now scale per game act, becoming more challenging as the game progresses.
  • Rebalancing of Fear value changes per Light level:
    • Light level 0: from 1.25 to 1.1 per hour
    • Light level 1: from 0.416 to 0.5 per hour
    • Light level 2: from -0.416 to -0.1 per hour
    • Light level 3: from -1.25 to -0.7 per hour
    • Light level 4: from -2.084 to -1.3 per hour
    • Light level 5: from -2.084 to -1.9 per hour
    • Light level 6: from -2.084 to -2.5 per hour
    • Light level 7: from -2.084 to -3.1 per hour
  • Added a series of new perks to balance the change in Fear values per Light level. Fear values now change differently in each Act:
    • Act I: -0.1 per hour
    • Act II: 0.3 per hour
    • Act III: 0.55 per hour
    • Act IV: 0.8 per hour
    • Act V: 1.05 per hour
  • Tribe members now can now exit “In-Shock” state at 60, instead of 50 Fear
  • Balancing tweaks to Camp Fire Levels
  • Intensity of inner Radius now 2/3/4
  • Intensity of outer Radius now 1/2/3
  • Wood costs are now 2/4/8 per hour
  • Balancing tweaks to Beacon Fire Levels
  • No longer has an inner radius
  • Intensity of outer Radius now 1/2/3
  • Beacon wood costs are now 1/2/4 per hour
  • Forestry Building Upgrade now has 2 Levels. Each Level increases the regrowth rate by 75%

Outpost Improvements

  • Reduced Influence cost for outposts (50 -> 25)
  • Increased movement speed of Outpost Caravans and Trade Cart (~20%)
  • Increased the capacity for Stone (10 -> 20) and Passengers in the Trade Cart (2 -> 3)

Resource Consumption Information

  • Icons that tell you what resources you gain and lose
  • Updated several resource tooltips

Future Updates

We are excited about the updates mentioned above – they're big steps toward making the survival experience even more immersive and fun before the 1.0 release. There's more cool stuff on the way, and we can't wait for you to check it out!

The upcoming May update is gonna amp up the game's replayability even more. We're tweaking systems like 'Factions' and 'Inner Conflicts' to throw some wicked late-game challenges your way. Plus, we are looking to adjust the generated map variety, to keep you on your toes with unexpected conditions to survive throughout playthroughs.

Our goal with version 1.0, is to spark curiosity on all the ways it is possible to survive, even when the odds turn against you. New, transformative events and perks are bound to throw a wrench in the Tribe’s trajectory to survival. We are also investigating a new progression system, designed to surprise even the most seasoned Tribe leaders.

We’re always active in our Discord server and on Steam discussions. Feel free to join in, or leave a review to let others on Steam know your thoughts about the game. We seriously appreciate all the feedback – it helps us make the game even better!

And remember; whatever it takes... The Tribe Must Survive!
- The Tribe Must Survive Team

The Tribe Must Survive: 25% off in the Lovecraftian sale

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”
H.P. Lovecraft

It’s hard to reconcile that H.P. Lovecraft never saw any great popularity or fame during his lifetime when you know the impact his work has made on the modern world. Consider what he’d think to have your name synonymous with a whole genre of entertainment across games, books, and TV. To have inspired enough creators to allow a themed sale on the most prominent games platform in the world, one wonders what he may think.

One thing you should not be wondering about is whether or not The Tribe Must Survive will be on sale; it will! With discounts up to 25%, now is a great time to pick it up. The sale runs from April 4th until April 11th.


Don’t forget that on April 12, the price of the main game will increase from $19.99 to $24.99 and the Supporter Bundle will increase from $26.99 to $31.99 in preparation for the 1.0 release of “The Tribe Must Survive”. Now is the last chance to snatch up the main game or the Supporter Bundle at the lowest price!

If you like what you see, consider picking up the supporter pack to help us do more of what you love. It’s got all the game’s great music in addition to plenty of artwork to adorn your desktop.

And remember; whatever it takes... The Tribe Must Survive!
- The Tribe Must Survive Team

Development Roadmap

Gather around the fire, Tribe Leaders!

We want to start by thanking you all for the amazing support you’ve shown us during the Early Access period! The tribe continues to grow with the game currently sitting at a Very Positive review score on Steam, and we’ve already received some great feedback via Discord, the Steam forums, and our social channels.

As you are now part of our burgeoning tribe, we wanted to let you in on the plans for the 3 updates ahead of the 1.0 launch. While these updates will each have a focus, they will also contain several smaller fixes and adjustments reported by the community so far. Some notable changes are:

March Update

This update focuses on making some core features line up better with player expectations. Predominantly:
  • The chance of death by the “Starving” Perk has been adjusted, so that Tribe Members do not perish as fast
  • The Fear values for when Tribe Members go in and out of shock have been adjusted
    “In Shock” is now a Perk, to make it easier to identify.

For a full list of Patch Notes, check out this post.

April Update

This update aims for a smoother experience based on some of the issues the community has brought to our attention. Notable changes:
  • Improved ‘Fire Light’ mechanics
    • Clarifying the fire radius
    • Improved impact of Fire on people in shock
  • Gameplay adjustments that increase relevance of late game mechanics. Focus on ‘Outposts’ through:
    • Making setting up of ‘Outpost’ more urgent
    • Making ‘Outpost’ resources more relevant
    • Simplifying the process of setting up ‘Outposts’ and ‘Trade Routes’, to compliment those changes

May Update

The main goal with this update is to improve the game's replayability.
  • Balancing and adjusting systems such as ‘Interactions’, ‘Factions’, ‘Inner Conflicts’ to make them deeper and more meaningful
  • Improve Tree growth visibility
    • The trees grow! We promise, they just do so slowly. We’ll improve the speed at which trees regrow as well as adjusting the visuals to make it more clear that they are regrowing.

The road to 1.0

After these updates we’ll be preparing for the 1.0 release. We’re intentionally leaving this period open to adjust to what we feel will have the most impact in the finished game, as well as to account for feedback from the community on the most critical parts of balancing.
We have plenty of things we want to do, depending on time. We want to deepen existing systems, improve the value of replayability and should we have time to spare, add more content!

We've illustrated our roadmap here, and we plan to keep you up to date with newer versions of this roadmap throughout the development.

We’re active in our Discord server and on Steam discussions where we take in all the feedback that is given, so feel free to join in with the discussions! Even if you just want to make us laugh at a Tribe related meme, that’s more than welcome!

And remember; whatever it takes... The Tribe Must Survive!
- The Tribe Must Survive Team


We'd love to know what you think of the game, so please do not hesitate to leave feedback in Steam discussions, on the official Discord server, or leave a review to let others on Steam know your thoughts.

Survive with the community

We're excited to share that we will be hosting another stream, this time with one of our Starbreeze Partners; cdawgg_. She will be checking out the Steam Next Fest demo and showcasing do's (and maybe some don'ts) on how to make sure your tribe will survive.

She will be broadcasting to our Steam page, as well as her own Twitch channel.

If you like what you see, remember to wishlist and follow our game from the Steam store page

Survive with Almir

Steam Next Fest is upon us, and Starbreeze's very own Almir will be showcasing how he manages to keep his tribe alive.

If you have been checking out our demo and want to learn new tricks to elevate your own adventures, or simply want to check out some live gameplay before checking out the demo, this stream will be able to offer what you're after.

Tune in tomorrow to Survive with Almir, the stream will also be re-broadcasted on our Twitch channel:

And if you haven't wishlisted The Tribe Must Survive yet, what are you waiting for?

We are participating in Steam Next Fest!

Dear aspiring Tribe Leaders,

We are very excited to share that we will take part in Steam Next Fest 2024!

This means that we will have a free demo available to download directly from our store page, which is already available starting today. Now is the perfect opportunity to get hands on with our game, before we release into Early Access later this month.

We will also host developer streams throughout the week. Stay tuned to learn more.

And if you enjoy our demo, please remember to wishlist our game, and follow us on social media.

The Tribe Must Survive is heading towards Early Access

Hello Tribe Leaders,

Today marks a very big milestone for us as we are ready to announce that The Tribe Must Survive will be releasing in Early Access on Steam on the 22nd of February, for $19.99!

While we have received a lot of great feedback during our playtests so far, we think the right choice for the game is to launch in early access and spend the first few months to fine-tune the game balance as well as act on feedback from the community. We believe this will lead to the best possible version of the game to release during Q2, with even more planned content!

In case this is your first time seeing an announcement from us; The Tribe Must Survive is a tribe-builder with a generous splash of survival and rogue-like. The game has no single way to survive, and each tribe will have different advantages and obstacles for the player to solve driven by the tribe members' behaviors. The game is made to be a challenge, though each failure only serves to bring you closer to your next success.

Remember to wishlist The Tribe Must Survive on Steam, so you get notified when the game releases. You can also Follow the game to receive these announcements about what's going on in the world of TTMS.

And remember, whatever it takes... The Tribe Must Survive!

The Tribe Must Survive: Playtest 3

Hello Tribe Leaders,

Happy New Year, we hope 2024 has started off well for you all.

2024 is going to be a great year for The Tribe Must Survive, more news on that coming soon. However, right now we want to invite you all to another playtest and to help shape our game by submitting feedback on your experience.

How to join the playtest

You can get access to our playtest by joining our official Discord community! Visit our Gleam campaign, and verify that you're a Discord member, and Gleam will immediately give you a Steam key to redeem for instant access.

The Gleam campaign can be found here:
Note: If you have participated in previous playtests, you do not need to do this. The playtest will already be in your Steam library!

Playtest themes

This playtest is focused on the tribe relationships, cohesion and philosophies.


Every tribe member has a unique personality, which affects their relationships with their fellow tribe members. They will form opinions on each other which will affect their interactions, but also the spiritual and philosophical factions. It's up to you and your leadership to find a balance!


The tribe's cohesion is important to consider. If your tribe grows too fast, you may experience many inner conflicts when your tribe members clash together in disagreements.


A good tribe leader will consider several philosophies for their tribe. Do you prefer control or freedom? Protection or improvement? Your choices will impact how your tribe behaves, and how they overcome the challenges waiting for you in the dark.

Stay in touch

If you're new to The Tribe Must Survive, please do consider wishlisting our game! You can also click the Follow button on the store page to make sure you stay in the loop. We also have a community Discord you can join, to chat with fellow players.

Remember, whatever it takes... The Tribe Must Survive!

Dev Blog, December 2023 - Our spin on the 4X genre

Hello aspiring Tribe Leaders,

One of the biggest inspirations for The Tribe Must Survive is the 4X strategy genre and its core elements: Explore, Expand, Exploit and Exterminate. However, we have added our own special spin on how Extermination works within the game. Though the game doesn’t have combat, there are threats that rise from within the Tribe and threaten its existence. In this Dev Blog, we want to tell you a little bit about The Tribe Must Survive’s spin on the tried and true 4X design pillars.


As highlighted in our earlier Dev Blog, exploration happens through Journeys launched from the Tribe’s Explorer Platforms. Journeys take a small group of Tribe Members away from the safety of the Camp and into the Outer World. As they uncover the region, they also encounter different challenges and discoveries, presented through Journey Events. Your choices during these Journey Events can either strengthen your Journey or push it one step closer towards failure. Limited resources and the strange dangers that await mean you have to balance what you wish to gain with getting the Journey safely back home.


Once enough of an Outer World region has been uncovered, you are able to unlock it and set up an Outpost. This consists of Tribe Members and the limited amount of resources they’re able to carry with them. You might want to set up Outposts not only to gather new resources, but also to manage the tensions within the Tribe.

No single Outer World region will be able to provide you with all types of resources, so the further your Tribe expands, the more resources you’ll have at your disposal.


Establishing an Outpost is only the first step towards benefiting from its riches. To transport necessary resources both into and out of Outposts, you’ll have to manage the trade routes, which transport people and resources. Outposts need people and materials to build themselves up, and the resources they find need to be transported to where they’ll be most useful.

Critical resources used for high-level upgrades, such as Copper and Relics, can only be acquired through Outposts. Also, as the resources of your Camp deplete, you might need Outposts to acquire even the most basic resources, so make sure to set them up before it’s too late.


Though we don't have combat in The Tribe Must Survive, there is definitely no lack of conflicts. You don't build armies and go to war, but instead have to fight against the threats rising from within the Tribe.

Many Events of the game will force you to make sacrifices to appease your Tribe Members. Additionally, the growth of the Tribe will give birth to Factions with opposing ideologies. Keeping them at peace with each other will require careful control over the Tribe. The Tribe’s inner sense of unity is represented through Cohesion, which is affected by things such as population and any additional modifiers you might gain throughout your run.

The lower the Cohesion falls, the more likely it’ll be that an Inner Conflict is triggered. During Inner Conflicts, two Factions will turn against each other, and your support will determine the outcome. It is even possible that one Faction and its people will be entirely eradicated.

You can discover the depths of these features and learn more once the game releases. For this, remember to wishlist The Tribe Must Survive on Steam, and click the Follow button on the store page to receive notifications about our announcements.

Feel free to also share your thoughts about the features! You can do it here or on our TTMS Discord server, where we will share more information and you can get directly involved in the discussions.

And remember; whatever it takes... The Tribe Must Survive!